COLOR ME ORTHOED Gary Lobdell Photogrammetric Account Manger Certified Photogrammetrist The Sidwell...

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Transcript of COLOR ME ORTHOED Gary Lobdell Photogrammetric Account Manger Certified Photogrammetrist The Sidwell...

  • COLOR ME ORTHOEDGary LobdellPhotogrammetric Account MangerCertified Photogrammetrist

    The Sidwell Company


    Review of the Image 2005 Orthophoto Products DEM vs. DTM How Will I View Them? What Features Will I Be Able to Identify? Custom Image Displays

  • 2005 ORTHO PROJECTImage Products 1 Meter County Mosaic1 Ft Color Ortho (79 Counties) Ft Color Orthos (13 Counties) 1 Meter Color IRData Products Digital Surface Model (DSM) Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

  • 2005 ORTHO PROJECTImage Deliverables

    Type & ResolutionFormat/Tiling 1 Meter County MosaicMrSid Single County Tile1 Ft Color Orthos (79 Counties) TIF SPC Grid Tiles Ft Color Orthos (13 Counties)TIF SPC Grid Tiles1 Meter Color IRUSGS Quarter Quadrangle (3.75 Minutes)

  • DATA PRODUCTSDSM Digital Surface Model Auto-correlated Elevation Data Includes Above Ground Features 1 or 2 Meter Posting (Terrain Dependant)

    DEM Digital Elevation Model Processed Subset of the DSM Near Bald Earth Elevation Set Can Support Generation of 5 Foot Contours

  • DEM vs. DTMDigital Elevation Model (DEM) Simple or Generalized Model of Earth Surface Use is limited to its original intent May Contain Points or Points & Minimal Breaklines

    Digital Terrain Model (DTM) Complex Model of Earth Surface Multiple Uses within the Accuracy Expectations Will Contain Points & Breaklines

  • WHAT CAN I SEE? Foot ResolutionHigh Level of Detail VisibleWide Variety of Uses

    1 Foot ResolutionGood Level of Detail VisibleGeneral Variety of Uses

    1 Meter ResolutionGood for Big Picture Studies or Viewing a Large Area

  • What Scale Can I View? Foot 1 Foot 1 Meter

    Use Imagery At Its Optimal Scale

    The Optimal Scale Is Approximately 200 Times The Pixel Resolution Can Often Be Viewed Up To 100 Times The Pixel Resolution Match The Use To The Resolution And View Scale Need At Least 4 Pixels To Represent An Identifiable Feature

  • WHAT SCALE CAN I VIEW? Foot 1 Foot 1 Meter

    Expected Range of View Scales

    1=100 1=2001=650 1=50 1=1001=325

  • GOT PIXELS?You Need Enough Pixels To Identify The Object

    A Car Is Approx 5 X 10 Feet

    At Foot Res 200 Pixels

    At 1 Foot Res 50 Pixels

    At 1 Meter Res 3 to 8 Pixels

  • GOT PIXELS?Identifying Manholes Foot 1 Foot 1 Meter

  • RULES DONT ALWAYS HOLD UPPower Lines Shouldnt Be Visible

  • Are Fences Are Too Narrow?RULES DONT ALWAYS HOLD UP

  • CAN I COLLECT NY OWN DATA?Data is Best Collected by a Service Provider Stereo (3D) Data Collection is Most Accurate Collected from the Original Photography Professional Data Technicians

  • Things Are Not Always Where They Seem To Be Only on a True Ortho are the Building Tops Over the Base Manholes are Not Always Visible Pole Locations are Very Often Obscured


  • DATA STORAGEStorage Requirements by Resolution

    Image Set Per Sq MiTile SizePer Tile1 Meter Color 8 MBCounty (MrSid)Approx 170 MB1 Foot Color 84 MB2500 X 2500 Ft19MB Foot Color 335 MB 2500 X 2500 Ft75MB If 2500 X 2500 Pix19MB

  • VIEWING ORTHOSCurrent CAD and GIS Software Will Have Image Viewing Capability

    Built In Image File Viewers ESRI Products MicroStation AutoCadLizardtech Offers Free Viewers for MrSid Files

  • THAT SPECIAL PROJECTCustomize Your Imagery Court Cases Zoning Issues Land Use Environmental Issues

  • PROJECT SPECIFIC IMAGESSelect a Portion of an Image and Add Text

  • PROJECT SPECIFIC IMAGESCreate an Image Customized for Your Display