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Composing With Color. Dana Schutz , Bad Instincts. Spatial effects of colors. Brighter, more saturated (high keyed) colors will seem to pull closer to the viewer than duller colors. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Composing with Color

Composing With Color

Dana Schutz, Bad InstinctsSpatial effects of colorsBrighter, more saturated (high keyed) colors will seem to pull closer to the viewer than duller colors.Colors that are lighter at pure saturation seem (yellows) will seem to take up more space when covering the same area than darker saturated colors (blues)Full saturation colors will seem closer than dark keyed colors (shades)

Larger areas of brighter colors appear closerSmaller shapes appear farther

Peter Halley

Hans HoffmannLuminosity: The appearance of Light in an image

Lighter colors placed within darker colors will create an illusion of luminosity, as will warm colors contrasted with cool colors. Tobey Archer

LIGHTERHEAVIERAchromatic ColorsHigh Value (light)ColorsMedium-value Cool ColorsLow SaturationLight ColorsInherently Light HuesHigh SaturationColorsDark ValueColorsHigh SaturationWarm ColorsHigh SaturationDark ColorsInherentlyDark HuesColor weight: colors tendency to seem to rise or fall in a composition (depending on its relationships) Traditional Color Contrasts, thought to balance a compositionLight/DarkContrastCool/WarmContrastHue ContrastComplementaryContrastLight/Dark Contrast

JWM Turner, Storm at Sea

Graham NicksonWarm/Cool ContrastHue Contrast

Stuart DavisComplementary Contrast

Compositional Tools to create harmonyHarmony: compositional oneness and cohesion. The following elements help create harmony:Repetition: The use of the same visual element (in this case, colors) to create unityContinuity: degree of flow between parts of a compositionFocal points: Parts of the composition that command the viewers attention and allow them to look closer

Ben Vautier, StoreRepetition

Romare Bearden

Romare Bearden

Henri Matisse

Dana SchutzAs these colors blend into one another (white to yellow, blue to grey to yellow) they create continuity, allowing the viewers eye to travel from one section and one element to anotherContinuity: elements that lead the viewers eye from one part of the composition to the next.

James Rosenquist

James Rosenquist

Kaye DonachieEmphasis will depend on a contrast of value, color, or saturation, causing one color-area to stand out.

Van Gogh

Focal Point: Contrast of complementsBalanceThe equal distribution of weight or force among elements of a compositionSymmetry: mirror imaging across an axisAsymmetrical balance: uneven yet balanced components to a composition (think of balance like a scaleit neednt be identical to be balancedone ten lb. brick weights the same as ten one lb. bricks)

Henri Matisse

Elizabeth Murray

Wassily KandinskyHow is this painting balanced through color?

Bruno PaulThis book jacket is not based on any color scheme. However, it works. The blue/green and red are similar values, as are the pink and yellow. The black stands out in contrast. Red, pink, and yellow are all warm, so the blue/green adds additional contrast.