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  • 1.It was fun and rewarding to present Cool Productivity Toolswith Bonnie at CIL. A few of our attendees emailed us tosay they really enjoyed our workshop and asked for moreof our handouts!CHECK YOUR EMAILS LATER THIS WEEK FOR YOUR OWNCOPY!Here Ive summarized four sessions that I thought mostapplied to us as Academic Librarians or were the mostinteresting. Enjoy!Katies Point ofView

2. LITERACY LAB: BRINGING ED TECH TOOLS INTOYOUR CLASS* This one was the most interesting, and potentially mosthelpful for my position of Instruction Librarian. Presenters called for a shift to make students the contentcreators. TPACK- an overlap of technical knowledge, pedagogicalknowledge, and content knowledge. 4 Cs- Collaboration, Communication, CriticalThinking, Creativity.Note: Presenters taught semester-longinformation literacy classes at theirschools. Some of their ideas weregreat, but would need to be tweakedfor use at Berkeley College. 3. LITERACY LAB: BRINGING ED TECH TOOLS INTOYOUR CLASS10 Ideas1. Class Site: Wiki- PB Works. Learning Management Systems. Works withBlackboard, but the students can access course content after graduating.Layers tech info lit, plus content skills.2. Flow Charts: Creately, Gliffy, Prezi. Students use these to organize research.3. Book Reviews: Students journal with Blogger.PB Works Gliffy 4. LITERACY LAB: BRINGING ED TECH TOOLS INTOYOUR CLASS10 Ideas4. Mobile Scavenger Hunt: Goal is to identify library materials andservices. Work with 1 mobile device per team. Students use criticalthinking to find and take pics of materials like a specific book, copymachine, study rooms, etc.5. Bookmarking: Diigo. Students can bookmark and tag things.6. Team-Based Problem: Students learn how to use Google Hangouts,Google Maps and Google Drive in order to collaborate to survive theZombie Apocalypse. 5. LITERACY LAB: BRINGING ED TECH TOOLS INTOYOUR CLASS10 Ideas7. Organizing Research: Edmodo. Google Sites. Wix (Flash-based:consider compatibility this when asking students to use this fortheir project).8. Mix Tape: Students use Youtube, Grooveshark, 8Tracks to make aplaylist. Theyre curating a collection and must use descriptions toshow why songs were included. 6. LITERACY LAB: BRINGING ED TECH TOOLS INTOYOUR CLASS10 Ideas9. Fair Use: PicMonkey, Gimp. Take meme and evaluate it for itsfair use. Students should say something like, They didnt usethe heart of the work; the meme was only meant to be shown inclass, etc.10. Final Project: Jing. Students create a video on their topic, citingsources in the video. Allows 5 min video or less. 7. CHANGE WITHOUT PAIN Get feedback. Make sure changes are welcomed/wanted by users. Focus groups, etc. Plan. Think of potential problems. Watch tutorials to learn about new products. Find mentors in the building, county, regional system, online or whereveryou can. Become part of library groups online. Read and participate in social media and blogs. Someone knows what you need. Someoneneeds what you know. 8. CHANGE WITHOUT PAIN Use the Lazy Consensus for collaborative change. Avoid unnecessary discussion. Silence is approval. Whole group gets the chance to say what they dontlike about something. If you like it you stay quiet.Default to yes. People with good ideas arent held back anymore. 9. ENCOURAGING READING IN NEW WAYS Allows regular people to catalog their books. Add books, create acatalog. Add tags. Use LibraryThing to enhance library catalog. Users can see other users ratings and tags. SCALE IS EVERYTHING! LibraryThings massive amounts of tagsand reviews will add value and justification. Nothing is ever shown in the library catalog that your library does nothave. 10. ENCOURAGING READING IN NEW WAYS A product by LibraryThing. Makes book recommendations based on ratingsyou give other books. User-based recommendations are nowubiquitous. Designed to be attractive and simple.Tips for giving book recommendations: Avoid giving recommendations for books of sameauthors/series. Avoid just popular books 11. ENCOURAGING READING IN NEW WAYS- One librarian discussed the Game of Books, areading program at his library. Participants getstickers/badges on a bookmark for each book youread. (I.E. Twilight would get a Nerdy VampireBadge). 12. Lets you manageTwitter, FB and socialmedia accounts.- It would have been interesting if the presenterstalked about how they developed the app. They didnot and they left early, leaving no opportunity forquestions.Create surveys to let usersrequest an instructionsession, recommend newacquisitions, etc.Count ThingsGreat for on-the-fly datacollection. Attendance at asession, program or eventLibrarian-CreatedApp!- Librarians developed an app whichpatrons can use to contact a librarianfor assistance.- The app, displayed on a tablet on akiosk, sends a message to a librarian inhis/her office, signaling that a patron needshelp.-The app tells the patron that a librarian is on the way tohelp. 13. STAYED TUNED..Next Library Buzz issue to includeBonnies Point of View