Compact Slitter Rewinder - GOEBEL IMS ... XTRASLIT 2 slitter rewinder offers cutting-edge technology...

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Transcript of Compact Slitter Rewinder - GOEBEL IMS ... XTRASLIT 2 slitter rewinder offers cutting-edge technology...

  • Packaging fi lms // Metallized fi lms // Tobacco fi lms and others BOPP, CPP, OPP, BOPET, OPET, PET, BOPA, BOPLA, PE, PVC

    Coated papers // SD / Inkjet / Thermal papers // Technical papers // Self-adhesive laminates

    Flexible packaging materials

    Compact Slitter Rewinder for Converting Film and Paper


  • XTRASLIT 2 slitter rewinder offers cutting-edge technology for high-performance conversion of fi lms and fl exible packaging materials as well as of sensitive papers. This GOEBEL high-tech product is designed for a working width of up to 3,600 mm. It allows narrow cuts from 180 mm and the conversion of material thicknesses between 2 and 400 µm. The speed of 1,200 m / min ensures the highly productive, economic production of fi nished rolls weighing up to 3,300 kg.


    » Working width up to 3,600 mm

    » Conversion of films, flexible packaging materials and papers

    » Compact design, minimum space requirement

    » Modular configuration

    » Optimized separation of unwinding and rewinding tension through a wrap-around angle of more than 450°

    » Latest Profinet control concept

    » Digital AC drive technology with highly efficient energy recovery

    » Automatic format change

    » Optimum operability from the central control console

    » Low-maintenance and ergonomic machine concept



    » Winding stations with centre drive and individual contact rollers

    » Automatic, synchronous position- ing of the winding stations

    » Maintenance-free AC drives for each winding arm

    » Tool-free positioning of the contact roller arms

    » Coupleable station and contact roller arms

    » Individually customized drive concepts


    » Wide range of slitting variants: Razor blade and circular knife slitting, burst cutting, free and wrap-around cutting

    » Fully automated knife positioning

    » Positioning display for manual knife adjustment

    » Slitting dust extraction

    » Grooved shaft can be replaced with idler roller

    » Grooved shaft with customized pitch


    » Integrated operator's panel with high-quality industrial PC

    » Redundant data storage

    » Individual confi guration of winding curves

    » Library with slitting and product- related data

    » Recording of process data

    » Quick fault diagnosis and simple rectifi cation

    » Remote assistance via Internet

    » System monitoring, data transfer to master computer


    » Skewable idler roller directly behind unwind unit

    » Clamping roller

    » Dynamic dancer roller for constant web tension

    » S-roller group with a wrap-around angle of more than 450°

    » Single or dual-sided web threading

    » Idler rollers for reversing the rewinding direction

    » Electrostatic discharging


    » Stock reel can be picked up from the fl oor

    » Stock reel weights up to 5,000 kg

    » Web edge control and oscillation

    » Unwind brackets can be positioned individually

    » Optimum accessibility

  • The XTRASLIT 2 can be used extremely fl exibly and guarantees highest effi ciency and rewind quality. You can confi gure your slitter rewinder to your requirements thanks to the modular machine concept with its wide range of technical features.

    XTRASLIT 2 converts fi lms, fl exible packaging materials as well as sensitive papers reliably and highly effi ciently. The ergonomic and low-maintenance machine concept is extremely fl exible, allowing you to adapt it to your specifi c requirements.

    Choose a high-tech slitter rewinder from GOEBEL IMS – and join more than 9,000 customers around the world. Ask about your GOEBEL solution for effi ciency, quality and profi tability in fi lm conversion.

    GOEBEL IMS technicians are available 24 / 7 to provide worldwide support in multiple languages by remote assistance and with fast on-site service. We deliver spare parts and slitting accessories immediately.

    This gives you a competitive edge for your market!

    Technical data

    » Working width up to: 3,600 mm // 142 inch

    » Unwind diameter: 2,000 mm // 80 inch

    » Rewind diameter: 1,250 mm // 50 inch

    » Speed: 1,200 m /min // 5,000 ft /min

    You can fi nd more information about our wide range of machinery on our website.

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