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  • Clinch Talent

  • Product overview

    A cloud platform to centralise a

    companys career pages, recruitment

    marketing and talent network efforts.

    Enabling companies to source, identify,

    understand, engage and convert the best

    candidates - including the 90% who

    show interest but do not apply.

  • Functionality

    Channel performance

    Content performance

    Candidate behaviour

    Source of hire

    Source of influence

    Content Marketing


    Social distribution

    Job site distribution


    Candidate profiles


    ATS integration


    Talent network

    Career sites


    Mobile pages

    Internal pages

    ATS Job feed integration

  • Why you need a recruitment marketing platform85% of candidates now start their search for a job in a search engine before ending up on an individual

    companys jobs and career pages. But the majority are not there to apply for a job, they are there to find out

    more about the company as a potential employer. 61% of US job seekers now identify themselves as passive

    candidates who are just looking for new opportunities. They have a low tolerance for a difficult process or

    poor candidate experience. If your company wants to hire this talent, you need to give them the information

    they need in as frictionless a manner as possible and make it easy for them to express their interest. As

    candidate behaviour drives recruitment to become more inbound, recruitment teams also need to employ

    some of the techniques traditionally associated with inbound marketing to their hiring process.

    Top talent is searching for a company the same

    way they would for any other purchasing decision

    Recruiting Daily

  • The passive talent journey

    ~60% of all adults look at jobs every month. The majority start their search using a search engine or an aggregator.

    Up to 7 months may pass before a candidates initial discovery and an actual application

    At this point in their journey passive talent is shortlisting new opportunities that sound interesting.

    When this talent visits jobs and career pages it is to find out more about the company as a potential employer

    Interesting opportunities and companies are identified for further investigation

    Over a period of time the candidate will engage with the company across multiple platforms, career pages, social, product pages etc.

  • Typical candidate fall off rates

    Many candidates visit your careers pages and job listings to find out about the company not to apply.

    Of those that do apply most are rejected and you are left with less than 1% of the candidates you attracted in the first place in your ATS.

  • Outbound versus Inbound ROI

    Typically inbound delivers 3X the ROI of outbound marketing efforts in traditional sales and marketing. In

    recruitment you have already paid for the traffic and employer branding, by converting more of it to

    successful hires you can deliver an even better ROI.

  • Candidate experienceCandidate experience starts before an application is made and in many cases the best possible experience is

    when a candidate that is likely to be rejected self selects out of the process as early as possible.

    Helping this to happen starts with getting the right information in front of the right people at the right time.

    By giving prospective candidates the information they need to self-select in or out of making an application

    you can deliver a better experience for everyone.

    Streamlining the application process is also important. Minimising the steps a candidate has to take to find a

    job or make an application reduces the drop off rates of difficult to hire talent and also increases overall

    candidate satisfaction ratings.

    Clinch can remove up to 80% of the clicks a candidate carries out to find a job and make an application.

  • Candidates = $$$41 percent of surveyed candidates who had a

    poor candidate experience stated they will

    definitely take their alliance, product purchases,

    and relationships elsewhere.

    67 percent of those who had a 5-star candidate

    experience, even if they did not get a job, said

    that they will definitely increase their

    relationship through brand alliance, product

    purchases or networking.

    Either case represents a lot of potential lost or

    gained revenue to an organization and an

    indicator of the true business impact millions of

    interactions with candidates can have on the

    bottom line.

  • CRM and Talent networkA network allows for communication between the network owner and the network members. A community

    facilitates and encourages conversations between the community members.

    Our approach.

    90% of visitors to job listings and career pages are looking for more information about what it may be like to

    work at the company and are not planning to apply for a job. Clinch enables you to build a talent network

    from these people who have demonstrated an interest in your company with as little information as their

    email address. No lengthy sign ups or additional data capture is needed. Candidates who show interest can

    be segmented and messaged based on their behaviour. Clinch CRM functionality delivers ongoing relevant

    and contextual communication to and from the candidates without hosting a community. Non-applicants can

    be attracted and automatically nurtured into highly engaged candidates without requiring them to join the

    community. Legacy community members can be imported and messaged from Clinch to quickly see who is

    actively engaged with you as a potential employer.

  • Talent network phases



    Non-applicants Highly engaged candidates

  • AnalyticsBy integrating with your ATS Clinch delivers both candidate and content centric analytics to help you better

    understand which channels, content and candidates are delivering the best ROI for your recruitment teams

    time and money.

  • IntegrationsClinch offers a powerful open API for customers and partners to access data and integrates with a range of

    aggregators, vendors, social networks and applicant tracking systems.

  • Function Clinch

    Job Feed Integration

    Candidate Input

    Application Input

    Status Output/Source Input

    Ancillary Information to Candidate

    Enhanced Apply Client dependent

    ATS Integrations

  • Legal and compliance

    Clinch can be configured to meet or exceed any legal

    regulations concerning the contractual promise of

    affirmative action and equal employment

    opportunity required of those who do business with

    the Federal government.

    Additionally Clinch can be used to promote and

    increase diversity of hiring by delivery of targetted

    recruitment campaigns to specific target audiences.

  • Customer opinions

    The Clinch team are innovative, responsive and flexible when dealing with our

    requirements. We find the product simple and user friendly allowing us to create

    dynamic and targeted recruitment campaigns

    There are a number of really great recruitment marketing tools in the space right

    now, and Clinch are showing it wants to be a market leader.

    Bank of Ireland

    HR Tech specialist

  • Contact me:

    Shane Gray

    +1 646 642-3283