Commissioning Children’s Community Health Services.

Commissioning Children’s Community Health Services

Transcript of Commissioning Children’s Community Health Services.

Commissioning Children’s Community Health Services

Indicative Timescale

• Engagement phase: April – July 2014• Involvement Phase (Service Model Co-creation):

Nov 2014 – March 2015• Consultation on the Service Model: Sept – Nov

2015• Finalise and approve Service Model: Dec 2015• Procurement process: Jan – Sept 2016• Start of new contract: April 2017

Involving Children and Young People

• Young People’s Reference Group• Healthwatch Young Champions

Co-creating the service model

• Using feedback from engagement• Agreeing the outcomes we want to achieve• A service model that translates vision and values

into operational delivery• Negotiating priorities• Confirming the essential links and dependencies

Overarching Specification

• Vision and overarching themes• BNSSG population demographics• Overarching outcomes• Scope and service description• Estates, IT, safeguarding, equalities• Quality standards and NICE guidelines• Single Point of Entry

Community Paediatrics & Therapies

• Community Paediatric Service.• Children’s Community Therapies (OT,

Physiotherapy, SALT & communication aids) • Lifetime & Community Children’s Nursing • Continence Service • Children’s GPwSI

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

• CAMHS • Specialist services for learning disabilities• Self-harm• Positive behaviour support• Counselling• Be Safe (Bristol)• Thinking Allowed (Bristol)• Out of Scope – CAMHS Tier 4

Vulnerable Children & Complex Needs

• Youth Offending Team (YOT) • Young people’s substance misuse • Children/Young People Looked After • Mental health services for Vinney Green

Universal Services

• Heath Visiting• School Nursing• Family Nurse Partnership• Out of scope – School Based Imms

Single Point of Entry

• 1 point of entry for each geographical area? • Integrated with the local authority ie. First

Response?• Methods of referral?

Family / Self-referral/ information and advice Professional referral

• Right skill mix of first contact staff

Questions for discussion1. What requirements (including IT, Estates, Safeguarding

and Equalities) need to be in the overarching specification and the individual specifications to meet the needs that have been identified and achieve our service vision?

2. How could we make a Single Point of Entry work effectively?

3. What are the essential interfaces and interdependencies between services?

4. Are the current transition arrangements effective or do they need to improve?

Next Steps

• Specifications sign off

• Consultation

• Warm the market event

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