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Angela Baumgartner Commercial Photography Sampler

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Small sampler of Angela Baumgartner's commercial photography with commentary.

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Angela Baumgartner

Commercial Photography Sampler

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Special Sites• As an event

coordinator, highlight the beauty of your facility

• Draw people to a meeting or event that you have arranged

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• For promoting services and products your business provides

• Showcase your home for the best results in today's real estate market

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Restaurants & HotelsFeature different aspects of the commercial project. Photographing drinking glasses adds to the guests feeling at home in this Italian bar.

Show the ambience that is functional for guests. The photograph can also serve for advertising- as a postcard or even a print for home decor.

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Caterers & Restaurants

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Services• Staged for selling

furnishings, it is important for angles that feel inviting and open

• Natural lighting from the balcony added value for the realtor too

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Reflections for Depth

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Natural LightingI love being able to reflect off of natural

surfaces like stone or tile, and using any

natural light in addition to artificial light is really important. It keeps us feeling

connected with the outdoors, and

somehow adds a special emotional lightness to any


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Real Estate• Success requires

visual atmosphere of the client envisioning themselves right there

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Catering & Events• Show the beauty

and quality of your presentation as a caterer with photographs

• Host events for non-profits and fund raisers with visual appeal

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Hindsight is 20/20

The only way to capture the beauty of the sun setting on the Pacific ocean, the hotel-condominium's logo and the moon at dusk was to rely on the reflection off the glass

door on the roof top.The solution is not always what is right in front of you but sometimes comes from

looking behind.

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All written and photographic content of this presentation is under copyright by Angela Baumgartner. This is for advertising purposes only for my writing and photography business. None of these pictures can be copied or distributed without the written consent of the owner. I would be

happy to discuss the use of certain images for advertising purposes.

I welcome the opportunity to provide photographic and written services to help promote your non-profit or business in a wide variety of ways.

Especially if it involves the chance to travel in almost any form! I haven't been on an elephant or camel for a while, love roller coasters and would be thrilled to be in a helicopter, jet boat or photograph your family on a

cruise. Thank you for your serious consideration of these projects!

Angela Baumgartner Copyright [email protected]