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Course Professor: Prof. Terri Yueh Course name: Business Communication Department: German Student: Michelle Lai (Lai, Yin-Wah) Student Number: 494260618. Commercial Slogans!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Course Professor: Prof. Terri YuehCourse name: Business CommunicationDepartment: GermanStudent: Michelle Lai (Lai, Yin-Wah)Student Number: 494260618

  • Amanda Bynes is a famous actress. She played in many movies . And she had many famous commercial products. One of her commercial products impressed me deeply. The slogan of that commercial was got milk? The aim of the commercial is to tell us to drink 3 glasses of low fat or fat free milk everyday to stay healthy. The slogan got milk? is a question. It may attract people to read the details about the milk. People may think why they are talking about milk? Are they selling any brands of milk? Then, the commercial will reach its goal to let everybody know the benefits of drinking milk.

  • I cant find its picture in the internet. However, it was really hot commercial slogan. Till now, there are so many people remembering it, even the famous Taiwans host Jacky Wu. He always jokes and says ! This sentence is from the commercial of. It means not to worry about your waist, because in their company they offer all of the sizes jeans. When people see their commercial, they must remember it after they laugh. Thats the companys strategy, they make a joke then people will remember it. So, I think its a successful slogan.

  • It was Nokias commercial in 2007. The product was a cell phoneNokia 8310. The commercial was shown that a man, who was taking the Nokia 8310, walked in the street. Everybody saw his cell phone, then threw out their own cell phones. That means only Nokia 8310 is good and everybody wants it. In this commercial they dont show the advantages of Nokia 8310 such as its functions. They were just showing us that everybody wanted this cell phone. And the slogan in English was Youll want it! and was translated in Chinese I like the Chinese version. Its because it is more attractive. Also, when we see the Chinese slogan, well feel that Nokia will lead us into fashion. Everybody will focus on it. Thats why I think it is a very excellent commercial.

  • It is one of famous commercial slogans. In the past decade, nobody doesnt know it. First of all let us think about the question: Why do most of women want their boyfriend to propose with a diamond ring? Because of its worth or something? We can get the answer from the slogan--. Women want a diamond ring, its because they hope their love can keep as long as the diamond. Diamond is not easy to get hurt because its very hard. Therefore, women want it. The slogan is as same as womens thinking. And it points out that you just need to buy one, you can keep it forever. The diamond symbolizes their love. Thats why till now in every marriage they will have the diamond rings.

  • This slogan was from the commercial ofNorthwest Airline over ten years ago. But I still remember it. A grandson tookthe flight with his grandparents. He felt bored and wanted something but hedidnt speak English. And his grandparents couldnt help him. At that time he got an idea. He took out his painting book and crayons. But the flight attendant misunderstood his meaning and didnt understand what he wanted. The last shot was a Taiwan flight attendant came to him and said . This slogan wanted to tell us you could speak Taiwanese also in NWA. This service made the passengers more closer to NWA. Its because the passengers didnt have to be worried because of their poor English. They could also speak Taiwanese in NWA just like in Taiwan. The slogan was shown as that meaning.Thats why I think its a good slogan.