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Some of the work that Papers and Paints does with colour. Colours can be measured on site and paint made to match.

Transcript of Colour Surveys

  • 1.Some of the Work that we do with Colour

2. On 1 stJanuary 2007Papers and Paintswere granted aRoyal Warrant of Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Architectural Paint Specialists Papers and Paints Ltd London 3. PAPERS and PAINTS

  • Nearly 50 years of colour matching
  • Approx half a million paint colours stored on electronic database
  • Cross referencing between ranges
  • Most forms of colour notation supported


  • Most lighting conditions accommodated
  • Metamerismcan be avoided or predicted
  • Nearest RAL or British Standard colour identified


  • Colours are matched and given a reference number
  • Paints can be reproduced at will in any size and quantity
  • We are still mixing colours that we first formulated over thirty years ago


  • Patrick Baty runs Papers and Paints. He has written, taught and lectured on the use of paint and colour in architecture for many years
  • He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Georgian Group and a Fellow of both the Royal Society of Arts and of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland

7. Patrick Baty

  • Patrick comes from a line of colourists his great grandfather, the artist Robert Polhill Bevan, was described by a former director of the National Gallery as being perhaps the first Englishman to use pure colour in the 20th Century.
  • Bevans wife, Stanisawa de Karowska, also a successful artist combined a modernist style with colours inspired by her native Poland.

8. Colour Matching

  • Existing paint
  • Other ranges / obsolete colours
  • Wallpapers and fabrics
  • Coloured objects
  • Either in the shop or on site

9. Colour Matching We are often asked to reproduce obsolete colours 10. 1930s colours reproduced for specific projects 11. 1930s colours reproduced for specific projects 12.

  • BS 2660: 1955 Range
  • 1950s colours reproduced for specific projects

13. 1950s colours reproduced for specific projects 14. Colour Surveys

  • Colour measurements taken
  • Existing colours identified or matched
  • Maintenance schedule prepared
  • Great savings in time and expense

15. Example of colour schedule produced after a colour survey 16. Colour Measurement We are frequently asked to match the existing paint colour on an object.Here a sentry box at Kensington Palace is being measured with a spectrophotometer 17. Colour Measurement Over the last fifteen years we have measured and stored several hundred thousand paint colours with the spectrophotometer.These are stored on a PC and close matches can be found for most new colours 18. Colour Measurement Apsley House Gate piers painted to match Portland stone 19.

  • Apsley House
  • We also carried out a colour survey of the interior

Colour Survey 20. Colour Survey

  • Boodles
  • St Jamess
  • Paints matched to existing and maintenance schedule prepared

21. Colour Measurement

  • Royal Naval College Greenwich
  • Painted Hall
  • The existing colours were measured to produce a new colour for the dado

22. Colour Measurement

  • Royal Naval CollegeGreenwich
  • Painted Hall
  • An average was made of the existing colours on the upper walls and a match produced for the dado

23. Colour Survey

  • Brookss, St Jamess
  • A survey was made of the existing paint colours and a maintenance schedule prepared

24. Colour Measurement

  • St Jamess Palace
  • Surfaces were matched in various parts of the building

25. Spencer House A colour survey was carried out and colours matched Colour Survey 26. Colour Measurement Wilton House 27. Colour Measurement Wilton House Little Smoking Room A fragment of the wall surface on a paint matched to the overall colour of the stippled finish 28. Colour Survey Wilton House Wyatt Cloisters Each web of the vaulted ceiling had been painted in a different colour when John Fowler supervised the decoration in the 1960s.We carried out a survey in order to be able to reproduce the colours 29. All Saints, Margaret Street Old paint on organ pipes measured and matched Colour Measurement 30. Carlton Club Colour Measurement 31. Carlton Club Old colours matched Colour Measurement 32. City of Bath Numerous examples of Bath stone measured to match in paint Colour Measurement 33. Hampton Court Palace Colour Measurement 34. Hove Private House 1890s painted scheme measured and matched Colour Measurement 35. Home House A survey of the colours was carried out Colour Survey 36. Home House A maintenance schedule was prepared Colour Survey 37. Colour Measurement

  • St Michael & All Angels
  • Bedford Park

Interior fittings were measured in order to produce paint for the redecoration of this 1870s church 38. Newhailes, East Lothian A colour survey was made of the building Colour Survey 39. Carlton House Terrace Foreign Secretarys Residence Colours have been matched for repair work Colour Measurement 40. 6 Fitzroy Square Georgian Group Headquarters Colour Measurement 41. 6 Fitzroy Square The Portland stone was measured to produce a paint for the ground floor faadeColour Measurement 42. London Oratory Colour Measurement 43. Soane Museum Various rooms have been measured and the paint matched Colour Measurement 44. St Yeghiche's Armenian ChurchColour Measurement 45. Kensington Palace Numerous colours measured and matched over the years Colour Measurement 46. Colour Measurement

  • Kensington Palace
  • Orangery

47. Colour Measurement Kensington Palace Orangery A wooden plinth had been built to prevent the base of the statue being damaged.We were asked to produce a textured paint in a colour to match the Portland stone base 48. Colour Measurement Kensington Palace, Orangery The walls and panelling were measured in order to produce matching paint colours. 49. Colour Measurement Stourhead Wiltshire The National Trust sent us the colour reflectance data of a ceiling in one of the rooms and we were able to match the colour without visiting the site 50. Colour Measurement Kingston Lacy Dorset The National Trust sent us the colour reflectance data of the walls in the Library and we were able to match the colour without visiting the site 51. Colour Measurement Mount Stewart County Down The National Trust sent us the colour reflectance data of the staircase wall and we were able to match the colour without visiting the site 52. Colour Measurement

  • YWCA Central Club
  • The colours on the Adam ceilings were matched for the recent refurbishment

53. Colour Measurement

  • Clifton Lodge
  • Ballet Rambert
  • The existing exterior paint colours were matched

54. Colour Measurement

  • Downing Street
  • Initially we were asked to match the colour of a sentry box.Other colour work has also been carried out on the interior

55. Colour Survey

  • Syon Park
  • Great Hall
  • The painted scheme of John Fowler has been measured to enable a seamless repaint.Paint colours in other rooms have also been measured and matched


  • Kew Palace
  • We measured and matched some of the painted schemes that existed when the Palace was occupied by King George III

Colour Measurement 57. Colour Measurement Kew Palace 58. Colour Survey

  • Lancaster House
  • A colour survey was made of the State Rooms and proposals made for the rationalisation of the decoration

59. Colour Measurement

  • Dover House
  • The Scotland Office
  • We have carried out on-site colour measurement in order to produce paint for small scale repairs

60. Colour Measurement Foreign Office Not only did we identify the original colour of the external ironwork, but we have also matched paint in various locations 61.

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