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While I was visiting England in 09 I was lucky enough to be able to stop by at Greenwich, the Prime Meridian of the World. I have a passion for travelling so standing on both halves of the Earth at the same time sounded very interesting to me. I felt very ecstatic as I stood on both hemispheres of the Globe. Visit to Greenwich

Volunteer at Toronto Marathon

Gathering volunteers to help out at the Toronto Marathon was a task the Marathon leaders needed to accomplish. Hearing this, I was one of the many volunteers to help out that day. Motivating the runners and providing them with refreshments was my responsibility. It was a long days work, and very tiring, but aiding these runners made me feel happy too.

Volunteer at the Toronto Food BankNot many people have the time to volunteer anymore. Knowing this, I decided to volunteer when I had the time. Helping out at a food bank seemed like a great place to start. Organizing the different types of foods into their appropriate boxes was part of my duty there. At the end of the day, I left satisfied that I managed to help send food to so many people out there that cant afford it.

The diploma I received from Sir Wilfred Laurier Collegiate Institute resembles my successful completion of high school. I came across many complications within my 4 years of highs school, but I managed to make it through. Im proud to say that I was able to face certain obstacles but still reached my goal. Despite the struggles, I would do anything for a high school redo, because those were the 4 best years of my life. I learned so many new things from my teachers and all the other wonderful people I met there. Laurier is where I grew up. It helped me find myself, and become who I am today.High School Diploma

After completing high school I wasnt sure where to go and what field to go into. Although once I did some research and spoke to a couple of people, I managed to find a program that seemed interesting to me in a college that was near by my home. I am proud to represent Centennial College as a Business Administration student. This program and college is helping me and leading me towards my future, and I couldnt be any more grateful for that.Student at Centennial College Progress Campus