Communiqué de Presse IMCAS - PB Communication - Octobre 2012

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Octobre 2012 - IMCAS Hong Kong, the top-shelf of science-approuved Asia aesthetic approaches

Transcript of Communiqué de Presse IMCAS - PB Communication - Octobre 2012

  • IMCAS PRESS OFFICE - P.B Communication 7 Villa des Sablons 92200 Neuilly sur Seine - Tel : + 33 1 47 31 11 06 - E-mail :


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    THURSDAY, October 4th 2012

  • PRESS Kit Hong Kong - October 2012

    IMCAS PRESS OFFICE - P.B Communication 7 Villa des Sablons 92200 Neuilly sur Seine - Tel : + 33 1 47 31 11 06 - E-mail :


    IMCAS ASIA Returns to Hong Kong in 2012

    October 4 to 6, 2012 Intercontinental Hotel

    Convention Center

    This year, for its 6th Asian edition, IMCAS is glad to organize its very first IMCAS Asian Press Conference, where all media and journalists worldwide are welcome. About IMCAS IMCAS is one of the most important European Courses dedicated to Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology. By welcoming more than 3 500 delegates each year during its annual worldwide conference in Paris, it represents a true medical population sampling. Its main objective is to promote the highest possible standards in clinical practice, education and research within the plastic surgery / dermatology interface, as well as in related disciplines (facial plastic surgery, oculoplastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, research, etc). Its now an institutional teaching congress, working with advices from several learned societies such as the SOFCEP (Socit Franaise des Chirurgiens Esthticiens Plasticiens), the ESLD (European Society for Laser Dermatology) and the ASDS (American Society for Dermatologic Surgery).

    IMCAS Industry Tribune

    Additionally, IMCAS is also strongly identified and recognized as a major information source when it comes to the economical and financial aspects of this segment. The IMCAS Industry Tribune, gathering each year the major players of the economical field (representatives from the most relevant companies, financial analysts, medical and economical journalists...), is indeed the leading forum in analyzing the aesthetic medical market. IMCAS Asia

    Whats hot in IMCAS Hong Kong 2012?

    Its been six years since the International Master Course on Aging Skin (IMCAS) acknowledged that Asia holds a big part of the future of aesthetic surgery and medicine. IMCAS organized the very first Asian conference in 2007 in Bangkok, and since then has expanded to feature three Asian editions each year: IMCAS China (Shanghai; July 28-29), IMCAS Asia (Hong Kong, October 4-6), IMCAS Singapore, July 26-28, 2013 and IMCAS India (Goa, November 23-24, 2013); making Asia its second focus of action to continue growing, contributing and exchanging knowledge and information about aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery across a continent known best for its development and innovation. In 2012, IMCAS chose to reiterate an exciting Hong Kongs edition for the 2nd time as this city appears to be a whole world itself, and one of the top medical and economical players on the globe. IMCAS is very tight to Hong Kong Scientific Committee and IMCAS Asia is a congress supported by not less than 3 Universitary learned societies:

    The Hong Kong College of Dermatologists

    The Hong Kong Society of Dermatology and Venereology

    Hong Kong Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons

  • PRESS Kit Hong Kong - October 2012

    IMCAS PRESS OFFICE - P.B Communication 7 Villa des Sablons 92200 Neuilly sur Seine - Tel : + 33 1 47 31 11 06 - E-mail :


    With the participation of experts known and recognized in Asia and well as all over the world:

    COURSE COORDINATORS CHAN Henry Hin Lee, Dermatologist, HONG KONG WONG David Sau Yan, Plastic Surgeon, HONG KONG SCIENTIFIC SECRETARIES GOH Chee Leok, Dermatologist, SINGAPORE HO Henry Hing Fung, Dermatologist, HONG KONG ZAKINE Gilbert, Plastic Surgeon, FRANCE COURSE DIRECTOR ASCHER Benjamin, Plastic Surgeon, FRANCE

    However IMCAS always sought to cover the whole Pacific Asia territory, thus explores different countries (Thailand, Singapore, Korea, Japan...) and has launched a brand new congress past July , the very first IMCAS China, which was a huge success beyond our expectations. A rich and affluent attendance has been noticed, considering IMCAS China 2012 was a first and managed to attract 1 200 attendees. In the end, IMCAS was able to put on the international stage the new blood from China, and was very happy and proud to bring the best of foreign speakers, whether European, American or Asian, in China. IMCAS Hong Kong It's the same goal we wish to reach here, as we did for each Asian edition of IMCAS Congresses: allowing exchange between experts from all over the globe, with a major focus on Asian practice of plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology. The IMCAS HKG Scientific Board and Committee, with a consequent list of international faculty speakers, has built a challenging program, spread over 4 simultaneous rooms, each dedicated to scientific contents and formats: aesthetic surgery, cosmetic dermatology and interface, live demos and under full disclosure, satellite symposia from the exhibiting companies. Covering all the major topics and trends, IMCAS HKG program has been developed around diverse threads, with a narrative and logical evolution, from pathology to aesthetic. Staying true to its spirit of exchange, IMCAS intends to consolidate the aesthetic fundamentals while beneficiating from the expertise and specialities of HKGs leading speakers and practitioners That's why we are proud to organize today this press conference with the greatest practitioners of Hong Kong: Dr. Henry Chan, Dr. Stephanie Lam and Dr. George Li, as well as speakers from all Asia (Singapore, Japan) and western experts Dr. Zakine,Dr. Illouz, the father of the liposuccion technique. This press conference will open with a focus on the market figures for IMCAS is also known as a primary information source when it comes to the aesthetic market Intel. The IMCAS INDUSTRY TRIBUNE, our economic forum, will follow the press conference, inviting any interested journalist to attend a 2-hour session featuring key economic actors of the market for round tables et debates. Welcome to the first IMCAS Asia Press Conference. Benjamin Ascher,MD, Plastic Surgeon, FRANCE IMCAS Scientific Director

    SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE (updated list on CASSUTO Daniel, Plastic Surgeon, ITALY

    ILLOUZ Yves Gerard, Plastic Surgeon, FRANCE

    LI George Kam Hop, Plastic Surgeon, HONG KONG

    MANUSKIATTI Woraphong, Dermatologist, THAILAND

    MOLE Bernard, Plastic Surgeon, FRANCE

    MU David Xiongzheng, Plastic Surgeon, CHINA

    OMI Tokuya, Dermatologist, JAPAN

  • PRESS Kit Hong Kong - October 2012

    IMCAS PRESS OFFICE - P.B Communication 7 Villa des Sablons 92200 Neuilly sur Seine - Tel : + 33 1 47 31 11 06 - E-mail :



    The top-shelf of science-approved Asia aesthetic approaches

    Aesthetics is foremost medicine, a discipline of its own, but often clouded by non-scientific works and reports which drive the segment offshores. As of today, it's not always easy to know who you're talking to. Doctor, non doctor? That's why it's essential to make sure that each treatment; intervention or technology is scientifically validated and clinically proven to work towards the risk 0. Thus IMCAS will present, analyze and discuss new treatments, secure procedures and tomorrow's technologies with experts known and recognized in Asia and around the world.

    Asian beauty has its own standards and therefore its specific aesthetic approaches The main goal of IMCAS is thus to ensure medical and scientific validation


    INTRODUCTION IMCAS: where are we? Why IMCAS ASIA in Hong Kong?

    ASCHER Benjamin, IMCAS Asia Course Director

    IMCAS ASIA Industry Tribune: the largest observatory of the ASIA aesthetic market

    The Asian aesthetic market: structure, features and trends taking into account the consequences of the current financial environment

    Laurent BRONES, Business Development Manager, SYMATESE, France IMCAS Tribune Coordinator

    Why the non-surgical approach is so popular in Asia?

    Face and body treatments - whats new? - Science to support! Body countouring: the recent advances of cosmetic dermatology

    IR, RF, IPL, YAG & tightening and other alternatives energy devices: does it really work? What results can be expected? Up and downsides?

    CHAN Henry Hin Lee, Dermatologist, HONG KONG Redraw the shape of the face with injectables

    How to treat upper, mid and lowerface volume? Hyaluronic Acid: lift, volumize, block

    LAM Stephanie Chuk Kwan, Plastic Surgeon, HONG KONG New trends in Cellulite and body shaping

    Injectables, InfraRed, Ultrasound, Lasers Radiofrequency, Roller: Indications & cons-indications DUCAN Diane Irvine, Plastic Surgeon, USA

    Asian Toxin treatment Product overview New trends and future of Botulinum Toxins

    ASCHER Benjamin, Plastic Surgeon, FRANCE The fake market in fillers and Toxins

    The dangers of counterfeiting in fillers and toxins How to recognize the certified product?