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World Investment Forum 2012

Better Facilitation for Investment

20 April 2012Click to edit Master title style#4/17/20121About OCO GlobalClients include IPIs across the world as well as private sector clients.

OCOs services to companies are focused on location advisory and international market assessments.

OCOs services to IPIs include: ConsultingStrategy; benchmarking; organization development; marketing / propositions; client training

Outsource SolutionsTrade & investment support and lead generation

AnalyticsBusiness intelligence , research, insight, and profiling; in-house software solutions (CRM, Websites, pipeline development)Economic development consultancy incorporated in 2001, 35 staff in 4 international offices.

#Click to edit Master title style#4/17/20122Customer and supplier activityDue diligence:show stoppersforward planningGovernment incentives and supportSite and property availabilitySpeed of implementationSynergy with existing operationsTrack record in the sectorLabor and skills availabilityWhere to invest?Financial analysis: impact on the bottom lineFirst-mover advantages Alignment with corporate strategyCompetence (R&D) availabilityThe Investors Point of View#Click to edit Master title style#3ACTIONSTOOLSSTAGE 1STAGE 2STAGE 3STAGE 4Desk research on location benchmarksVarious data sourcesLocation expertiseNetwork of contacts with recruiters, IPIs, current companies, real estate advisorsPrimary research from recruitment consultants, investment promotion intermediariesApply weightings, cost / quality score where necessaryCorporate Location MethodologyAn IPI Role at Every Stage#Click to edit Master title style#4/17/20124Corporate Decision Process1. Project Design2. Long List of LocationsUnderstand the types of projects youre competing forIdentify key location factors: quality and cost- Identify, and collect data on benchmark locations- Proposition & website marketing- Get on the short list!3. Short List of Locations- Investor facilitation support, research, information provision4. Validation VisitsProactive Investment Promotion:

Align message and information to corporate location process

Go from reactive approach to proactive approach

Ensure that information given to investor is aligned to actual requirements

Listen to the investor

Aligning to the Corporate ProcessSite visits, more information provisionThen implementation and aftercare!The IPI Role#Click to edit Master title style#5A Companys Key Location DriversLABOR Salaries, On-costs, Attrition, Severage Costs, Benefits, RecruitmentPROPERTY Rents, Acquisition, Fit-Out, TaxesUTILITIES Electricity, Gas, Water, Telephony, BroadbandSTATE AID / GRANTSCORPORATE TAXLABOR SKILLS Qualifications, Availability, Universities, Experience, LanguagesCONNECTIVITY Road and Rail Networks, No. of Flights, Proximity to AirportsINFRASTRUCTURE Regulation, Patents, Government SupportLABOR FLEXIBILITY Max Hours, Leave, Overtime, UnionsATTRACTIVENESS Visitor Profile, Amenities, Quality of LifeRISK Security, Political, EconomicCOSTQUALITYLOCATION FACTORS#Click to edit Master title style#4/17/20126The Changing Face of FDISource: fDi Markets and OCO Global

#Click to edit Master title style#7

Making the DecisionMedium cost, medium quality location optionsIdeal locationLow cost, low quality location optionHigh cost, high quality location optionUncompetitive location options#Click to edit Master title style#8

Optimizing Your FacilitationWhere Do IPIs Sometimes Fall Down?Responsiveness. An IPI that does not:

Initially respond to emails / telephone call Show enthusiasm for a project ..has little chance of repairing the damage

On occasions, information provision can:

Lack detailNot be relevant to the project / not address the questions askedNot be specific enough, giving general data that the company could find themselvesNot be well consolidated, so it is easy to digest for the company or consultantNot be provided in a timely manner Not do enough do showcase the location IPIs are sales people!

But lets not forget many IPI provide high levels of service!#Click to edit Master title style#9Optimizing Your FacilitationHow Can You Improve?Remember, your role is not complete by providing information that is where it starts and its then time to pursue that lead

Do more research before you get inquiries know everything there is to know about your location, particularly in your target sectors

Differentiate your presentation make it slick but dont overcomplicate credibility is key

Differentiate the content benchmarking your location in a good light against competitors is a powerful message

Above all, LISTEN to the investor, UNDERSTAND their needs, and TAILOR your facilitation services specifically for that inquiry

#Click to edit Master title style#10Optimizing Your FacilitationPractical Steps to Make Those ImprovementsHave dedicated research specialists within your organization, so detailed, up-to-date information is continuously available

Put yourself in the guise of the private sector and think like investor your services should be giving the solutions not tying them down in bureaucracy

Be flexible, learn from your mistakes. Ask companies and consultants about your facilitation

Talk to your existing business base learn from them and get them involved

Dont be afraid do ask other organizations for input but maintain ownership as the key client contact

#Click to edit Master title style#11