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ShareTech Information Co.,LTD Founded in July 1999Capital NTD 10 million. (USD 350,000)Executives- General Manager (Jordan Wang), 20 years in network security Technology Manager (Randoll Huang), 10 years in network securityTotal Staff 43 , RD staff 22 (Aug in 2013)Headquarter in Taichung CityBranch office in Taipei City, Kaohsiung City and Shanghai China

Tighten SecurityEffective ControlComplete Record1999Taichung2006Kaohsiung2001Taipei2005Shanghai


Product Line- UTM + Recorder Security ProtectionAnti-Virus/Anti-Spam/IDP & BotNetCo-Defense/Flow Analysis/AuthenticationFirewallLoad Balance/IPv4(v6) Dual Support/QoSVPN (IPSec/PPTP/SSL)Record Web/Mail/FTP/IM (Skype&QQ) RecordAudit and FilterMail Audit/APP Access Control/URL FilterManagement CMS/AP Control/Bulletin Board/HA

International market expansion including Bangladesh , China, Lebanon, Malaysia, Philippine, Thailand, Vietnam.More than 10 thousands of SME adapt ShareTech UTM(including banks, government, schools, telecoms, services, electronics, etc.)UTM firewalls are recommended hot sales for 2 years in Taiwan Government Procurement ProjectFirst manufacturer released UTM + Recorder in Taiwan

Who are our preferred cooperation partners?

Local dealers and agents who must have a technological team to assist providing instant customer support are preferred.

TWO business models we are looking for

Agent: trusted agents that help us build ShareTech

OEM: closely cooperate with each other to provide security for end users in south east Asia

Competitive Advantages

Practical know-howProduct CombinationProfessional SupportRapid DevelopmentCompetitive ScaleProactive Team