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In charge of Marketing campaigns Analyst for Bestseller online store, I did a Competitor analysis about, who applied the same 5-shops-one-check-out model with our website

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  • 1. Competitor : 5 shops-1 check out modelPrepared by : Hai Anh TO11/1/2011 1

2. overview is a 5 stores 1 low flat shipping website Gap: Clothes for women, men, maternity, baby and kids Old Navy: Women, Men, Maternity, Baby and Kidclothing Banana Repubic: Apparel, Handbags, Shoes andAccessories for Women and Men Athleta: Outfit Women for Sport Pipelime: Shoes, handbags, apparel and jewelry (Newestand online-only brand)11/1/2011 2 3. performance Attracted over 18 million visitors annually (2008) E-commerce pioneer in the industry. Long beforeother companies even started to consider aboute-commerce, Gap began developing its onlinestrategy. Consistently reinvented itself several times byintroducing new brands (Athela and Piperlime)and innovating merchandising.11/1/20113 4. Market segmentation strategy:Gap segmented each brand to represent a unique image, andcatered to a distinct demographic. Gap: middle-class of college-age, teens and 25 to 35year-olds / basic, casual styles Banana Republic: Older and more affluent consumers/more stylized products Old Navy: Families, bargain-minded consumers /fashionable, value-oriented clothing at lower price Athleta: For modern and active women/premier andsophisticated11/1/2011 4 5. Competitive advantage : EASIER AND EASIER: Broader range of sizes and products than retail locations: some special items that are not available in stores (ie extra-large pants sizes pants). Integrated technology to enhance customer experience: helps shoppers have a good idea of how Gap clothes fit Retention of customer preference: Wish lists11/1/2011 5 6. Website design / Usability features : Gap Flash banner promoting for GapCard1 brand also linkEasy to find theto and promote subscribing fieldfor other brandsAll brands has the same and standardized front page design11/1/2011 6 7. Website design / Usability features : Bestseller Different front pagedesigns that changeregularly for each brand avoid boringness More sophisticated andprofessional design: fit totargeted customers andmarket Teaser: summarizing thenew updates of otherbrands attract customersattention. Not so outstandingsubscribing field11/1/20117 8. Harvesting email : Gap.comEasy to find the Sign-up box. Special offer forsubscribers is clearlyindicatedSubscribing consist ofsome steps, but easyand simple 11/1/20118 9. Harvesting email : Customers-oriented sense: offer special gifts/ discount for birthdays 11/1/20119 10. Harvesting email : Tailoredmessages tocustomersspecific interest. One sign up forall brands 11/1/201110 11. Harvesting email : Encouraging memberships : Receive direct offer justafter registering, registered members haveobvious greater benefitscompared to non-registered members11/1/2011 11 12. Harvesting email : Bestseller One-step-onlysubscription Sign up for each shopseparately. No offer when signingup 11/1/201112 13. Email campaigns Plain text version comes alone Short (1-3 days) and long-termoffers rather than promoting newproducts Variable offers : free shipping, %off, off with membership card Short subject lines-Chic Summer Dresses, Starting at $25- Last day to save up 40%- The hot 10 summer top dress Messages go to inbox, not toSpam11/1/2011 13 14. Email campaigns Simple and standard design templatefor all brands, regardless the messagecontent Bottom banner: Link to socialnetwork, Logo of other brands 2 times scrolling-down11/1/201114 15. Good about GAP Variety of offers and promotions program encourage customers Customer retention: Membership with exclusive benefits. GapCard offer an easy way to shop. Quick page loading, no over-use of flash and motion effects Website is user-friendly good search tool, signing up is simple, easy Strategically cooperate with trusted and well-known partner to offer greater service, maximize convenience, increase website reliability (VISA) and reputation (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter)11/1/2011 15 16. Recommendations for Bestseller More customer-focused strategy: Customers should feel they areappreciated, cared and supported when shopping in our store. Introducing more promotions and offers. Offer do not need to be at highvalue, but should make customers feel excited that they get a special dealwhen buying Design of newsletter : simple, and professional. Increase customers retention and loyalty: Subscribers should receivedistinctive benefits compared to non-subscribers. That should beadvertized on front page. Reducing loading time Trying short term offers ( 1 to 3 days just like Old Navy is doing) In a long term: Strategic cooperation with well-known partners and socialnetwork11/1/2011 16