CODS CORNER CODS .Upon awakening to a bright sunshiny day, airline flights were cancelled, and a

CODS CORNER CODS .Upon awakening to a bright sunshiny day, airline flights were cancelled, and a
CODS CORNER CODS .Upon awakening to a bright sunshiny day, airline flights were cancelled, and a
CODS CORNER CODS .Upon awakening to a bright sunshiny day, airline flights were cancelled, and a
CODS CORNER CODS .Upon awakening to a bright sunshiny day, airline flights were cancelled, and a
CODS CORNER CODS .Upon awakening to a bright sunshiny day, airline flights were cancelled, and a
download CODS CORNER CODS .Upon awakening to a bright sunshiny day, airline flights were cancelled, and a

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Transcript of CODS CORNER CODS .Upon awakening to a bright sunshiny day, airline flights were cancelled, and a

CODS CORNER Newsletter of The Central Ohio Daffodil Society

Vol. XII No. 2 April 1982

Nancy Gill, President Mrs. James Liggett,Editor'


Our season will soon be in full bloom and our regional show will be upon us! But before all the "fun" begins, we have one more general meeting Tuesday April 6th at 7:30 p.m. at the Upper Arlington Municipal Services Building. We will have a grooming and staging workshop for our newer exhibitors. And, for our experienced exhibitors, Handy Hat-field will demonstrate his method of "dry packing" blooms for show transportation.

All rotating trophies must be returned by this meeting.... eleaned and polished! The calling committee will call with the meeting, show, and post-show details in a few weeks. They will not be recalling you before the show! And, there will be no written invitations to our out-of-town members. Consider this newsletter your notification.

This will be my last letter as your president. The past two years have been an enjoyable I'll never forget. We all share the "yellow fever", a disease I am sure there is not cure for, but enjoy its beauty! I hope all of you will offer your help and support to your new Executive Board.


The nominating committee submits the following names:

President: Ruth Pardue Vice-President: Donna Dietsch Secretary: Mary Edwards Treasurer: Grace Baird

Donna Dietsch, Chairman; Lura Emig, Handy Hatfield, Sue Harsh.



Mrs. Orville Nichols (Margaret) 11119 College Road, Olive Branch, Mississippi 38654

CODS CORNERNewsletter of The Central C)lrio Daffodil Sr:ciety

Vo1 . XII lJc;. 2 Apri I 1982

_ NancJl Gi ll . Fr,,::; i denL _ Nlr,: . JatLnr:s Li gget.l , Ed i Lor -_

PllL,'rill lliil\ll'r S MIiliSACI;l :

0ur" lrcosoo r^1j11:roon be in flull bloonr arid our r(,[r,joii.rl:lrow wiliile: upon ui.,i! But bef,orc alI Lhe I'f'unil begins, we itarvr.: on(i mor.c gencralmeeLing Tiut::;clay ApriI 6tfr at,7:30 tr-m. at the Uprper. ArlinglonMunicipalServices Builciing. Wc will havr: a grooming and sLa13irr55 workshop forour newer exhibiLors. And, for oi.l11' cxperienced exhj-bit,or':;, Handy fiat.-f'i.e1d will demonslrate his method of "dry packingrrblooms for:;Liowt.rans porLaL j on .

e!_.1_ irej|-{s0I*-Tft c aT:rrtd l,os1--'rrltow det,ai ls j n a fe w wei:l"ls. Tl"rey wi11. not,br.:forr: t.Lre r;how! And, there will be no wril-len inv"iof-town members. Conside r lhis your noLi

Al I _r'ct:L, na.',ilil-,;-c: r:i;;;t b.. i-ctyr"!-{br'_ill-_.olishr:d! The calling ct:mmiL1-ee will call wLt,it

iilirt(-r!t i. rlg " . . . Cieari(:Cit-T,.' rn"Tt i ng, sf,owIbe recalling y0u

laLi ons Lo our out-ficat-ion.

llliis will- be my l"ast IeLt,er as your presidcnL" '1'hc past two yearsIravt-: bt:en an enjoyablc experience.. " Iill never. forget. lrle al-1sLtare Lhe rryellow fever'?t, a disease I am sure Lhere is noL cune for, buten joy it,s breaut,-y ! I hope al1 of you will offer your he 1p anci support, loy0rlr new Executive Board.


The nominating committee submiLs the following namo:j:Presidcnt: Rulh PardueVice-Presi.dent: Donna Diet,schSe cre t,ary : Mary EdwardsTreasurer: Gr;-r t.:e Bair"d

Donna DLertsch, chairmanl Lura Emig, Handy Hatfielcl, Sue llarsh


Ilu_JillllI!.Mrs. 0rville Ni chols (l{argaret) 11'l 19 College Road, 0live I}ranctr,

Ml:;r;issippi 38654

1982 Show:

Since we are hosting the Midwest Region this spring, we could have a larger than normal number of entries (weather permitting) and need the cooperation and help of all members. SET-UP will start at 1:00 p.m. on Friday April 23rd in the lower level of the Upper Arlington Municipal Bldg.

If you wish entry tags, tubes, or bases ahead of time, contact me and arrange a pick-up time before April 21st. 451-4747 If you have spare Taxus, please bring it on Friday or early Saturday morning.

Don't forget the design section. The winner will receive the Helen K. Link Trophy, a beautiful tray, provided they are a member of ADS. Make your reservations with Tag Bourne 457-4526 by April 20th.

All members are requested to bring something for the Pot-Luck Luncheon to be held prior to th. judging - 11:00 a.m. This is for judges members, and all exhibitors. If you have any questions, call Marilyn Fitch 486-8948 or Pat Zwilling 457-0786.

The After Show Party will be at Ruth and Bill Pardue's at 7:30 p.m. The cost for dinner and refreshments is five dollars a couple or two fifty a single. Firm reservations must be made with the calling commit-tee or Cecile Spitz by April 21st. Payment must be made to Cecile by this date.

Tag and Hube Bourne have madp twelve new blocks for the Watrous Collections. This will simplify the staging and enable them to be moved easily. Many thanks to them for this great job.

Dismantling will be at 5:00 p.m. Sunday. Much help is needed!


Naomi Liggett, Show chairman



If you are interested in sending a combined order in order to save postage and receive a discount, check below.

JOHN LEA No discount. Send your order and payment directly to Mr. Lea and request that it be sent with Grace Baird's order. Postage charges to be paid to Grace upon arrival

RATHOWEN No discount. Send your order with check to Tag Bourne by April 28th.

ABEL SMITH No discount.

CARNCAIRN 1/3% discount. Cecile Spitz will handle both of these. Send your order with check made out to CODS to her by April 28th.

MITSCH 25% discount on order over $250.00. No net bulbs. Send your order to Naomi Liggett by April 28th with check.


The By-Laws revisions as published in the January CODS CORNER were adopted at the March 9th meeting.

Grace Baird has a good supply of hairpin metal markers available to CODS' members for ten cents each. 1874 Collingswood Road, Columbus 43221 486-0981

If you w-Lsh entry Lag:-r, Lubes, or bases aLteari of t-ime, contar']L moand arrange a pick-up Lime before April 21st. Il'rr1-)l-(\7 If you hav| ::rpareTaxu:; , plea:re bring iL on Frida'l or eartry Sat.grday morn irrg.

Don't forge t tne design secLion " the wi-nt'i,:r will Lhc IIi:l.nK.Lini

Upon awakening to a bright sunshiny day, airline flights were cancelled, and a decision made to drive South. Into Naomi's Honda, with entries in hand, we headed for the big time country music center of the world, Nashville, the site of the 27th Annpal Convention of ADS.

CODS was well represented by Wells and Mary Knierim, Grace Baird, "Tag" Bourne, Handy Hatfield, Naomi Liggett, Peggy Macneale, Bill and Flossie Schrader, Cecile Spitz and Pat Zwilling

Early the next morning we headed for Botanic Hall at Cheekwood where entries were being accepted. Grace, Handy and Naomi began preparing their entries in the grooming rooms. The Middle Tennessee Daffodil Society are most fortunate to have such an outstanding facility for staging their shows. Complimenting the daffodils were many beautiful flowering plants, works of art, and flower arrangements by Ikebana International, Chapter 5 of Nashville.

Still without breakfast, we headed for Franklin, Tennessee site of a great battle be-tween the Confederates and Union forces, and home of Mary Lou Gripshover, charter member of CODS. Driving along the highways of the Middle Tennessee Valley searching for the correct route to Franklin, we enjoyed the redbud and dogwood in bloom, fields of wild flowers and majestic estates. Franklin has a renovation program underway with interesting shops and restaurants.

A ground-breaking ceremony for the Louise Fort Hardison Daffodil Garden was held in the afternoon at Cheekwood. The recently deceased Louise was a prominent leader in both the American Daffodil Society and the Middle Tennessee Daffodil Society as well as an excellent grower and exhibitor. It was her wish that this garden be established.

The show participants from CODS excelled. Mary Lou Gripshover took the coveted Gold Quinn Medal, only awarded at ADS National shows. Her beautifully grown and well staged exhibit won over 3 other prominent exhibitors. The coup d' etat was defeating Bill Pannill, who staged 24 of his own introductions ... a most difficult feat. Mary Lou won the ADS Purple Ribbon with a collection of 5 triandrus daffodils (Moonshine 5 W-W, Stint 5 Y-Y, Arish Mell 5 W-W, Johanna 5 Y-Y and Silver Bells 5 W-W,- and also, the Silver Ribbon with 10 blues.

The prestigious Matthew Fowlds Silver Medal for the best standard cyclamineus in the show was won by Handy Hatfield with a bloom of Ibis 6 W-Y.

Naomi Liggett won the Miniature Gold Ribbon for the best miniature with a delightful Candlepower 1 W-W.

Some of the girls from Columbus assisted Peter Ramsey of New Zealand in sorting, staging and placement of Father A. Buchholz's daffodils. It was interesting to see the great cultural differences, viz., size of bloom, depth of color, length of stem of these Oregon-grown culti- vars. For our taste, we felt they lost refinement in being so large. Evidently this did not affect the judges decisions in that Father Buchholz won the Green Ribbon with a collection of Galahad 2 Y-Y, Dynamite 2 W-O, Golden Aura 2 Y-Y, Space Age 2 Y-Y, Empress of Ireland 1 W-W, Merry Bells 5 W-Y, Frolic 1 W-Y, Eastertide 4 Y-Y, Arkle 1 Y-Y, Golden Rapture 1 Y-Y, Crater 2 Y-GRR, and Arbar 2 W-0.

His Balalaika 2 Y-YYR (Richardson 1956), which is presently available for $1.50, was awarded the ADS Gold Ribbon for t