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  • The essential publication for BSAVA membersThe essential publication for BSAVA members

    companionAPRIL 2011

    Asiatic bearsFirst laparoscopic cholecystecomyP4

    New FormularyEven more of a benefi tP8

    Clinical ConundrumProgressive lameness in a Spaniel P10

    How to utilise blood products

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    3 Congress News from Congress 2011

    46 Publications Worlds first laparoscopic cholecystecomy in Asiatic black bears, and Manual donation to international charities

    7 CPD Old age doesnt come alone: an insight into dealing with the feline and canine geriatric patient

    89 Formulary Ian Ramsey describes the new edition

    1013 Clinical Conundrum Consider a case of progressive lameness in a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    1419 How To Utilise blood products in small animals

    20 Petsavers The winners of the 2011 Petsavers photography competition

    2123 WSAVA News The World Small Animal Veterinary Association

    24 The companion Interview Sue Shaw

    25 BSAVA Northern Ireland Congress An update on the forthcoming Congress in May

    26 Meet Your Region Spotlight on Northern Ireland Region

    27 CPD Diary Whats on in your area

    Additional stock photography Margouillat; Ravl; Stanislav Perov

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    NEW! EJCAP SPECIAL ISSUE ON DENTISTRyThe European Journal of Companion Animal Practice (EJCAP) has published a special issue on Dentistry. All the articles can now be downloaded from This includes; The Importance of Dental Radiology by B.A. Niemiec; The evaluation of dentition and occlusion in dogs by P. Roux, J. Howard; Management of tooth fractures by J. Schreyer; Periodontal disease from the whole body perspective by Z. Pavlica, A. Nemec; Oral proliferative lesions in the dog and cat by L. Verhaert; and Myths and ethics in small animal dentistry by J. Gawor.

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    JSAP onlineMake the most of your access to the JSAP archive online

    We all know how frustrating it can be, knowing you think you have seen a paper in JSAP that might relate to a tricky current case you are facing but cant remember its full title or the issue it was in. Equally, not all of us have the space to save all our printed editions. Which is why is it such a valuable asset to have the rich archive of past papers online. Blackwell, who both print JSAP and host the online archive for us, have greatly improved their website, making it easier to navigate and search for papers. So make the most of your benefit and use the online JSAP archive, which you can access easily once you are logged in at

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    Patricia Colville moves from chairing Membership Development into the role of Honorary Secretary and will work with Continuing Education Committee. After working with the PDSA for many years, she is now Manager of the Vets Now hospital in Glasgow.

    Andrew Ash, owner of the five-site Grove Lodge veterinary group in Sussex, is now President of the Association and will sit as Officer on International Affairs and Publications Committees.

    Michael Day takes on the Junior Vice-President role. Michael is Professor of Veterinary Pathology and Director of Diagnostic Pathology at the University of Bristol. He will be the Officer on Scientific Committee.

    Grant Petrie, who offers an internal medicine referral service in London at the Portman and Bayswater Referral Clinics, is now Senior Vice-President and will sit on the Journals Management Committee.

    Mark Johnston, who heads a practice in Crowborough, East Sussex, is our Vice-President and will work closely with the Regions and Petsavers. Initially Mark planned to serve on a Regional Committee for a couple of years and then stop, but he insists that once you start as a volunteer with BSAVA you just dont want to stop.

    Our Honorary Treasurer, Katie Dunn, will work with Membership Development. Katie has a long history as a BSAVA volunteer and was also JSAP Editor. She now works as a freelance medical writer and copy editor.

    All on Board


    All on Board

    CONGRESS REPORT COMING SOONAt the time of going to press, the BSAVA and companion team are still at Congress! So a full report on the event will feature in the May edition. However, visit the website where more and more news, reports and pictures will feature during the month. If you were there we hope you had a really great time, if you didnt make it, remember that as a member you can access the talks online as MP3 downloads making Congress last all year long.

    For the first time BSAVA has filmed some of the behind-the-scenes developments that turn an athletic and music venue into the largest companion animal exhibition in the world. From the end of April you can go online to see a fascinating time-lapse recording of the creation and dismantling of the vast NIA space that is home to over 240 exhibitors during the event. Everything from rigging banners to laying carpets and dressing the stands it all might take hundreds of people and hundreds of man-hours but you can watch it unfold in seconds. Visit the Congress area at

    Grant Petries final act as President on 3 April was to hand the mantel over to Andrew Ash and welcome Michael Day and Patricia Colville onto the Board. This team leads the direction of the Association, working hand-in-hand with committee chairmen and the Regions. Without this committed team of volunteers there would be no BSAVA.

    The Board now says goodbye and thank you to Richard Dixon. Before coming onto the Board Richard had been a committee member and secretary for the Scottish Region, Regions Co-ordinator, and Chair of Publications Committee. His long service to BSAVA is impressive, greatly appreciated and we know that whilst no longer serving as an Officer his support is ongoing.

    Congress on film

    At the AGM on the Sunday of Congress the BSAVA Board saw a new President and a refreshed team of Officers

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    Romain Pizzi, contributor to the BSAVA Manual of Exotic Pets, 5th edition, was part of the veterinary team responsible for the first minimally invasive surgical removal of gallbladders in Asiatic black bears at a rescue centre in Vietnam

    Asiatic black bears (Ursus thibetanus) are classified as a vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). They are kept illegally in Vietnam for bile farming, and are milked by repeated needle puncture of the gallbladder, use of an indwelling catheter or creation of a fistula. Bears rescued from bile farms have a high incidence of gallbladder and

    Worlds first laparoscopic cholecystecomy in Asiatic black bears

    Romain Pizzi and Jonathan Cracknell perform the worlds first laparoscopic gallbladder removal in the Asiatic black bear


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