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  • 8/16/2019 Commercial Lease Agreement Template



    THIS LEASE AGREEMENT is made and entered into [DATE], b and bet!een [NAME], !"ose address is [ADDRESS], #"ereina$ter re$erred to as %Landlord%&, and [NAME], !"ose address is [ADDRESS], #"ereina$ter re$erred

    to as %Tenant%&'


    Landlord, in *onsideration o$ t"e rents to be paid and t"e *o+enants and areements to be  per$ormed and obser+ed b t"e Tenant, does "ereb lease to t"e Tenant and t"e Tenant does "ereb lease and ta-e $rom t"e Landlord t"e propert des*ribed in E."ibit %A% atta*"ed "ereto and b re$eren*e made a part "ereo$ #t"e %Leased /remises%&, toet"er !it", as part o$ t"e par*el, all impro+ements lo*ated t"ereon'


    Se*tion l' Total Term o$ Lease' T"e term o$ t"is Lease s"all bein on t"e *ommen*ement date, as de$ined in Se*tion 0 o$ t"is Arti*le II, and s"all terminate on [DATE]'

    Se*tion 0' Commen*ement Date' T"e %Commen*ement Date% s"all mean t"e date on !"i*" t"e Tenant s"all *ommen*e to *ond1*t b1siness on t"e Leased remised, so lon as s1*" date is not in e.*ess o$ si.t #23& das s1bse41ent to e.e*1tion "ereo$'


    T"e parties "ereto ma ele*t to e.tend t"is Areement 1pon s1*" terms and *onditions as

    ma be areed 1pon in !ritin and sined b t"e parties at t"e time o$ an s1*"e.tension'


    T"e Tenant arees to pa t"e Landlord and t"e Landlord arees to a**ept, d1rin t"e term "ereo$, at s1*" pla*e as t"e Landlord s"all $rom time to time dire*t b noti*e to t"e Tenant, rent at t"e $ollo!in rates and times7

    Se*tion 8' Ann1al Rent' Ann1al rent $or t"e term o$ t"e Lease s"all be [AMO9NT] Dollars #:[;]&, pl1s appli*able sales ta.'

    Se*tion 0' /ament o$

  • 8/16/2019 Commercial Lease Agreement Template


    *alendar mont" immediatel $ollo!in t"e Commen*ement Date, t"e Tenant s"all also pa to t"e Landlord rent at t"e said rate $or an portion o$ t"e  pre*edin *alendar mont" in*l1ded in t"e term o$ t"is Lease'

    Re$eren*e to earl rent "ere1nder s"all not be implied or *onstr1ed to t"e

    e$$e*t t"at t"is Lease or t"e obliation to pa rent "ere1nder is $rom ear to ear, or $or an term s"orter t"an t"e e.istin Lease term, pl1s an e.tensions as ma be areed 1pon'

    A late $ee in t"e amo1nt o$ [AMO9NT] Dollars #:[;]& s"all be assessed i$   pament is not postmar-ed or re*ei+ed b Landlord on or be$ore t"e tent" da o$ ea*" mont"'


    T"e Tenant "as deposited !it" t"e Landlord t"e s1m o$ [AMO9NT] Dollars#:[;]& as se*1rit $or t"e $1ll and $ait"$1l per$orman*e b t"e Tenant o$  all t"e terms o$ t"is lease re41ired to be per$ormed b t"e Tenant' S1*" s1m s"all be ret1rned to t"e Tenant a$ter t"e e.piration o$ t"is lease,  pro+ided t"e Tenant "as $1ll and $ait"$1ll *arried o1t all o$ its terms' In t"e e+ent o$ a bona $ide sale o$ t"e propert o$ !"i*" t"e leased  premises are a part, t"e Landlord s"all "a+e t"e ri"t to trans$er t"e se*1rit to t"e p1r*"aser to be "eld 1nder t"e terms o$ t"is lease, and t"e Landlord s"all be released $rom all liabilit $or t"e ret1rn o$ s1*" se*1rit to t"e Tenant'


    Se*tion l' /ersonal /ropert' T"e Tenant s"all be liable $or all le+ied aainst an lease"old interest o$ t"e Tenant or personal  propert and trade $i.t1res o!ned or pla*ed b t"e Tenant in t"e Leased /remises'

    Se*tion 0' Real Estate' D1rin t"e *ontin1an*e o$ t"is lease Landlord s"all deli+er to Tenant a *op o$ an real estate and assessments aainst t"e Leased /ropert' )rom and a$ter t"e Commen*ement Date, t"e Tenant s"all pa to Landlord not later t"an t!ent(one #08& das a$ter t"e da on !"i*" t"e same ma be*ome initiall d1e, all real estate and assessments appli*able to t"e Leased /remises, toet"er !it" an interest and penalties la!$1ll imposed t"ereon as a res1lt o$ Tenant>s late pament t"ereo$, !"i*" s"all be le+ied 1pon t"e Leased /remises d1rin t"e term o$ t"is Lease'

    Se*tion ?' Contest o$' T"e Tenant, at its o!n *ost and e.pense,


  • 8/16/2019 Commercial Lease Agreement Template


    ma, i$ it s"all in ood $ait" so desire, *ontest b appropriate  pro*eedins t"e amo1nt o$ an personal or real propert ta.' T"e Tenant ma, i$ it s"all so desire, endea+or at an time or times, b appropriate  pro*eedins, to obtain a red1*tion in t"e assessed +al1ation o$ t"e Leased /remises $or ta. p1rposes' In an s1*" e+ent, i$ t"e Landlord arees, at

    t"e re41est o$ t"e Tenant, to @oin !it" t"e Tenant at Tenant>s e.pense insaid pro*eedins and t"e Landlord arees to sin and deli+er s1*" papers and instr1ments as ma be ne*essar to prose*1te s1*" pro*eedins, t"e Tenant s"all "a+e t"e ri"t to *ontest t"e amo1nt o$ an s1*" ta. and t"e Tenant s"all "a+e t"e ri"t to !it""old pament o$ an s1*" ta., i$ t"e stat1te 1nder !"i*" t"e Tenant is *ontestin s1*" ta. so permits'

    Se*tion ' /ament o$ Ordinar Assessments' T"e Tenant s"all pa all assessments, ordinar and e.traordinar, attrib1table to or aainst t"e Leased /remises not later t"an t!ent(one #08& das a$ter t"e da on !"i*" t"e same be*ame initiall d1e' T"e Tenant ma ta-e t"e bene$it o$ an la!

    allo!in assessments to be paid in installments and in s1*" e+ent t"eTenant s"all onl be liable $or s1*" installments o$ assessments d1e d1rin t"e term "ereo$'

    Se*tion B' C"anes in Met"od o$ Ta.ation' Landlord and Tenant $1rt"er  aree t"at i$ at an time d1rin t"e term o$ t"is Lease, t"e present met"od o$ ta.ation or assessment o$ real estate s"all be *"aned so t"at t"e !"ole or an part o$ t"e real estate, assessment or o+ernmental impositions no! le+ied, assessed or imposed on t"e Leased /remises s"all, in lie1 t"ereo$, be assessed, le+ied, or imposed !"oll or in part, as a *apital le+ or ot"er!ise 1pon t"e rents reser+ed "erein or an part t"ereo$, or as a ta., *orporation $ran*"ise ta., assessment, le+ or  *"are, or an part t"ereo$, meas1red b or based, in !"ole or in part, 1pon t"e Leased /remises or on t"e rents deri+ed t"ere$rom and imposed 1pon t"e Landlord, t"en t"e Tenant s"all pa all s1*", assessments, le+ies, impositions, or *"ares' Not"in *ontained in t"is Lease s"all re41ire t"e Tenant to pa an estate, in"eritan*e, s1**ession, *apital le+, *orporate $ran*"ise, ross re*eipts, trans$er or in*ome ta. o$ t"e Landlord, nor s"all an o$ t"e same be deemed real estate as de$ined "erein 1nless t"e same be imposed in lie1 o$ t"e real estate'


    Se*tion 8' Impro+ements b TENANT' Tenant ma "a+e prepared plans and spe*i$i*ations $or t"e *onstr1*tion o$ impro+ements, and, i$ so, s1*" plans and spe*i$i*ations are atta*"ed "ereto as E."ibit %% and in*orporated "erein b re$eren*e' Tenant s"all obtain all *erti$i*ates, permits, li*enses and ot"er a1t"oriations o$ o+ernmental bodies or a1t"orities !"i*" are ne*essar to permit t"e *onstr1*tion o$ t"e impro+ements on t"e


  • 8/16/2019 Commercial Lease Agreement Template


    demised premises and s"all -eep t"e same in $1ll $or*e and e$$e*t at Tenant>s *ost'

    Tenant s"all neotiate, let and s1per+ise all *ontra*ts $or t"e $1rnis"in o$ ser+i*es, labor, and materials $or t"e *onstr1*tion o$ t"e impro+ements

    on t"e demised premises at its *ost' All s1*" *ontra*ts s"all re41ire t"e*ontra*tin part to 1arantee per$orman*e and all !or-mans"ip and materials installed b it $or a period o$ one ear $ollo!in t"e date o$  *ompletion o$ *onstr1*tion' Tenant s"all *a1se all *ontra*ts to be $1ll and *ompletel per$ormed in a ood and !or-manli-e manner, all to t"e e$$e*t t"at t"e impro+ements s"all be $1ll and *ompletel *onstr1*ted and installed in a**ordan*e !it" ood enineerin and *onstr1*tion pra*ti*e'

    D1rin t"e *o1rse o$ *onstr1*tion, Tenant s"all, at its *ost, -eep in $1ll $or*e and e$$e*t a poli* o$ b1ilder>s ris- and liabilit ins1ran*e in a s1m e41al, $rom time to time, to t"ree times t"e amo1nt e.pended $or 

    *onstr1*tion o$ t"e impro+ements' All ris- o$ loss or damae to t"eimpro+ements d1rin t"e *o1rse o$ *onstr1*tion s"all be on Tenant !it" t"e  pro*eeds $rom ins1ran*e t"ereon paable to Landlord'

    9pon *ompletion o$ *onstr1*tion, Tenant s"all, at its *ost, obtain an o**1pan* permit and all ot"er permits or li*enses ne*essar $or t"e o**1pan* o$ t"e impro+ements and t"e operation o$ t"e same as set o1t "erein and s"all -eep t"e same in $or*e'

     Not"in "erein s"all alter t"e intent o$ t"e parties t"at Tenant s"all be $1ll and *ompletel responsible $or all aspe*ts pertainin to t"e *onstr1*tion o$ t"e impro+ements o$ t"e demised premises and $or t"e  pament o$ all *osts asso*iated t"ere!it"' Landlord s"all be 1nder no d1t to in+estiate or +eri$ Tenant>s *omplian*e !it" t"e pro+ision "erein' Moreo+er, neit"er Tenant nor an t"ird part ma *onstr1e t"e permission ranted Tenant "ere1nder to *reate an responsibilit on t"e part o$ t"e Landlord to pa $or an impro+ements, alterations or repairs o**asioned b t"e Tenant' T"e Tenant s"all -eep t"e propert $ree and *lear