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To my embarassment, I have clicked "like" on my own submission. The shame will never wash away.A Warhammer 40,000 Codex for the faction UNSC of the franchise Halo. This is free to use.In this Codex you will find various units of the UNSC and their histories. Units primarily come from the UNSC Marine Corps but also include the Navy and Project Spartan.It is subject to being updated at any given time to compensate for the recent release of 7th edition, as I receive input from my sources, or as I see fit.Any typos, spelling errors, and oversights will be fixed after all other Codexes have been uploaded and an FAQ will be uploaded after all Codexes are uploaded with corrections.

Transcript of Codex: UNSC

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    Introduction 3 Apocalypse 66

    History of the UNSC 6

    Foundation and Expansion 6 Mammoth s 67

    Insurrection and the SPARTAN-II Program 7

    Contact 8 HRUNTING Mark IIs 68

    War w ith The Covenant and SPARTAN-IIIs 8

    Halo.. 8 Onagers 69

    Great Schism 9

    Post-War Era... 9 Wolf Spiders 70

    Forces of the UNSC 10 Missile Batteries 71

    Warlord Traits 10 UNSC Special Rules 10 M71 Scythes 72 Allies compatibilities 11 UNSC Defense Force 12

    Autoturrets 73 Sergeant Majors.. 13 Captains 14 Marine Company Detachment 74 Spartan IIs 15 Spartan IV Officers 18 Marine Platoon 76 Engineers..... 19 Marines 20 Company Headquarters Section 77 Hellbringers.. 21 Cougars 22 Air Superiority Wing 78 Elephants. 23 Kodiaks 24 Air Support Wing 79 Pelicans 25

    Mongoose ... 26 Armored Column 80 Hornets 27 Sparrowhaw ks 28 Blue Team 81 Warthogs 29

    Cyclopes.. 30 Dominion 82 ODSTs 31 Spartan IIIs.. 32 Exoskeleton Evolutionary Line 82 Spartan IVs 34 Scorpions . 35 Hoplite Formation 83 Mantises 36 Grizzlies 37 Its Raining Men 84 Cobras 38 Rhinos.. 39 Natural Enemies Formation 85 Vultures 40 Wolverines 41 Wormicide Formation 85 Spartan 117 42 Spartan 052. 43 Rapid Assault Squadron 86 Spartan B312 44 Callsign: Ghost 45 Scorched Earth Formation 87 Edw ard Buck 46 Avery Johnson 47 Sneak Formation 88 John Forge 48 Sarah Palmer.. 49 Tip of the Spear 89

    UNSC Arsenal 51 Marine Battalion Detachment 90 Weapons 51 Armor 53 Tactical Objectives 91 Equipment 54

    Armor Abilities 55 Reference 98 Vehicle Gear 57 Mythic Weapons 58

    Warzone upgrades 59

    UNSC Wargear List 65

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    Recovering from near-destruction at the hands of civil war, genocidal aliens, and a parasite that nearly consumed the galaxy twice, the United Nations Space Command now have the strongest interstellar empire since the fall of the Covenant. Now humanity is seeking to expand to reclaim its lost territory, peacefully or otherwise. Old wounds still fester, and all-out war is constantly a possibility.


    The UNSC is the primary governing organization A rugged and well-trained force, none in Halo can match the of humanity in the 26th Century. They mean to strategy and f lexibility of the UNSC. A fortunate thing, for expand and promote humanitys interests in the their foes have the numbers and technological advantages. Milky Way and rediscover what the Forerunners To w in, a Commander needs to know when to send in the

    have left behind. Claiming over 800 planets in the men and w hen to send in the tanks. When correctly applied, galaxy, humanity believes in manifest destiny and the UNSC can bring deadly weaponry, vehicles, and best of wishes to assert dominance in the vacuum the all, the SPARTANs human super soldiers in the most Covenant have left behind. The f irst orders of business advanced armor known- to the f ight and win against are to decommission the Halos, prevent alien races otherwise superior opponents. from reorganizing, and quelling the Insurrection for good.


    Codex: UNSC contains everything you need to play a game of Warhammer 40,000 w ith your army. Within these pages you will f ind the history of the UNSC, their military, their many

    battles, and their rise from the ashes of near-extinction. You will also f ind the rules to use the powerful heroes, units, vehicles, and even advanced prototype equipment at your disposal. There

    is also an army list that enables you to organize your collection of purchased, converted, or homebrew miniatures into a worthy army. Finally, you will f ind an authors note telling the rationale behind unit strength, abilities, point values, and possible future projects.

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    History of the UNSC

    To Galaxy

    There are those in the UNSCs military who say We are the giants now , referring both to their extensive technological progress during war with the Covenant and their place as the galaxys only stable interstellar civilization left. Whether this saying is observation or hubris remains to be seen, and the galaxy is always eager to put them to the test.

    In the Orion Arm of the galaxy lies the small planet whomever so dares to attack Earth w hen she is most Earth- humanitys home. In the span of 600 years, vulnerable. Even so, humanity perseveres and redoubles humanity has expanded from the cradle and now efforts to militarize in the case that the Insurrection regains

    claims over 800 planetary colonies. This was momentum or the Covenant reform. possible thanks to the Shaw-Fujikaw a translight engine. Due to the nature of the universe,

    habitable planets are dispersed in random ways. Ancient Times This, combined w ith the expensiveness of terraforming, led to uneven distribution of inhabited In ancient times, w hen the Forerunners were very much

    planets so there may be a large concentration of alive, humanity also controlled a vast interstellar empire. colonies in one area while some colonies are isolated. Unfortunately, after the discovery of the Flood and war with the Forerunners, humanity was genetically degraded

    and quarantined on Earth and the Halos. After the f iring of On Earth herself, nearly the entire planet is a ruin. Cities are the Halo array, mankind w as alone in a dead galaxy. From in shambles and half of the African continent is glass. there, humans began civilization again, having forgotten In orbit around the Earth, wreckage from human and their prestigious past.

    alien f leets alike are strewn about and whats left of the orbital defense platforms float silently in wait for

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    The United Nations Space Command Insurrection

    Follow ing World War II, the most damaging w ar The first true test of the UNSCs influence began in 2504 in humanitys consciousness up to that point, the with the Insurrection. The Eridanus Rebels began this nations of the world began an organization to solve conflict in the Eridanus system in the Outer Colonies. conflicts peacefully and promote unity. The results Isolated rebellions had been growing in regularity for years, were dubious in effectiveness, but the U.N. remained. to the point of the UNSC and ONI taking control of the

    Colonial Military Administrations authorities and reviving the

    As humanity spread into the Sol system, certain ORION Project, w ith improved results over its original

    organizations especially the Koslovic Neo-Communists iteration. Despite its improved performance, it failed to end and the Frieden Neo-Fascists- clashed with the U.N. the rebellions completely. Tensions escalated to the point and presented enough of a threat to create an emergency of the UNSC using nuclear weapons to put down a rebellion. organization within itself to deal with them. This w as the The Insurrection truly began after the Callisto Indcident, in

    United Nations Space Command. The w ar began on Io which Second Lieutenant Preston Cole faked surrender to in 2160w hen the Frieden attacked U.N. colonial advisers. fool the captured UNSC Callisto into docking w ith his ship This led to three months of f ighting in w hat would be and then launching a missile into it, forcing rebel surrender. know n as the Jovian Moons Campaign. Tensions among This w as possibly the definitive moment the Insurrection

    Earths nations escalated at this time, due to their began. sponsorship of colonies and f ighting proxy wars off -planet. This culminated in the Rain Forest Wars on Earth. During The Insurrection is a catch-all term for various groups 2162, the Koslovics, the Frieden, and the U.N. fought in such as the United Rebel Front, the Secessionist Union, South America while the Argyre Planit ia Campaign raged the Harvest/Arcadia Rebel Group, and others w ishing to on Mars w ith the same factions in 2163. This was the year break free from the rule of the UNSC and UEG. Their the UNSC w as formed. This w as also the f irst time the U.N. motivations vary. So