Coltan Commodity chain mapping

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Transcript of Coltan Commodity chain mapping

[Commodity chain mapping of Coltan] March 31, 2010This tutorial will demonstrate how to create a commodity chain map using Google Maps. Please refer to the Coltan commodity flowchart powerpoint provided along with this document. The green arrows correspond to the numbered steps.

1. Go to, Login with your Gmail id 2. Click on My Maps 3. Click on Create new map

4. Use an appropriate title for your map, i.e. Coltan Commodity Chain

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[Commodity chain mapping of Coltan] March 31, 2010

5. Click on the edit tab

6. Click on the terrain tab. 7. Now well start mapping the locations shown in the Coltan commodity flowchart. Kivu in DR Congo is the place where Coltan in mined in small quarries. Well map the location of Kivu first. Type Kivu, DR Congo into the search bar. 8. Click on Search Maps.

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[Commodity chain mapping of Coltan] March 31, 2010

9. Click on the placemark icon, shown as the blue hot air balloon. 10. Put the placemark near Kivu as shown in the picture above. 11. Fill in the description for the placemark using the Coltan commodity flowchart.

12. Now well add some more info on the Kivu placemark. Click on Rich Text. 13. Use Google image search to look for a suitable image of Coltan mining in Kivu. Copy the url of the image and paste the url to the image icon as shown. 14. To change the default icon click on the icon symbol.

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[Commodity chain mapping of Coltan] March 31, 2010

15. Select an icon of your choice for the Coltan mining area.

16. After mining Coltan in Kivu, it is transported to Kigali, Rwanda which is a location for the trading posts of many European companies. Well now make a placemark for Kigali. Search for Kigali, Rwanda. 17. Put the placemark near Kigali. 18. Fill in the title from the Coltan commodity flowchart. 19. Fill in the description from the Coltan commodity flowchart. 20. Change the icon for the trading post. 21. Search for a suitable image for Kigali and paste the url in the image icon.

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[Commodity chain mapping of Coltan] March 31, 2010

22. Now well connect the route between Kivu to Kigali. Click on the line icon as shown in the picture. 23. Draw a line between Kivu and Kigali. 24. Fill in the details using the Coltan commodity flowchart. 25. Change the lines color.

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[Commodity chain mapping of Coltan] March 31, 2010

26. Continue mapping the remainder of the Coltan commodity flow chart to see how Coltan travels from the ground to your cell phone. Additionally, you can use these skills to track a trip you have taken, to plan a trip you will be taking, to map other commodity chains or resource flows, or simply to explore the globe!

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