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The 2012-13 CommonAction Youth Engagement Catalog is full of services and products to help YOUR youth program, organization, or community!

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  • CommonAction Engaging People to Change the World! 2012-2013 Youth Engagement CatalogWorkshops & Call (360) 489-9680 or emailPublications for info@commonaction.orgIndividuals, Organizations,Change Agents, Children & Join us atYouth, Educators, Youth, Parents, Students,Community Organizers, andmany others.
  • Table of Contentstable Of Contents ____________________________________ 2About Commonaction ________________________________ 3 Recommendations _________________________________ 3 Our Expertise _____________________________________ 4 Our Activities _____________________________________ 5 Our People _______________________________________ 6Training & Professional Development ____________________ 8 Workshop Logistics ________________________________ 8 Youth Engagement Workshops _______________________ 9 Skill Building Workshops ___________________________ 12Youth Engagement Publications _______________________ 13 Certification Programs _____________________________ 15Past Youth Engagement Clients And Collaborators _________ 18Costs And Scheduling ________________________________ 20 CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 2
  • About CommonActionCommonAction Consulting envisions all people everywhereliving engaged lives, including children, youth, and adults.We believe engagement is the sustained connection a personhas to the world within or outside herself or himself.CommonAction staff foster engagement through substantivepersonal development, sustainable social change, meaningfulpolicy reform, and powerful transformation activities.Founded in 2005 by internationally recognized communityengagement thought leader Adam Fletcher, CommonActionConsulting is a socially oriented private firm. Beginning in 2001with our flagship program, The Freechild Project, we focused onyouth engagement in community settings. Our school outreachprogram, SoundOut, launched in 2002 to focus on studentengagement. Heartspace, our new initiative launching in spring2012, focuses on personal engagement. Throughout the yearswe have worked inRecommendationsAdam Fletchers work is especially relevant in getting youngpeople to participate in the realms of politics and criticaleducation. Henry Giroux, Global Television Network Chair in CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 3
  • English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University; Author 40+books about education and youthCommonAction creates opportunities for people to becomemeaningfully involved in the decisions that affect them. Theirwork has made them the go to organization on these issuesnationally. Greg Williamson, Washington state educationagencyAdam is one of the most knowledgeable people in the worldregarding student voice and youth rights. I have attended histhorough and excellent presentations and confer regularly oncurrent work in the field. I highly recommend him as a presenterand a writer in our field. Dana Mitra, Associate Professor,Penn State University; Author, Student Voice in School Reform.Adam is one of the most gifted, principled visionaries whoempowers people of all ages and backgrounds to pursueauthentic youth engagement in all sectors of society. WendyLesko, Executive Director, Youth Activism Project; Author,Youth: The 26% Solution.OUR EXPERTISECommonAction is a boutique firm that does not seek to do itall. Instead, we focus on several specific areas of expertise.Youth EngagementNonprofit organizations, community groups, and governmentagencies work with The Freechild Project to take action focusedon Youth Voice, Service Learning, Authentic Youth Engagement,and more. We also lead Engagement Learning Communities.Learn about The Freechild Project at CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 4
  • OUR ACTIVITIESWorkshops CoachingOperating in local settings, CommonAction Presidentnational conferences, and Adam Fletcher works with aretreats, our educational and small number of individualsskill-building training events annually to provide coachingare for all ages and focused on life and livelihood.professional development. Program DesignMotivational and K-12 schools, youth-servingExpert Speeches nonprofits, governmentAdam Fletcher provides agencies and otherpowerful talks for audiences of organizations hire us toall sizes and ages about conceptualize, design, andengagement, transformation, implement programs.action, and more. Freelance WritingOrganizational Our staff has written moreConsulting than 100 publications for anOur specialties in consulting education, nonprofit, andinclude program design, government clients. We alsoevaluation, and organizational manage social mediachange work focused on campaigns, communityhuman engagement. relations activities, and more. CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 5
  • OUR PEOPLE Adam FletcherPresident. Adam is the award- winning founder of The Freechild Project and SoundOut. He has created more than 50 projects and has written more than 20 publications. Learn more at Paula KadanoffConsultant. Paula is an educator and activist with more than 15 years experience. After becoming active in school reform as a high school student, she is currently going into her sixth year teaching high school in the Bronx. She is also a key member of student leadership activities there. Teddy WrightConsultant. Teddy is an exciting facilitator and youth development specialist skilled in program development, implementation and evaluation, and a child advocate and community- builder. Scott LeDucConsultant. Scott is a master teacher with more than a decade in the classroom. He also serves as adjunct faculty at several universities. Learn more about him at CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 6
  • Mike BeebeConsultant. Mike has over 20 years of experience managing youth and adult leadership programs. He has managed an AmeriCorps program, youth services, and served on the board of directors for a national organization advocating for GLBT families. Learn more about Mike at Emma MargrafConsultant. Emma is an expert in community promotion for nonprofits. She has worked in non-profits and in politics for more than a decade. Her experience includes nonprofit communications and community outreach. Alan WongConsultant. An innovative trainer, educator, and artist, Alan leads dynamic workshops throughout North America and beyond. He has been a lead facilitator and program director with the Power of Hope youth-empowerment program for a decade.CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 7
  • Training & Professional DevelopmentCommonAction has been facilitating high quality learningexperiences since 2005. Working in more than 35 states and 4countries, our president Adam Fletcher is renowned for hisinteractive, humorous expertise. CommonAction staff havemore than 100 years combined experience working with diverseparticipants in a variety of settings. Following is informationabout what we provide.Workshop LogisticsWe offer each workshop in formats ranging from 60 minutes to6 days, and can create longer retreat and conference formats onrequest. They can be customized as training events, conferencesessions, or professional development programs. They areinterchangeable for different environments and participants,and can be customized to meet your organizations needs.Based in current research, practical experience, and pragmaticapplication, all of our offerings can be customized to meetparticipant needs. Each workshop is a hands-on, interactivelearning event that engages participants as co-learners. Ourworkshops cover Personal Engagement, CommunityEngagement, Youth Engagement, School Engagement, andgeneral skill-building workshops. CommonAction Consulting | (360) 489-9680 | 8
  • YOUTH ENGAGEMENT WORKSHOPSOur youth engagement workshops are convenient for youth-serving adults and young people. They teach important theorywhile staying grounded in practical considerations. Learn moreat Youth Leadership Training. Focused onengaging traditionally dis-engaged youth leaders. Youth andadults who are ready to change the world learn the skills, issues,and pathways