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A unified approach to systems engineering for trustworthy systems.

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  • 1. Trustworthy ForeverFrom Deep Space To Deep Sea

2. Eonic Systems (1989-2001)Virtuoso RTOS for parallel DSP, leader in high-end nicheSold to Wind River Systems in 2001 for 15 mio $ Open License Society (2004 - )OpenComRTOS (IWT project) Innovative no-nonsense and formalised approach Systems/ software engineering with supporting tools Breakthrough results thanks to Formal Methods 5 to 10x smaller => efficiency, performance Sponsored by Melexis, Embedded Software GroupITEA EVOLVE projectR&D costs valued at 2 mio In sept 2008, Altreonic as a spin-off of OLSTo productise and go commercialFlanders Drive ASIL project (safety engineering methodology)26-May-11Altreonic NV From Deep Space to Deep Sea -2 3. Altreonic NV Owned E.Verhulst, A.Dejonghe, Lancelot Research NV Team (management in Belgium, development in Ukrane since 2005) Eric Verhulst - Founder CEO/CTO Annie Dejonghe - Founder CFO/COO Dr. Bernhard Sputh sr. Engineering manager Hardware subcontractor in India, Pune Strategic partner in China, Shanghai Liaison office in JP. R&D projects: EVOLVE: evolutionary/incremental certification/verification OPENCOSS: certification framework automotive/railway/aerospace D100LIVES: developing a 100yrs processing device (ARM, ATMEL, NXP, IMEC, ) Product lines: OpenComRTOS Designer Safe Virtual Machine (for C) StarFish SIL3/4 capable controllers (engineering stage) GoedelWorks systems engineering platform in beta26-May-11Altreonic NV From Deep Space to Deep Sea - 3 4. To provide the embedded market with development environments and withembedded hardware for generating applications where high-reliability andtrustworthiness are built-in into the design as part of the developmentprocess.Trustworthy =Safety => dependability / physical qualitySecurity => freedom from malicious faults/ data theftUsability => intuitive and pleasant to use /emotionalPrivacy => your data is your ownTrustworthy = higher added valueApplication domains:Ultra low power embedded devicesDistributed sensing and controlMany/multicore devicesParallel supercomputingFault tolerant/ safety critical systems26-May-11 Altreonic NV From Deep Space to Deep Sea - 5 5. Growing need for trustworthy technology:Electronics + SW replacing mechanical partsBeing embedded everywhere: part of our lifeInitially mainly driven by safety:Lives at stakeHigh economic costdrive by wire (e.g. Flanders Drive ASIL project)Increasingly shifting to notion of TRUSTEssential question: how to develop trustworthyproducts in a cost-efficient way?26-May-11Altreonic NV From Deep Space to Deep Sea -6 6. Support the whole engineering process in a unifiedway from early requirements capturing till the finalapplication giving a push button high reliabilityexperience at a reduced life cycle costApply formalisation to tackle complexityApply Formal Methods to prove correctness=> GoedelWorks integrated development portalMaximising the commercial potential by applying itsown methodology and tools for the developing oftrustworthy controllers in volume.=> OpenComRTOS: trusted runtime layer=> StarFish: Altreonics customizable controllers26-May-11 Altreonic NV From Deep Space to Deep Sea - 7 7. Formalisationto deeply understand the problem domainto find better, leaner and cleaner solutionsto find better architecturesto improve reuseto get it right the first timeOur methods:Unified semantics Speak the same language from early requirements capturing till final product / system is put to useInteracting Entities A common, yet very scalable and modular architectural model26-May-11 Altreonic NV From Deep Space to Deep Sea - 9 8. Base cost Cost of changeBase cost Cost of change300300 Traditional Formalised Bottom-up Process Engineering Process250250First time right Testing will only200200 demonstrate absence of= Less residual errors certain errors.= Higher reliability150150 Formal verification can= Less costs prove absence of any100100 errors. 50 50 0 026-May-11Altreonic NV From Deep Space to Deep Sea - 10 9. GoedelWorks Test harness Formalised requirements & OpenVE specifications capturing Formalized modellingProject repositorySimulationCode generationModeling UserApplications OpenComRTOS Formally developedMeta-models Runtime support forconcurrency and communication OpenTracer UnifyingVisual Tracing Repository System Debugger System Level Debugger SafeVirtualMachineUnified Semantics StarFish Controller Virtual Machine for C Control & processing platform Unified architectural paradigm: Interacting EntitiesSIL enabled with support forfault tolerance26-May-11Altreonic NV From Deep Space to Deep Sea -11 10. Phase1Phase2Phase3 Phase4Cost : + ++++++ +++ ++++++++++++ ++++++ ++++++++++of issues System SystemSystem System RequirementsSpecificationsSystemDevelopmentIntegration Validation Maintenance Capturing Capturing Architecting FMEASafety FTEASpecs Packaging SpecsHardwareSpecsSystem and Software SoftwareSystemSystemSystem System Software SystemSafety ArchitecturalImplementationValidationMaintenanceRequirements Architecture SpecsIntegrationSpecifications Design VerificationAnalysisand Test SystemSystem System Domain SpecificDomain SpecificDomain Specific SystemSystemSystem RequirementsSpecifications Architecture Specifications ArchitecturalBetaReleasedReleasedUpdates (Normal Case)Design release Design Code Source Code Test Cases& Distribution Test Cases Test Test resultsSystem Fault Casesprocedures Test ResultsValidation Fault Cases Results User manual ASIL process flow identified 2800 process requirements!26-May-11Altreonic NV From Deep Space to Deep Sea - 12 11. Is an integrated set of tools, facilitating the development of high-reliability and safety critical products and systems. Integration is key in achieving reliability and trustworthiness OpenComRTOS Designer suite of tools: OpenComRTOS: unique network-centric formally developed Real Time Operating System, 5 KB(!), unique heterogeneous support write code once, run anywhere scalable. Open VE, a visual programming and development environment for developing and simulating real-time embedded applications OpenCookbook is a web-hosted environment supporting the systems engineering process flow (proof of concept) Tools: OpenTracer, OpenSystemInspector, Safe Virtual Machine Being integrated in GoedelWorks SaaS portalOpenComRTOS was one of the three nominees for the: StarFishScalable, customizable, fault-tolerance capablecontrollers supported by OpenComRTOS suite26-May-11 Altreonic NV From Deep Space to Deep Sea - 13 12. MARKETSegmentEnabler Challenges Ultra low power - hearing aids OCR small codeHardware driven market, - building control OCR low overheadrole of SW not well - sensorsunderstood Distributed - smart machines OCR network Inertia from legacy control - robotic machines heterogeneous solutions - sensing networks support Fault - process controlOCR formal devInertia from legacy tolerant- infrastructure OCR triplicationsolutions systems - e-vehicles GoedelWorksStarFish - medical Multicore/manycore- handheld devices OCR easy to support Hardware driven devices - set-up boxes Parallel computing- scientific computing Intel SCC Niche - image processing Embedded Systems and Control (src EU): Market Size : ~ 188 000 mio with av. growth of 8% until 202026-May-11 Altreonic NV From Deep Space to Deep Sea -14 13. Covering full value-chain from requirement to hardware to maximise added value and certifiabilityMODEL(S)21METHODOLOGY11 REQUIREMENT21 SPECIFICATIONS21Architectural ArchitecturalSimulationSimulation CheckPoints11Normal case FormalFormalFunctionalStandards StatementsTest case ImplementationImplementationNon-FunctionalGuidelinesFailure caseQuestionsHintsEntity11Design Views21 MethodologyAnswersMethod11Org SpecificDomain SpecificMiscSubSystemProcedureInteractionToolFunction WorkPackage11RoleInterfaceGoedelWorksDEVLPMNT TASK11Process Views21Issues11Install Result41Validation TASK21 Result61PreConditions31 Write-UpPreConditions51USE CASESChangeRequest21Spec Approved WP completed RELEASE1 PreConditions41 Verification TASK11PreConditions61 Result51Test TASK11 Valid Approv Test ApprovWork ApprovedSpec ApprovedResult71Dev Task ApprovVerif Task Approv OpenCookbook Systems Grammar 10.11.2009OpenVEOpenComRTOS suite StarFish Safe Virtual Machine OpenTracer26-May-11 Altreonic NV From Deep Space to Deep Sea - 15 14. Formalised systems engineering portal for projectsupportAwareness of safety engineering standardsIEC 61508, IEC 62061, ISO DIS 26262, ISO 13849, ISO DIS25119 and ISO 15998Organisation specificSupports all process activities with full traceabilityBased on previous OpenCookBook experienceSaaS: no license, but time basedAdditional licenses:Encryption of dataLocal hosting (via Open Technology License)26-May-11 Altreonic NV From Deep Space to Deep Sea -16 15. GoedelWorks architecture is competitive advantage:Metamodels allow fast customisationSystem is compiled from specificationsAllows semi-automatic certificationUser is guided through complexity of systemsengineering process, and project becomes a lot easierto manage and to certifyProject portal = up-to-date databasePlug-ins an API for third party tools and technologyImports Flanders Drive ASIL methodology e.a.2 years of dissecting standards => 3800 requirements, 100 Work Products26-May-11 Altreonic NV From Deep Space to Deep Sea - 17 16. 26-May-11 Altreonic NV From Deep Space to Deep Sea - 19 17. 26-May-11 Altreonic NV From Deep Space to Deep Sea - 21 18. Formalised but straightforward approachFull integration of tools from requirements to finalapplications is uniqueOpenComRTOS is a unique programming system, aunique network-centric RTOS, quasi-universalFormally developed and verifiedScalable yet very small: typically 2 to 5 kiB/nodeReal-time communication supportHeterogeneous target supportOpenComRTOS nominated embedded awardCapable of fault-tolerance(at affordable cost)26-May-11 Altreo