Color panoramic pinhole photography

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Color panoramic pinhole photography Color panoramic pinhole photography

Richard Stanley

Follow this and additional works at:

Recommended Citation Recommended Citation Stanley, Richard, "Color panoramic pinhole photography" (1974). Thesis. Rochester Institute of Technology. Accessed from

This Thesis is brought to you for free and open access by RIT Scholar Works. It has been accepted for inclusion in Theses by an authorized administrator of RIT Scholar Works. For more information, please contact [email protected].

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-'1 Richard J. Stanley

John Pfahl ~ 3/, 1974

Charles A. Arnold, Jr.

Edward E. Miller

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James Agee

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The Master of Fine Arts Degree

College of Graphic Arts and PhotographySchool of Photographic Arts and Sciences



TITLE Color Panoramic Pinhole Photography

PURPOSE: To investigate the potential of a home-made

panoramic pinhole camera used as a tool of color

photography .


BY: Richard J. Stanley

January 18, 1974


Chief Advisor Charles A. Arnold, Jr.

Professor,School of Photographic Arts Sciences,Rochester Institute of Technology

Associate Advisors John Pfahl

Assistant Professor,School of Photographic Arts Sciences,Rochester Institute of Technology

Ed Miller

Assistant Professor,School of Fine and Applied Arts,Rochester Institute of Technology

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Thesis Proposal

Page 2


The Panoramic Image

The panoramic photograph has held the fascination of

generations. Some of the earliest daguerreotypes were pano

ramas of Paris and other European cities. Later, the "ban


was widely used as a tool to record assemblies

at social functions, as well as to aid the pictorial photographer. All of the above, in addition to the work of contem

poraries such as Joseph Sudek, were photographs incorporatingthe accurate recording of figures and objects 'on the horizontal

plane. Recently, perhaps in response to the vertical emphasis

of modern cities, photographers such as Eric Renner* have

aligned panoramic cameras along the vertical axis. In all

instances the image's beauty seems to be its propensity to

record a plethora of objects which spice the mind's sense of

the camera's purview at a certain time and place. It is this

capability which fascinates me, especially the elegance with

which man and his context may be photographed.

The Pinhole Image

The pinhole camera represents to me one of the most

rudimentary forms of photographic image making in that subject

and record confront each other directly with mere air between

them; no lenses are employed. A kind of direct transferral

of electro-magnetic energy occurs in the same manner as in

the centuries -old camera obscura and the resultant "sunprints.'

The images have a primitive beauty incorporating rings of

distortion and indistinct edges. Despite the above aberra

tions the images can be quite sharp and have a wide-angle

quality suitable for recording a broad context.

The Color Image

The color aspect of the thesis would reflect my

current infatuation with color photographygenerally--


particularly the "straightprint."

If photography is a method

to record and to express human experience, then"straight"

color photography seems to me one step beyond black and white

*Eric Renner is a photographer living near Alfred, N.Y. His work

is in the collection of The Museum of Modern Art and other

collections, as well as in The Art of Photography, New York:

Time-Life Books, 1971; pp 168-169.

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Thesis Proposal

Page 3

photography toward the quality of verisimilitude I admire.

With this beautiful quality of verisimilitude comes an

additional problem, i.e. aesthetically pleasing color harmony.

The challenge then of color photography as I intend to

use it is to record circumstances of my life as closely as

possible while retaining both visual and chromatic harmonyand elegance.

Combining Panoramic, Pinhole, and Color Photography

The scope of the thesis is to produce pinhole-made

photographic images which are panoramic in nature and in

color. I have already produced images which incorporate the

qualities above, except that they are in black white, not

color. To my knowledge color has never been attempted. The

camera used was home-made, utilized six pinholes and5"


film. Because of the construction (see diagrams) ,the six

images dissolve and juggle themselves, creating a new visual

space which seemingly lies along a continuous, but false, axis

while at the same time retaining localized visual fidelity.

This combination of montage and"straight"

reproduction is

the camera's unique metaphor.

There are several ways in which these images could be

produced. The most obvious way is to record a somewhat literal360

panorama, either along a horizontal or vertical axis.

Another method I have tried is to compose a shot and then expose

one pinhole at a time while changing the composition of the

scene before the next pinhole is rotated into position. In this

manner one may combine repeated and changing imagery (e.g. a

panorama incorporating a horizon with several setting suns

while the foreground subject changes position in each shot).

Although I prefer the more traditional panoramic shots because

of their greater sense of verisimilitude, any combination of

the above described approaches could be attempted.

Because color pinhole work is a relatively uninvestigated

area, some fascinating phenomena might occur, i.e. spectral

distortions. These aberrations have occurred in the black and

white images as streaks of light grey. In color they could be

of a more chromatic nature. In any event the color would seem

to underscore a sense of believability in the montages, which

blend what is into what could be.

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Thesis Proposal

Page 4

Procedures :

The photographs could be made almost anywhere there is

ample light. What I would like to photograph, however, is

as mentioned above, man and his context, or the vestiges thereof

As long exposures are de rigeur with this camera, bright, warm

seasons lend themselves best to outdoor work and minimal ex

posures. The spring would be a good season in which to photo

graph and the West, known for its dry, sunny climate, would

be an excellent location. I may, therefore, take many of

the photographs on a cross-country trip thereby maximizing

use of fine weather and capturing the flavor of the man-made

environment of contemporary highways. Of all .of man's en

vironments, the car-oriented aspects fascinate me most. This

camera could be an invaluable tool of documentary photography.

A trip from coast to coast affords numerous opportunities to

record unusual man-made environments adjacent to highwaycommercial areas .

Upon my return the prints, which could have been

achieved via any or all of the following means: direct

color paper positives, color paper negatives, or by the

traditional color negative film, paper print means, could be

prepared and assembled into a show of nine to fifteen color

prints. An album could be an alternative display method. The

report could include the necessary technical, aesthetic, and

personal background of the prints.

Page 8: Color panoramic pinhole photography

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Page 9: Color panoramic pinhole photography


Page 10: Color panoramic pinhole photography

\ma\j-J~ 01 VW ^aaXUai\Ajb+- jULA- ^J,

TUX -^AA^CLAfC ^^AuA4AA\Xjn^uJL^^

Page 11: Color panoramic pinhole photography


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Page 12: Color panoramic pinhole photography


(hH^ 0Ua. i/^AAjLjsh(HJL/>-~ k(H^i^(hA 01

1 K^lK^ ***$- <U^L ^^JU

Page 13: Color panoramic pinhole photography

Q^^aa**-^ (KLUaaa~ Jr&stAsC

Page 14: Color panoramic pinhole photography

^^\AAAaTKAA9 ^0^AJ*-+-+AAA~O<~ (F) JfiA-C

#>* vj? ULa^OaaaaaaJL^L U>L

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/UUUL *aM ?"

Pf ^^ ^ytr^ Q-U^a.

Page 15: Color panoramic pinhole photography


\A){aJXat 0<- l<<f0 -*Jk (Ls<maA^L


{jJLa^JLajJU Ujt OjALaUL aAaJL A^a^JIa- A.


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~sAA^o->>fiJL Xv>^4-V^4ulX^C i/J^CW JUjL

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IATtOL^j a%aas^\JUj ^ajoJ^ 0L <Stlrt>~C

Page 16: Color panoramic pinhole photography

1 1

fi~+JLAAJ \AJtf \JUajla J-<y+ T*~H

|j>Um. J^JU. (Aj^hAleJL UJU^ aJr-

Y <Ajsj*. ,^^-eXs LaJU^ s\Xa\aasUljL 0(0-

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Ota. kxJuu- iaaaa (ljw^ju-a-

\AJ-&*3 (S^aa, a^a^AaJLa) -Aaa&(A\*4LAAAJLA{jUr-

Page 17: Color panoramic pinhole photography

^JjUjU i>^A /^A^AirXSLA^ JlAA-CAAjL*.

"Ttut a^a\^\laaaAaa>JUl* kaM^JL

^U>i-i)UAxLX (A/tfx; <W<? Oaa*/. (hAA.

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j^JLoJU^ (TI 3 S"0 AIAA^LA^+JKA^(TV-

^V\A^--^C-lA^O X* (Jf^jL O^^i^AAAsAAAA*.

A^yA *X )jUx* LJUaa. - Jo -


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0 0 X ^CA^-cX^ Jb*-*h0At^9 sqJIa*A*SAA-

Page 18: Color panoramic pinhole photography


Ol AajJUL (JasaAjL* )aJULAA><JU . ^aa{-o

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{JAaXLUa \UlajlaaX^} {aJJ^6 \putsL

-*A<-<AJr iHTO^J^, JL ^AA^djL TAALAA

Page 19: Color panoramic pinhole photography


^aXa\^% TtvA ^o-m. tfu-^-X JUJL to-*-'

-V*a^L CHaX ^(y^Xr M f^ tco^JUC^J

yUx VjUJUjiAx* fr^JL axJIx/jL* Lo*ajuL

s\AJ^O^Jka*aXLaaa, XJJLA^CL^^AjCXau. (X^^^L

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jjWL <ULaaaJ^(C* UkAJIJ-ax*(i^Ou+Jh.

J^M^A^^Ayj 01 ^aJUUaA-LajJLa\aa

Page 20: Color panoramic pinhole photography


IAaa>1 (1(IaaaJLA>-0L (AHLa |^Ux>UiouC

%JIaaaL-Y y ASA MS, J< \at<^

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oJr O-WlJUa-sL) -*JjJr (M^M L&Jr

Page 21: Color panoramic pinhole photography


CL A^A^^^jdjU Jl^LjllW^XJ^*- Q*A^L~

{^AT?^As<*&TAA^AAAAjfca^ ^Oh/^A^lAA\

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i)JuaJuutA^c dl \^JUMAi<jJi jt^^Ou^

IA>^a-a^JL V^MrtJLA^* {A^OLAI Ia\JAJuv<aAa^

Page 22: Color panoramic pinhole photography

aUkXLav^aj^a^[)\JaJLaVi (aaaX uMaaU

^\^aaJ^^\ Ifad' -HtA^ \aJWjJLsjJL\T

IaM^K, LUaJIa^-O-o (^Ujl stAJ<AY\LJr *J

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Ttvx sCu^ iam^m. \AA^hMu AlU-

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Page 23: Color panoramic pinhole photography

O^W -J JUja^^ajX Jt>

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to-/-*o ia>g-\aX^_,JLerO~fe -Xu^jl -^^^



Page 24: Color panoramic pinhole photography


tot W^LA^A>(H^-^/*

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K F. A. ^{ajl^U .

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\JJUM ^ ^^LUjjJ^ J^ lAAjhAJUJh

Page 25: Color panoramic pinhole photography



CI- "it . CTW UjGm^ ChA<jL ultClo

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<J- ^^^A%JU- o<AX tC^A^-a^Ar A/-U^

^/-/a>L^A^^ &- J^aaaaa h^MrtJL4~<A+ir:

Page 26: Color panoramic pinhole photography

LlMJ ^bsjMhAXAAA* (u^jUjJr ^aJjJt *J(

\aJ)J<- fjQAAt4+yA ^h^AAXx (XaaJL cJLol*^

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lAXL* Mj^aX /UiXAiiU

XhSjuJk* OaaA ca>aaaXx . ^d oaaa. Jtur-

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&* a.

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Page 27: Color panoramic pinhole photography


^aaaa^ofax a\aa^~* i^^>UA-aXx *v\Aje .

K^SpMfr^x^JL (La^a^X^JL Jla9 VAX)

Jt^v^KmOlaaa Xo-XV^^j (aa^JL-

\AT4^a to U-/UL Jfvu- <LAaAaJL^*_ .

"TO IXAX &XA-* COaaaXv^ GLai

xt Va-#-a>X jLq^aJL^AlA9 <A- SA^A

^a>Um \a>tC^sa,

Page 28: Color panoramic pinhole photography
Page 29: Color panoramic pinhole photography


\IJ^juJU*ajUL [ta^j^ anX**X>).

TVAXi ^'U-(^4" O^a-a- 0>aX* ^A^^akaJ^m^t

U-fUM- iMiAA qMJaAaM fcX 1>AA \AAJL

bx Wa-JJUl (y^^KAi^tsA^ : yisJL ^4*f

iaaxUa-^ irtoudU olaaX \jJIaJJjl

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(*H| )fixx~ ^A^jLA\Ljd^i 4 (AJii*

(UAX )iO 0>ft^AX^l>U-UlA <TAAA*UUJU- )f>

Page 30: Color panoramic pinhole photography


^ JCa LJUaa^ . TUju^auuiaaa- \o Ia


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^IAaX*-*-*--^ . IIaX /nMK/4. X* '^^Ht

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L^fXX*. aXa\4a^JL,


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Page 31: Color panoramic pinhole photography


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Page 32: Color panoramic pinhole photography



/>MUXAMh-O^X - (aM. Ia-0^. i-o



-^ajLOs/- l4#A^UnA,(\.

I (a. A/V^>-H>V-aaXcM^>>-^ ^A . U-tfW-4- I^Waa

/^X^^^n-IMA^, jtMAA U^O^fAAA-A/Xy*


VA>tA-A^-i (X. <!^-Va*a>j2aavV-L^-va*caJL

(L<AAA^JL^M^ VV-0~vMXo* & <$^-vA->XL

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JLaJs^^Ua-A^JL <fl -*Xa%Aa1a\-XaaawaJLa+aUl

Page 33: Color panoramic pinhole photography

3 6

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C^ <J^u^(aXRv*

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*aAx ^Ol{(<-KulA (/n-X ^acX oaXjl

VM^**-?). "TUx W^-X, JUaX-^ X Cc

Jja^M -

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(r^Aik, (a^-^A ^AMA^o>l-^vJt 4*<Jt.

TUx vaMJU-

au^^xaAHjjl^ ^o^j^eb-^

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yX^oujviXoX^A^ (Kaa^, IUMn)^x<x4iJL -

0->AX \AaH V*XA>*->(-e-^ "TUx VAaa.-



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Page 34: Color panoramic pinhole photography


OaaJL <hM-^ ^XaSaaJ- ^MhAA VUIA^AV

o^4^xaa%a{a a^Xaj^^L. j(hAAixAiX-aX

&ui dUJiba*^ XxJU


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(M-OaxaaX UX, CUa/- V-4 ^XjLxX

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(Juax^- flu>-A (Tvol cT7 JCax Ir**^/

WUaUla h> (LA^tX (a- q<^tHL vtu/*^

(J^(i^Xx^U^ /Ua^Uaax X^


4^XU - &u>tXX cJr U>uv(aJUaa*C


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f- V<>

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\aq~aa\l .

Page 35: Color panoramic pinhole photography


I^aJ- tfHhbjm- cu~a- Ijlo^

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Page 36: Color panoramic pinhole photography


0~*JL AaiIaJlax*- |(Lx4 \aJaajx <U-^-X

X J^ajl &Xx cJ\ (IIXaXX. 4. oXtX

ffx3A~*~ \aM)Xf{yAjJr XhOxX^AA J(axXt

XaXJUk^^vaaXi vaXXX U^uax (^maXM.

(a^ ((Ux \XXa

Ia/XaX* JLAA-^L-V^-CUtX U^>A

La>*-4>VAaX^X<> (Iaa^ouUaA^Xa o>L

VvjCPAaX TVaJL^ oA-a^CL* Ia-OwA aI^-vv^jL

^\ 4^AX ij^AAJU t >^UjLAA>VlAXtAcXt-^C

/^AA^lXV-^XVMA^tXu^.^^ >\AX AMaa



^olaa uuXX I^CaX \XjBe.*U/tf-*

4oX-JUa Out {AAtJr A^^^;A^-4-

[IsuaJt a* /.^/ Xav^UaXml^-

AdWAX <T\ Jtut |plAHj|pXHLX;tCl

Page 37: Color panoramic pinhole photography


Qs\aaxaUl^ OLoMHAaxsX ~4XX+*X ^'U^vl>^^M.

(L^uuaXa _X^ 0Ua. jJilAhlAA. * <^AJJXX-

frtX PJL^Ava^aaXaa (L^avlaAJUXL^^JL

vX^X ^a/AX/ui^L UJa-a^c,>vcX^^

^Jr^-y ift^. olaa>oulaaX vivX^UAA



LuXt T(Kr"

ja^M-v-M 1,000

^aX.Xl^ . ^ i>u^u.aX<X ta> aM-^^vvC

,$aX ^/-ixA )(2/\A>nAi-\A. -A-aax^vaX*

11. - I & Ccmt Ma-<h>u 1 a~XH"

fftO-ttx wMaA <Jt*Xxaa aJr J4x (a^axxaaa^lL

5aajLaVX^^a C^r K^-va/. 4 U*SA*.

(A- kxXAA ^>vaX^aM^l>^ X CLCUA-.^^

Page 38: Color panoramic pinhole photography



Ols '*5t Ftf-vX vXUA

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Page 39: Color panoramic pinhole photography


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Page 40: Color panoramic pinhole photography
Page 41: Color panoramic pinhole photography


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Page 42: Color panoramic pinhole photography

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Page 43: Color panoramic pinhole photography

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Page 44: Color panoramic pinhole photography


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Page 45: Color panoramic pinhole photography
Page 46: Color panoramic pinhole photography


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Page 47: Color panoramic pinhole photography
Page 48: Color panoramic pinhole photography

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Page 50: Color panoramic pinhole photography