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  • The First Annual

    Colorado Masonic Symposium

    Let there be light

    Nov. 22 & Nov. 23Colorado Masonic Center

    1130 Panorama Drive, Colorado Springs

    Christopher HodappFreemasons for Dummies

    Rex hutchensBridge to light PGM Az 33GC

    John PalmerEditor KT Magazine PGM TN

    brought to you by the MWGLCO Education Committee

    Timothy HoganNovo Clavis Esoterika

    Scott AmmermanColorado Research Lodge

    register todayspace is limited 150 participants only

  • First Annual2014 Colorado Masonic Symposium

    This Inaugural Colorado Masonic Symposium is sponsored by the Colorado Grand Lodge for the essential purpose of engaging, exciting, and educating the members of our Craft to produce, promulgate, and perpetuate meaningful Masonic experiences in our lodges and our lives.

    Accommodations~A special price has been nego-tiated at the nearby Colorado Springs Marriott to accommo-date Brothers from outside the Colorado Springs area. Go to the above website to make your reservation or call 1-800-932-2151 and ask for the Grand Lodge of A.F & A.M. Block Rate ($89/night). Reservations need to be made by 10/31/14.

    Saturday and Sunday Nov. 22 and 23at The Colorado Masonic Center, 1130 Panorama Drive in Colorado Springs

    Registration Fee $75To Register for the Symposium and to Reserve a Hotel Room go to:

    www.coloradomasonicsymposium.orgIncludes All Sessions Saturday and Sunday

    Includes Breakfast and Lunch both days, and a Festive Board Dinner Saturday EveningRegistration is Limited to 150 Masonic Brothers

    Schedule~The Symposium will begin with

    a social hour and light break-fast Saturday morning followed

    by a day of Lectures and Pre-sentations as well as a Break-

    out Session in the afternoon with eight topics from which to

    choose. Lunch will be served at noon

    and the afternoon session will feature a Grand Masters

    Debate on a controversial topic. Dinner in the evening will be a traditional Festive

    Board banquet providing an opportunity to combine toasts, food, and fellowship with Freemasonry.

  • Br. John L. Palmer, Overview of the Supposed Origins of the FraternityMWB Palmer served as the Grand Master of Masons in Tennessee in 1997 and as Grand Secretary from 2005 until 2007. He is currently a member of the steering committee for the Masonic Information Center of the MSA. He has served on the board of the George

    Washington National Masonic Memorial and as chairman of the Committee for Information and Recognition of the Conference of Grand Masters of North America. He is the

    Managing Editor of the Knight Templar magazine and teaches leadership seminars for the three national Grand York Rite bodies.

    Br. Christopher Hodapp, The Future of FreemasonryWB Hodapp is a Past Master of Broad Ripple Lodge #643 and of Lodge Vitruvian #767,

    both in Indianapolis. He is a 33rd degree Mason in the Scottish Rite. In the York Rite, he is a Knight Commander of the Temple.

    He is the author of Freemasons for Dummies and The Templar Code. His latest book, Deciphering the Lost Symbol, explores Dan Browns fiction from a Masonic point of

    view. He is a founding fellow of the Masonic Society research organization, and the Editor Emeritus of their quarterly journal.

    Br. Scott Ammerman, The PlumbWB Ammerman is arguably the most published Past Master of Research Lodge of

    Colorado and its current Secretary. He has written and presented scores of papers ranging in topic from the symbolism behind The White Lambskin Apron, to various individual working tools such as The Plumb, to the linking of quantum mechanics and the duality

    of our existence in The Matrix of Masonry. All of which will be compiled in his upcoming book Exploring the Hidden Mysteries.

    Br. Rex Hutchens, Topic to be AnnouncedMWB Rex Hutchens is a Past Grand Master of Arizona, a Most Excellent Past Grand

    High Priest, a Thrice Illustrious Past Grand Master, a Right Eminent Past Grand Commander, 33, Grand Cross, and author of A Bridge To Light, the book given to every

    Scottish Rite Mason upon his attaining the 32.

    Br. Timothy Hogan, Cathedrals and Architecture of the Operative CraftWB Hogan has written the books The Alchemical Keys to Masonic Ritual, Entering the Chain of Union, Novo Clavis Esoterika, and Revelation of the Holy Grail. He

    has published articles in both The Scottish Rite Journal and Heredom, as well as Masonic Short Talk Bulletins, and articles in the Masonic Society Journal. He is a former District

    Lecturer for the Grand Lodge of Colorado, a Past Master of East Denver #160, and a member of Enlightenment Lodge #198, under the Grand Lodge of Colorado.

    Featured Speakers2014 Colorado Masonic Symposium

    Breakout Sessions~~~

    An Item of Jurisprudence, Stephen Munsinger, PGMOrder of Priority in Entertaining Motions, Kevin Hintz, PM

    An Item of Tax and Accounting Interest, Steven Hubbard, PGCAn Item of Royal Arch Masonry, Ron Birely, MEGHP

    Sword Manual for Knights Templar, Jaymie Vaughn, GSB, and Ben Williams, GCGAn Item to Improve Performance of Masonic Ritual, Aaron Klostermeyer, PM

    Flash Talks (a fast paced session with a series of 5 minute presentations on a variety of Topics)

  • Schedule of Events2014 Colorado Masonic Symposium

    D e b a t e a n d R h e t o r i c

    A Disagreement between Grand MastersJohn Palmer, PGM of TN and Rex Hutchens, PGM of AZ

    will debate a controverial topic of Masonic interest. Moderated by Stephen Munsinger, PGM of Colorado

    Topic: On the proposition that Masonry is a Religion

    Featured Event Saturday at 1:30 pm

    Saturday November 22, 2014

    9:00 am: Social hour, juice, coffee, donuts, fruit10:00 am: Welcome, Introductions10:15 am: SPEAKER: Scott Ammerman, PM11:00 am: Break11:15 am: SPEAKER: Timothy Hogan, PM12:00 noon: Lunch1:30 pm: GRAND MASTERS DEBATE2:30 pm: Break2:45 pm: BREAKOUT SESSIONS3:45 PM: Break4:00 pm SPEAKER: Christopher Hodapp, PM 5:00 pm: Q&A6:30 pm: FESTIVE BOARD DINNER9:00 PM: Masonic Movie

    Sunday November 23, 2014

    9:00 am: Social hour, juice, coffee, donuts, fruit10:00 am: Welcome, Announcements, Introductions10:15 am: SPEAKER: John Palmer, PGM 11:00 am: Break11:15 am: SPEAKER: Rex Hutchens, PGM 12:00 noon: Lunch1:30 pm: BREAKOUT SESSIONS2:30 pm: Closing Comments3:00 pm: Matinee Masonic Movie