Communication in 2014 and beyond

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Communication in 2014 and beyond Few thoughts from Communication Strategist perspective Zigurds Zaķis @zz_zigurds Club of Venice Riga, 05/06/2014

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Slides for keynote presentation in Club of Venice plenary meeting in Riga, Latvia, June 5, 2014

Transcript of Communication in 2014 and beyond

  • Communication in 2014 and beyond ! Few thoughts from Communication Strategist perspective Zigurds Zais ! @zz_zigurds ! Club of Venice Riga, 05/06/2014
  • Society Media Communication Culture Creativity Politics Economy Business Work Healthcare Education 4th technological revolution: digital tools and platforms are fundamentally changing: Fundamental changes , not just another media channel EU has all the preconditions to take the lead globaly and to benefit most!
  • 1.One-directional communication
  • 1. Conversations
  • Abundance of information Fragmentation2. Ignore anything, that is not interesting or valuable for me Information campaings
  • 3. Social Networks
  • Platforms for ! listening getting know more conversations cooperation sharing solving entertaining* telling stories* informing* building relationships creating value organizing groups Social networks: think platforms, not media
  • 4. Video
  • @zz_zigurds R.I.P. Press Realase (19xx - 2008)
  • Text -> Interactivity -> Video
  • 4 screens, dierent roles, 1000 new opportunities
  • 5. Mobility Their mobility, no just mobile phone For us: Delivering 4W: What they want When they want Where they want How they Want + For them: Powerful Communication Tool June, 2007
  • How to approach it?
  • Every campaign is integrated campaign Strategy to Communications strategy & role ! Campaing architecture Synergies / Consistence ! Real time (24/7) Open ended 1
  • 2Brutal Simplicity The essence of great campaign is to sacrice. Our job is to simplify
  • 140 characters vs. a speech A system of ideas
  • Designer (marketer) is master storyteller whose skill is measured by his or her ability to craft a compelling, consistent and believable narrative ! Change by Design Tim Brown, IDEO Story, not information, in the center 3
  • Using all senses Multi-media Visual Storytelling Pictures speaks louder than words (slideshows, video, audio) Aesthetics Interactivity Variety of formats now deliverable through most of devices our people use Creating experiences, not just bringing more information 4
  • Creating value ! ! ! ! = making their lives easier/better5 For people (for him/her!) For society For country For the World Insights > Designing Services
  • "Digital services so good people prefer to use them"
  • Its not what you say that matters, its what you do but don't forget to tell the story 5 Initiatives > Campaigns Code of Conduct / Guiding Principles
  • The role of PR
  • PR March 1, 2014 16:00
  • Communication (PR) 2014: A War (Propoganda War)
  • How do you do the right thing on a battleeld? Train yourself to be the person you want to be
  • Social "media" data centers ! Dynamic, open-ended communication Permanent, 24/7 Superbowl. 2014 Gatorade, 2010
  • PR = Public + Relations
  • Communication PROFESSIONAL today
  • My Blog (LV): Twitter: @zz_zigurds Q&A?