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  • second dAYs sALe

    THURSDAY 4th JULY 2013

    CoLLeCToRS iTemS, woRkS of ART & CLoCkS

    commencing not before 12.30pm

    collectors Items, Works of Art and clocks will be on view on:

    saturday 29th June 9.00am to 1.00pm

    sunday 30th June 2.00pm to 4.00pm

    Monday 1st July 9.00am to 5.15pm

    Tuesday 2nd July 9.00am to 5.15pm

    Wednesday 3rd July 9.00am to 5.15pm

    Limited viewing on sale day


    enquiries: Leigh extence

    Tel: 01392 413100


    Works of Art & collectors Items

    enquiries: Martin McIlroy

    Tel. 01392 413100


  • 110

    481An 18th century Dutch copper log bin of circular form with embossed armorial and floral decoration and lion mask ring handles to the sides, raised on a circular foot, 33cm. diameter.

    150 - 200482A 19th Century dapple grey rocking horse with narrow turned head, inset glass eyes, open mouth and flared nostrils, having horsehair mane and tail, leather side saddle and tack, on sleigh style rockers, 205cm. long. (fully restored)

    1200 - 1500483A pair of Chinese champleve enamel baluster vases and covers each decorated overall with flying bats on a turquoise and dark blue ground between foliate ruyi-shaped and formal lappet borders, seal marks, 19th century, 38cm high [one vase with restored patch].

    800 - 1200



  • 111

    484An indian polished steel kora with 70cm. curved and incised blade, having a talwar style polished steel hilt.

    180 - 220485A George V red morocco leather dispatch box, the hinged lid with gilt Royal cypher and initialled d.I.d., with Bramah lock and brass carrying handle, made by John Peck & sons, Blackfriars, 31cm. long.

    200 - 250

    486A 19th Century Swiss music box playing numerous airs the winding handle in the form of a ships wheel, with speed regulator indicator, striking to three bells insight, having eight 16cm. cylinders and a song sheet for sixty four airs, contained in a rosewood and transfer print decorated case, 53cm. wide.

    1000 - 1500487Short and mason, a lacquered brass pocket barometer with 4.5cm silvered scale, contained in a morocco leather case.

    100 - 150

    488An indian polished steel katar with 29cm. foliate decorated steel bade with traditional hilt, 44cm. long.

    200 - 250489An early 19th century ladys nightshirt with double frilled collar and single frilled cuffs, having a small embroidered coronet and initials Gc2 to the inside collar.

    200 - 300

    486 489 detail


  • 112

    490four 19th century Japanese silk cushions in purple, blue and orange stripes, each with a later fringe, together with two small pieces of the same material with a hand written label stating that this material was presented by the emperor of Japan to captain charles Barker Rn as senior officer of the force accompanying Lord elgins mission to Japan, July 1858.

    150 - 250491An early 20th century mother of pearl fan of Art nouveau influence, the silk leaf decorated with peacocks and stylised trees, with mother of pearl sticks and guards, 27cm. long, cased.

    200 - 300492An early 20th century red ostrich herl cockade fan with patent clasp and folding handle 37cm. diameter.

    80 - 120

    493A 19th century small tortoiseshell brise fan, the leaves with alternated painted floral or pierced decoration, the guards with pierced decoration, 15cm. long contained in a case .

    150 - 200494A 19th century black silk fan, the leaf with applied sequin decoration, having ebonised guards, 20cm. long.

    60 - 80495A late Regency horn brise fan, the pierced leaves with applied steel cut sequins, with similar decorated guards, 19cm. long.

    150 - 200496An late 18th century ivory and mother-of-pearl fan, the black silk leaf with embroidered flowerheads having dual column pagoda style sticks with inlaid mother of pearl guards.

    200 - 250

    497A Regency bone and ivory fan, the paper leaf with striped purple background and central cartouche engraving of The Three Graces, 25cm. long.

    120 - 150498A french zebra wood fan, the cotton leaf with printed hunting scene pattern, with zebra wood sticks and guards, 37cm. long.

    80 - 100499A 19th century italian bone fan, the paper leaf decorated with an Italianate lakeside scene, with bone sticks and guards, 27cm. long.

    120 - 150500An 18th century ivory fan, the paper leaf painted with an allegorical scene in an Italianate landscape, the reverse decorated with fruit, flowers, a squirrel, parakeets and birds, with ivory sticks, the ivory guards with applied mother of pearl terminals, 27cm. long.

    400 - 500

    493 495

    496 500

  • 113

    501A Chinese zebra wood fan, the paper leaf with mountain landscape decoration and poem to the reverse, with zebra wood sticks and guards, 24.5cm. long.

    50 - 70502A late 19th early 20th Century italian fan, the paper leaf decorated with bathers in the Bay of naples, with polished wood sticks and guards, 34cm. long.

    60 - 80503An Art Deco period fan, the hand painted paper fan decorated with a young lady reclining on a day bed, with polished wood sticks and guards, 22cm. long.

    40 - 60504A late 19th /early 20th century Spanish fan, the paper leaf decorated with a bull fighting scene and cartouche of a matador to the reverse, the wooden sticks and guards decorated with a similar scene and flowers, 34cm. long.

    50 - 70

    505A 19th century bone and ivory fan, the silk and gauze leaf with applied lace decoration, 34.5cm. long.

    200 - 250506A continental mother of pearl fan, the silk leaf painted with an Italianate lakeside scene, signed L. Robert, with mother of pearl sticks and guards, 36cm. long.

    150 - 200507A 20th century Spanish fan, the paper leaf painted with a daytime view of seville and a night time view of seville to the reverse, with painted sticks and polished wood guards, 29cm. long.

    80 - 120508A 19th century french fan, the silk leaf with painted floral spray with dragonfly and butterflies, signed A Bacquet, with mother-of-pearl sticks and guards, 28cm. long.

    200 - 300509A late 19th century Brazilian humming bird fan mounted with feather flowers and feather leaf, with bone handle.

    100 - 150

    510A 19th century Chinese carved ivory brise fan, the ivory double carved sticks decorated with figures in a temple garden setting, with similar guards, 19cm long.

    100 - 150511A Regency period ivory brise fan, the sticks with pierced and painted floral decoration, 16cm. long, together with a Regency period mourning fan with pierced sticks and guards and decorated with a classical female figure seated by a large urn, 17cm. long. (2).

    150 200512 - 4 no Lots.515Two 19th century Biggs family needlework samplers each with a central verse, flowering shrubs, flowers and stag, enclosed in a floral meander border, worked in greens, creams, and brown silks, by elizabeth Biggs, aged 11 and dated 1839, the other by Mary Ann Biggs, aged 11 but undated. each 42 x 32cm. (2).

    700 - 900


  • 114

    516A 19th Century needlework acrostic sampler, worked by emma Ham, undated, titled Acrostick (sic) over verse spelling out the name e Ham, above a depiction of Adam & eve with serpent beneath the tree, surrounded by bird and floral motifs, framed and glazed in a maple veneered frame, 31cm x 50cm.

    400 - 500

    517A Chinese bronze and cloisonne vase of garlic shaped outline with flared neck, decorated overall with stylized flowers and foliage on a turquoise coloured ground, 20.5cm high.

    80 - 120518A miniature Chinese bronze and cloisonne vase of bulbous circular form, decorated overall with stylized foliage on a cream coloured ground and with two circular reserved panels, 6cm high

    300 - 500

    519A Chinese circular cloisonne bowl, the interior and exterior decorated with dragons chasing fiery pearls, to a powder blue ground, 30cm. diameter.

    200 - 300520A pair of Canton enamel famille rose wine ewers of shaped square outline with arched handles and domed lids, the sides decorated with panels of village landscapes between pink and pale yellow floral borders, late 18th/early 19th century, 17cm. high.

    400 - 600521A Chinese bronze censer of squat baluster circular form with plain loop handles, bears six character Xuande mark, 18cm. wide, on a bronze stand.

    400 - 600




    519 detail



  • 115

    522A Chinese bronze censer of squat baluster form, with plain loop handles and circular foot, bears four character mark, 21cm. wide.

    400 - 600523A 19th century Chinese enamel snuff bottle and lid, decorated with figures of a mother and children playing in a garden, 8cm. high.

    100 - 150524A large Chinese bronze jardiniere the sides with foliate banding and phoenix decoration, on a circular foot, flowerhead handles to the sides. 34cm. wide.

    200 - 300

    525A Chinese carved rootwood figure group of a group of young monkeys and mother climbing a gourd plant, with inset glass eyes, overall height 64cm.

    400 - 600526Three Chinese carved ivory concentric ball ornaments, one with a stand in the form of a kneeling man 19cm. high, one with a dragon carved and pierced stand 15cm. high, and a chess piece of a warrior with concentric ball stand, 14cm. high.

    100 - 200

    527A Chinese carved and painted gessoed wood figure of Buddha, his right hand in abhaya mudra, wearing elaborate flowing robes and on lotus throne, 18th/19th century, 78cm high [some damage and flaking].

    800 - 1200




  • 116

    528A Chinese ivory and gilt