Composite. Composite resin Acid etching Coupling agent.

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Transcript of Composite. Composite resin Acid etching Coupling agent.

  • Composite

  • Composite resinAcid etchingCoupling agent

  • Fissure sealer : composite with low filler Used to children have high caries rateFissure sealer The composite consist of :*organic matrix *inorganic filler*coupling agent*initiator :(comphoroquinone)*inhibitor:(hydroquinone) Hoe do we applied composite * After prepare the cavity* Put acid etching (from 15 to 20 sec) * Then cleaning then drying thecanal* Put the ponding agent >>> light cured

  • Dycal system ,the most important liner Consist of two :1- catalyst2-base

    Contain:(calcium disalicylate / sulphate/tungstate)*only restorative dentine (can put in pulp (directly

    Base catalystCalcium hydroxide liner

  • Opaicer

    Dentine GlazierImportant point:*classification of ceramic *properties of porcelainEnamelceramic

  • Zinc oxide eugenolZinc polycarboxylate GICZinc phosphateCementConsist of (powder +liquid)

  • alginateCondensation siliconeAdditional silicone

  • Condensation siliconeAdditional siliconeThe best one

  • -Amalgam-Condensationcarverburnishing

  • Condenser :: mercury evaporate To remove excess mercury >> excess mercury become weak

    Two type of amalgam *Lowe copper > gamma 2 (mercury and tin ) *High copper >6

  • Endodontic materials

    Intra canal medication Intra canal irrigant (Hydrogen peroxide )*Temporary filling (setting with saliva capet )*Paper point gutta percha (Obturation ) )

  • Intra canal medication