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  • Issue 31 may 2016

    Cloud Computing has emerged as a powerful teChnology to empower the make in india dream for smes

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  • Trained under Microsoft’s Project Jyoti, Shanti Lal was motivated to share his knowledge with his community members, so he opened his own computer centre, where today he teaches IT skills to the village youth. Project Jyoti is a YouthSpark initiative that imparts basic computer literacy to young people, for better employment opportunities.

    Our YouthSpark programmes are aimed at empowering youth to imagine new possibilities and realise their full potential. We work with governments, academia, nonprofits and businesses to provide youth with the education, skills and opportunities to be successful.

    Creating a real impact for a better tomorrow

    Scan the QR code with your mobile device to visit us online. If you don’t have a QR Code Reader, SMS ‘Eco’ to 58888 to get the App for free.

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  • 1Microsoft Perspective | May 2016

    I recently met the founders of iBOT. iBOT is an Internet of Things (IOT) startup and they are helping manufacturing companies make smarter products for everyday use. These include smarter coffee vending machines, water purifiers and inverters. iBOT’s cloud-based IOT solutions are helping traditional busi- nesses transform their core processes and business models using the power of cloud and data analytics. Cloud and data analytics have the power to transform all Indian businesses, especially small and medium sized businesses. In this issue of the Perspective, we have many examples of how cloud and data analytics are helping SMBs and startups.

    Analyst firm Zinnov puts the number of SMBs and startups in the country at 51 million. SMBs contribute to 38 percent of the GDP and 40 percent of exports from India. But the pressure of meeting evolving customer expectations is real for these companies. The pressure of driving product and process innovation, create value, and grow are also real. There is an opportunity to evolve business process- es and models to delight customers. There is also a need to drive productivity by engaging employees and helping them achieve more. And all this is possible with a robust digital infrastructure. SMBs and startups are waking up to it.

    At Microsoft, we launched our local cloud services in late 2015. We have seen a surge in SMBs and startups creating a digital infrastructure to support their busi- ness growth with the help of cloud. We have also seen a whole new ecosystem of technology startups emerge. The technology startups and tech SMBs are helping large companies innovate. Luminous, for example, has used iBOT’s IOT solution to create a smart inverter that can help customers schedule predictive maintenance even before the inverter breaks down. There are newer business areas that traditional businesses are exploring with the help of IT and cloud com- puting. Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the Startup India, Stand Up India and announced a fund to support upcoming startups with an initial corpus of ` 2,500 crore and a total corpus of `10,000 crore over four years. There is a new Government thrust on innovation, research parks and incubators, all aimed at making startups and SMBs successful. Technology can propel these companies. Technology is disruptive and also transformative. With the Government’s various initiatives, and the widespread access to computing power via the cloud, SMBs and startups are well poised to reap the benefits from the data-driven fourth industrial revolution that is already upon us.

    SMBs and Startups Use Cloud and Data to Achieve More

    Chairman’s Message

    Bhaskar Pramanik Chairman, Microsoft India

    At Microsoft, we launched our local cloud services in late 2015. We have seen a surge in SMBs creating digital infrastructure...

  • 2 Microsoft Perspective | May 2016

    08 Empowering the Make in India Dream for SMEs

    REgulaR SEctIonS 01 | Chairman’s Message 04 | Up-to-Date 28 | Events@Microsoft

    The Government of India through its Make in India initiative has kick-started several programs to promote the ease of doing business in the country. Make in India is designed to facilitate investment, foster innovation, protect intellectual property, and build best-in-class manufacturing infrastructure. It is a wakeup call for SMEs and startups who can now leverage these opportunities to compete on a global level.

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    P J

    Contents May 2016

    This magazine is printed on recycled paper

  • 3Microsoft Perspective | May 2016

    16 In conversation Jayesh Ranjan, Secretary, Information Technology, Electronics & Communications Department, Government of Telangana, discusses the steps being taken to make Hyderabad a premier IT hub, and the importance of industry and academia partnerships to spur startups.

    20 grassroots PALS Global, with its Virtual AGRI Services, has been supporting farmers, right from crop planning to harvesting stage, and also in marketing their produce.

    22 apps for You Cortana is a must have app for all those who would like an organized life. A digital personal assistant, Cortana gets all your things done efficiently. The app can be launched on your Windows 10 PC/tablet/mobile in simple clear steps.

    24 Profile Microsoft YouthSpark Challenge for Change Asia winner Sonal Jain is redefining Indian youth as globally conscious citizens.

    26 States of Progress In India, Andhra Pradesh is one of the first governments to harness the benefits of machine learning to predict dropouts and help develop targeted intervention to prevent potential dropouts.

    30 case Study Several notable healthcare players in India are migrating applications to cloud platforms as they realize that adoption of cloud computing helps hospitals strengthen its business growth.

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  • 4 Microsoft Perspective | May 2016

    Up-to-Date Good News

    The DigiTal inDia campaign has begun delivering results, with electronic transactions related to e-governance projects in the country almost doubling in 2015. According to e-Taal, 3.53 billion transactions took place in 2014, which almost doubled in 2015 to 6.95 billion. e-Taal is a government website for dissemination of e-transac- tion statistics of national and state level e-governance projects including Mission Mode Projects. It receives statistics from web-based applications periodically on near real- time basis and presents an analysis of transaction counts to give a quick view of trans- actions done by various e-governance projects. “The data by e-Taal shows e-services have begun to pick up momentum and reaching the bottom of the pyramid, which is digitally empowering the people of the country,” said Ravishankar Prasad, Minister of Communications & IT, while addressing i-Bharat 2016 seminar organized by the Fed- eration of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) in January. The minister said, “This shows Indians’ drive for technology.”

    The government has set an ambitious target to achieve 50 percent digital literacy in the country in three years, from its current level of 15 percent. According to reports, more than 12,000 rural post office branches across the country have been linked digitally. The government also proposes to establish ‘digital villages’ powered by LED lighting, solar energy, skill development centers and e-services like e-education and e-health. Up to 50 crore internet subscribers will be reached in next six to seven months. The government also proposes to install 2,500 Wi-Fi hotspots at 256 places by 2016-end. Mobile penetration in India stands currently at 100 crore and internet penetration is 40 crore. Encouraged by rapid mobile and internet penetration in recent years, the government has fixed the target of 50 crore internet connectivity in a year.

    Digital India Campaign Shows Results e-Transactions related to e-Governance projects doubled in 2015.

    Up-to-Date News from Around the World

    on Technology for Good, for Growth & for Development


    Microsoft to activate Yammer for all eligible Office 365 business customers

  • 5Microsoft Perspective | May 2016

    Up-to-Date Good News

    RegisTeRing FoR National Pension Scheme (NPS) is now just a click away for citizens of India. Pension Fund Regulatory Development Authority (PFRDA) has developed an online platform, e-NPS, through the NPS Trust at, where a prospec- tive subscriber can register for NPS and contribute to his/her Permanent Retire- ment Account Number (PRAN). Sub- scribers who already have NPS account can n