Cloud Computing - A Savior for eCommerce Websites in 2014

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This Infographic does a basic analysis on the percentage of sites going down on different holidays & the major problems they suffered from on the left. On the right, we have sites that were saved from Downtime, who also used AWS Cloud. Is that a coincidence? We think Not! Check out the major ways on How you can use Cloud to reduce downtime and improve your customer satisfaction!

Transcript of Cloud Computing - A Savior for eCommerce Websites in 2014

  • 1. Comparative Study of Downtime of E Commerce Websites during Holidays Common problems faced by E Commerce portals during holiday season Companies that were saved from downtime using AWS SINGLE POINT OF FAILURE EQUIPMENT FAILURE HIGH CAPEX POWER FAILURE Disaster Recovery Backup Window Reduction Load Balancing Decoupling Systems allows for Hybrid Models Balancing between clusters enable easier scaling Using queues buffer against failures Achieve greater Fault Tolerance Deploy Applications Redundant Instances for each Application Automatically scale Amazon EC2 capacity Terminate service instances Seamless transition 47.23%Partial Downtime Slow Load Time 22.22% Sites Crashed 22.22% Technical Difficulties 8.33% 44.44% 36.11% 16.66% 2.77% anks Cyber Boxing Day Visit us at : SECURITY ISSUES Mail to us at : [email protected] Ph. No-India : +91 20 6529 0035 US : +1 212 960 8532