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Transcript of Conductor's Score - Little Shop Of Horrors

  • A. Prologue1. Little Shop of Horrors1a. Tick Tocks2. Skid Row2a. Skid Row-Playoff3. Da Doo3a. One Strange and Interesting Plant4. Grow For Me4a. WSKID Radio Jingle5. Ya Never Know6. Somewhere That's Green7. Closed For Renovation7a. Orin's Play-on8. Be a Dentist8a. Orin's Playoff9. Mushnik and Son9a. Sudden Changes10. Git It10a. Dentist Chair Play-On11. Now (It's Just the Gas)11a. Act 1 Finale11b. Entr'acte12. Call Back in the Morning13. Suddenly Seymour14. Suppertime15. The Meek Shall Inherit15a. Thunder and Lightning15b. Seymour Pots16. Sominex/Supperto,e-Reprise17. Somewhere That's Green-Reprise17a. Death of Audrey17b. Da Doo Reprise18. Finale19. Bows20. Exit