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  • 1. Nordic Built A Nordic Lighthouse InitiativeAnna Forsberg, Green Business OfficerSkanska SwedenNordic Built 2013-03-04

2. Outline Nordic Built and whySkanska have signed Barriers for sustainabledevelopment in publicprocurement Example green publicprocurement can make adifference 3. Nordic Built The Nordic Built Charter Members more than 100 Nordic actors A Nordic Alliance to drive change 4. Skanska Founded 1887 in Swedenin short International business since 1897 Listed on the principles including Exchange General Stockholm Stock Selected home markets in Europe, USA human rights and Latin America Employee relations 2011 including health and safety revenues: SEK 123 billion 55000 employees Business ethics Member of UN Global Compact Environment4 5. Why have Skanska signed Nordic Builtcharter? Build strategic partnerships Confirm and strengthen our core values A forward looking public initiative The Nordic perspective - a underutilized potential.Business today is more than ever a question ofcooperation.Orison Swett Marden (1850-1924) 6. Barriers for sustainable construction in thepublic sector Lack of sustainability aspects as key criteria in publicprocurement Large technical debts in parts of the existing buildingstock Lack of common targets for sustainability in publicprocurement 7. Public Procurement an under utilizedpotential Public procurement in the Nordicsconstitutes 16% of GNP Real estate services andconstruction work represents app.15.000 million Euro We consider PP a fantastic tool -potential to drive change 8. New Karolinska Hospital in Solna (NKS) One of the worlds most sustainable UniversityHospitals PPP contract won by Skanska in partnership with Innisfree Contract worth 14.5 billion SEK Construction started 2010, will be finished in 2017 First patient expected in 2016 9. Stockholm County Council Vision 2015Vision 2015 for NKS Climate neutral Energy efficient buildings Environmental certifications (LEED Gold andMiljbyggnad Gold) Healthy indoor environment Sustainable materials and use of resources Transports with low environmental impact Waste considered a resource 9 10. Benefits from NKS Now more than 10 500 products and materials in thecommon database Byggvarubedmningen Improved and strengthened procurement demands Increase in environmental awareness anddeliverance by suppliers and sub-contractors 11. Thank you for your attention! Show leadership Set common targets for green PP Green PP make a difference11