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This is the conference brochure for Scrum Gathering Shanghai 2012.

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  • 1. AboutConference GuideScrum Gathering Scrum GatheringScrum 2010Scrum Gathering Scrum Gathering2011Scrum Gathering Shanghai Scrum Scrum Gathering Shanghai Email: Weibo: (@ScrumGathering) haiShang 25, 2011This Brochure is edited and designed bye4~JunJune 2 Shining Hsiongat Midnight, June 21

2. WHAT WE WANT TO FOCUS?Scrum Gathering Shanghai 2 3. CONFERENCE AGENDAScrum Gathering Shanghai3 4. Let Agile Fly ... Bulls Eye ... Scrum Gathering Scrum Gathering Shanghai4 5. WHAT WE WANT TO FOCUS?Scrum GatheringJurgen AppeloManagement 3.0 (Process) (Value) ? Scrum (Tool) (People)007007 (Functionality) (Time) 307 (Coaching) (Quality) Lionel Logue Scrum Scrum Gathering Shanghai5 6. KEYNOTEScrum (Enterprise Scrum) by Mike Beedle(Demanding Technical Excellence) by Vernon StinebakerScrumScrumScrum 2011210MikeScrum104MikeScrum(Enterprise Scrum Patterns), ScrumScrum Mike Beedle, CST & Ph.D. Vernon Stinebaker ()CSTMike Beedle Scrum17 VernonScrumPercientMike1995ScrumScrumSoftwareScrumFDDXPDevelopment with ScrumScrum /2010ScrumITScrumMikeScrumScrumMikeScrum CMMiMikePhDScrumKeeping Software Soft) by Gerard MeszarosScrum(Adding People to the Mix in Scrum) by Alan AtlasScrumScrumSprintScrumScrumScrum Gerard Meszaros, Alan Atlas, VP of Engineering,CST & CSCGerard"xUnit Patterns"Microsoft Patterns &AlanScanbuy Practices25ITAmazon.comScrumAmazon S3AlanRally DevelopmentScrum Gathering Shanghai 6 7. PANEL, OPEN SPACE, FLASH TALK / Video ShowPanel / 624 8:45~8:50 625 10:20~11:20Autodesk Mike Beedle, Alan Atlas, Gerard Meszaros, Vernon Stinebaker, EricPertersen, Lance Kind / Address Open Space / 624 8:50~9:00625 11:20~12:20UPerform & & Scrum Gathering Scrum / Flash TalkGraphic Recording / 624 17:10~18:00 624625Ripley6070 ##Scrum Gathering Shanghai 7 8. TRACK: Value POHuang Hongqiang (), the Area Product Owner in one big international Telecom companyROI since 2007, has very good experience on leading relative big area (around 200 persons) to doPOPO end to end feature developments, and agile transformation together with line. We have beenWebachieving: very good predictability with excellent quality improvements for big releases. I alsohave senior engineer, senior system specialist and technical support background in samecompany.&POPOLv Yi () CSTCertiedScrumTrainer602005LvYi-ScrumScrumLvYi2007eBay Scrum20088ScrumLvYiScrumeBay3Daniel GueBayWollongongWebCSP12Julien MazloumOutSofting.Julien is an active Agile Coach, coachingteams and organizations. His specialties are the business and management aspects of AgileJulien Mazloum / The 2011 PO toolkit development, with a current focus on Scrum and Lean software development. Julien isparticularly interested in the management aspects of an Agile transition, on building the rightPOPO2011PO product and on developing some thinking tools to help others do it.Agile Coach Agile TrainerCSMCSPO2009Scrum TeamAI&4DFacilitationScrum Gathering Shanghai8 9. TRACK: PeopleDavid Zhang -ScrumMasterScrum Scrum 10 Julia Lu132000 (Group Facilitator)2002Systemic Constellation)- Here and Now50 Murphy Ho NLP Appreciative Inquiry, AIAI 4Scrum2Scrum20072009 Scrum2009 OutSofting ScrumScrum ScrumScrum Gathering Shanghai9 10. TRACK: Functionality track ThoughtWorks ThoughtWorksII(BQConf)DSL Bill Li , CSP,CSM,CSPO & MBA Scrum UPerformManaging PrincipalDSL Scrum 16IT KenScrumScrumMikeGerard Meszaros -- -- DanielScrum & XP ScrumCertied Scrum Coach(User Story Mapping) DanielScrumCertied Scrum Coach Certied Scrum Professionaluser story storyUser Story Mapping)Backlog (Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell) ScrumScrumScrumScrumScurm ScrumScrum ALU- Scrum Gathering Shanghai 10 11. TRACK: QualityLance Kind Agile NoirLance started his agileTDDdevelopment journey in 1999 under the guidance of Kent Beck in person.He has been doing TDD and Refactoring since then.As an engineer/senior developer/team lead, he has used XP on a number of major projects until 2004. In 2006 he started practicing Agile Consulting inLance KindTDD Seattle, Silicon Valley, Sacramento, and Colorado areas, providing training/coaching to ScrumMasters, Product Owners, and developers. This includes pair-programming for weeksTDDTDD at a team as a member of the team in delivering User Stories, giving courses on TDD, UnitTDDTDD Testing, Pair Programming, and System Testing.Erik PetersenErik Petersen Erik20 ErikErik2001KanerBach Erik DNV 20096--- OutSofting (Terry Yin, Master Programming Coach in NSNAs the Master Programming Coach in Nokia Siemens Networks, Ive been coaching unit test & TDD for about a year. And before that Ive also been partly working on these topics for several years. Scrum Gathering Shanghai 11 12. TRACK: Process 10 Mr.Oscar YangCSM&MSE@, @,,VictorPSPTSPCMMCMMIZhang, Kevin Li Li Feng! RUPMSFXPMMORPG &&QQQzoneSOSO68CSMCSDScrumSonar, Hudson, Selenium, RobotiumRobolectric20CSDiPhoneAndroidJava? @ @ AutodeskVictor Zhang is software development with 6 years experience, and now is a Scrum Master ofVictor Zhang, Kevin Li & Li Feng- one scrum team in Systems Design Engineering team. He worked with Inventor and AutoCADElectrical. Kevin Li is software QA with 4 years experience, and now is a Kanban QA inWaterfall, Scrum+XP, and Kanban Systems Design Engineering team. He worked with AutoCAD Mechanical and AutoCADwaterfall, scrum+XP kanban+Scrum+XP 4 Electrical. Li Feng is software Project Manager with 6 years experience, and now is Project.ATDD CI;Quality Velocity;performance; .Manager in Systems Design Engineering team.IT10ITScrum Gathering Shanghai 12 13. TRACK: Tool IT ALM jenkins, sonar, git, (Sam Tong) Percient Sr. Agile Practice Leader11IT7Agilegerrit, redmine (Scrum, Kanban) 7CMMI(CMMI 5)Percient China Sr. Agile Practice LeaderStory Point CMMIThoughtWorksCMMICMMI 4QPM Johan Bengtsson Johan Bengtsson is working as a Principal Verication Engineer at5 Ericsson R&D Shanghai. He has 5 years experience working with verication and integrationVisual Management Applied and implementation of Agile at Ericsson R&D Shanghai.Dashboard 500Johan Bengtsson 400/Scrum ScrumScrum Gathering Shanghai13 14. TRACK: Time ERPScrum500ERPScrumScrum vs. xed everything ThoughtWorksTeam Leader BeiJing Open Party10ThougtWorks5ScrumVernon Stinebaker5005VernonScrumPercient ScrumFDDXP3/2010400 CMMI3ScrumITCMMiTDD Ethan Huang, Project Manager/ScrumMaster in Electronic Arts, CSP, CSM, CSD, CSPO andPMP. Over 10 years of working experience in IT industry, has been serving as a projectmanager and business SME in the telecommunications industry for over 7 years, and now is mainly focused on managing global teams using Agile methodologies. Agile and Scrumenthusiast.Vernon StinebakerScrum VernonScrumScrumScrumScrum Gathering Shanghai14 15. TRACK: Coaching ScrumMaster Mike LiAutodeskWorking in Autodesk as project manager now, an(Coaching)Timothy Gallwey Agile practitioner, CSM/CSP. Like music, sports, travelling and Tai Ji.10ScrumMaster&caseScrumMaster Global Graduate Program TraineeScrum-MasterCSPOR&DSFBTIMS /SFBT/SFBT ,IAF IBM 2001NLP2005Coaching Facilitation20084""PracticeNLPNLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming )70 DanielScrum & XPScrumCertied Scrum CoachDanielScrumCertied Scrum CoachNLP40Certied Scrum Professionalcoaching ITAGILE"" NLPNLPScrum Gathering Shanghai 15 16. ACKNOWLEDGMENT to all the people who submitted topics Agile Development - The application of scientic method toScrum Gathering Shanghai Committee4 software developmentContinuous Delivery in practice by6070 Dave Farleysession38 by Wei Zhu by Prescriptive Agile - When & Why? Agile as an Ethical Approachby Jay Conne Irdeto --Scrum master by by One Successful Scrum Adoption in NSN - Scrum Agile and effective communication - by By - Personal Scrum Process -- ScrumCMMIBy - KanbanScrumBy Scrum Master - A Helpful Inquiry Leader(Scrum Master - Exploratory Testing Experience by Erik Petersen) by - Developers wont do TDD, and the coaches who want to beat Scrum By -Frostmournethem What does AGILE software development LOOK like inScrum Master Cartoons? by Lance Kind By Edward Xie)-LeanDev by By - by - By by James Cundiffand -Local Catering Local Catering 17. ACKNOWLEDGMENT to SponsorsScrum AllianceOutSoftingThe Scrum Alliance is a not-for-prot professional membership organization created to share OutSofting is a software development consulting company with presence in Canada and Chinathe Scrum framework and transform the world of work.The Scrum Alliances mission is to that provides Agile development training and consulting as well as advisory services forincrease awareness and understanding of Scrum, provide resources to individuals and software development offshoring to China.organizations using Scrum, and promote the iterative improvement necessary to succeed withScrum. The Scrum Alliance hosts Scrum Gatherings and supports Scrum User Groups,providing a forum for interactive learning throughout the world. CCGUPerformWe have been successful introducing SCRUM for over 6 years. We are procient in observingyour needs, and ne tune our methods accordingly. We have profound knowledge of the workimpact due to cultural differences. Our resources are experienced and are ready to assistUPerform is the leader in Scrum and Agile training and consulting in China and surroundingbridging the gap. We make every effort to respond to our customers needs in the shortestregions. All our consultants are with extensive experiences and very importantly, goodturn-around time possible. Trust in us that we are as agile as a company can and organizational insights into challenging agile transition and various sizes ofdevelopment projects. Our Visionto become your agile and project performance partner. OurMissionto help