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Transcript of Collingwood Evening Presentation... · PDF fileCollingwood College, Camberley, Surrey

  • Collingwood College Co-Principals

    Karen Griffiths and Eden Tanner

  • Co-Principals

    Karen Griffiths Curriculum

    Development Learning and

    Teaching Staffing Finance

    Eden Tanner Student Support Student Progress Facilities Business


  • Leadership Team

    Heads of Faculty Heads of Department

    Karen Griffiths Co-Principal

    Wendy Crocker Vice Principal Curriculum

    & Collaboration

    Chris Webster Senior Assistant Principal

    6th Form/Curriculum

    Emma Wright Assistant Principal

    Curriculum/Learning & Teaching

    Jan Eaton Senior Assistant Principal


    Eden Tanner Co-Principal

    Karen Watling Senior Assistant Principal Progress & Intervention

    Jamie Cleary Assistant Principal Student Welfare

    Julie Adams Business Manager

    Stuart Creed Businesss Development


  • Leadership is Outstanding

    Ofsted 2013

  • Transition Primary School liaison Visits to every primary school Carefully selected Tutor group combinations 2 days induction experience and parents meeting Starting right Special arrangements for Year 7 Separate play area Extended lunch time Emphasis on a good start

  • Student Experience

    Pastoral system - full time non teaching Year Managers or teaching Year Managers supported by Pastoral Assistants providing 24/7 support

    Strong support for individuals- College Nurse, Education Welfare Officer, Attendance Manager, Family Support Worker & Careers Officer

  • Attendance The College attendance figure for 2013/14 was 95.1% compared to 91.3% two years ago. This figure is well above the national average

    Behaviour Rewards- 200,000+ Praise Points were awarded in 2013-14

    Sanctions significant decrease in exclusions, inclusions and all types of detentions

  • Student Voice College Council mirrors the governing body Executive group reports to the Senior Leadership Team and Head Boy/Head Girl report to Full Governing Body

  • Student Leadership Leadership Opportunities College Council, Student Leaders, ECO Group, Sports Council, WW1 Commemoration Working Group, Peer Mentoring.

  • Curriculum Experience

    Consistently high standards in English and Mathematics 1

    Focus on STEM subjects Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths 2

    Broad range of academic and vocational option subjects 3

  • 2014 GCSE Results

    82% achieved 5+ A*-C GCSEs - 257 students 66% achieved 5+ A*-C GCSEs inc English and

    Maths - 209 students 21% achieved 5+ A*/A GCSEs - 66 students 26% of all GCSE grades were A*/A 75% A*-C English, 75% A*-C Maths, 80% A*-C

    Double Science, 18% A*-C Triple Science

  • Student Performance

    No 1 A* English and English Literature A* Maths, Statistics A* Biology, Physics, Chemistry A* Art A* Business Studies A* D&T Graphics A* French, Spanish A* Geography A* Music A* RS (short course) A Additional Maths ECDL

    No 100 B English, English Literature B Maths B Double Science A Business Studies C French A History B PE A Catering ECDL

  • Student Performance

    No 200 C English A English Literature B Maths Distinction * BTEC Science B Photography B Business Studies B D&T Textiles E French D RS (short course) Merit OCR IT

    No 300 D English, English Literature B Maths D Double Science C French A Portuguese

  • High Performing Sixth Form Results 2014 6th form results are consistently high 50% A level grades A*-B 37% AS grades A-B Over 80 students accepted onto university courses

  • Assessment

    Internal half-termly progress monitoring 3 reports each year 2 Academic Review Days with Tutors Subject-based Parents Evening

  • Partnerships SHAPE Vocational provision and shared 6th form courses Surrey Heath Learning Partnership Wellington College Teaching School Partnership Partnership with the University of Surrey one of only 3 Surrey Schools Sponsor Governors (Fluor & Eli Lilly),_Berkshire&ei=3zNDUrmrGYK5hAf7yoCADw&bvm=bv.53077864,d.ZG4&psig=AFQjCNGYijpVTKw1WyLbZvI8zNPJzNRooA&ust=1380222293036021,d.ZG4&psig=AFQjCNHp4tXjZXfm9_qUo-bCpRLQRkcVJA&ust=1380222355449253

  • Why Collingwood?

  • Why Collingwood?

    Stimulating curriculum Outstanding Leadership Consistently good academic record Strong pastoral system Emphasis on Student and Parent Voice Opportunities for Student Leadership Emphasis on success resulting in good behaviour Friendly!

  • Our Values

    Pursuit of continuous improvement

    Leadership by example Mutual respect Honesty and

    transparency Care and support Active partnerships

    and collaboration

  • Ofsted Quotes

    Outstanding leadership Teaching is mainly good and

    much is outstanding Students behave well and

    have very good attitudes to learning

    Support for students with special educational needs is exceptional

    Leaders and managers at all levels are well placed to secure further improvement

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    Collingwood College, Camberley, Surrey

    PLEASE BOOK ONE OF OUR DAILY TOURS TEL: 01276 457600,d.ZG4&psig=AFQjCNE5SEggHhP-147MsjEaawh4x9VlBA&ust=1380281017438320,d.ZG4&psig=AFQjCNF18tf0-_Bu_w2gCFxwihHIKHLr7g&ust=1380280892573508

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