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Your resume is the first opportunity you have to stand out from the crowd of other applicants for a position.

Research finds that employers only spend a few seconds reading a resume

so you should make sure give yourself the best chance of catching a prospective employers attention by avoiding these pitfalls:


Give your resume several reviews before sending it out to employers.

Its always a good idea to have a friend or family member look it over to catch those errors that you may have missed.2. NO ACTION VERBS

If your resume is loaded with vague phrases, such as was responsible for, the employer will be left without clear mental images of your actions as an employee.

Put some action in the resume, such as resolved customer problems or made daily contacts with to allow the employer to visualize you in action.


A cluttered resume is difficult to read and takes too much time to sort out.

Make sure your resume is visually inviting, with paragraph breaks and bullet points for easy reading.4. OVERTELLING OR CUTTING TOO SHORT

Keep information short, but succinct. However, dont be afraid to include details on important points.5. LACKING IN FOCUS

A resume that does not indicate the progression of your career and future goals will not make an impression on a prospective employer.

Highlight past accomplishments and transferable skills to show you know where youre going and how to get there.6. CREATING ONE RESUME FOR ALL OCCASIONS

The advice about tailoring your resume to the position youre seeking should not be overlooked.

An employer needs to know not only what youve done, but also how it can apply to their specific needs.

Your research regarding the company and your ability to fit their needs will give you a favorable viewing.7. RELATING DUTIES INSTEAD OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS

Listing your duties does not provide information about what you can do on the job.

Attending meetings and supervising others does not say anything about your specific contributions to the company.

Instead, go into detail about how you added to the outcome of your job, whether you implemented new procedures and how you made an impact on the position you held.8. LEAVING OUT IMPORTANT INFORMATION

Many applicants forget important information they should have on their resumes, such as special training sessions, attendance at conferences or skills you may have acquired outside the workplace.

These entries can provide additional information on your value as a potential employee.9. A FORMULAIC RESUME OBJECTIVE

Most employers will give the resume objective a cursory glance.

They usually find the same trite lines about finding a suitable position to.

If you give extra thought to what your objectives can be regarding a particular company, you will be able to attract the attention you need to get an interview.10. OUT OF DATE CONTACT INFORMATION

Changes in residence or cell phone information can make it impossible for potential employers to contact you for follow-up interviews.

Make sure your information is current and clear, so you can avoid missing these important callbacks.

11. NOT INCLUDING KEYWORDSKEYWORDSKEYWORDSThese days many employers electronically scan resumes for relevant keywords pertaining to the job prior to having a human review them.KEYWORDSTake careful note of the job description, determine the keywords they will most likely be looking for and include them in your resume.Seeking a new financial advisor position? Speak with the experienced financial advisor recruiters of Willis Consulting Inc.

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