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Transcript of Classroom Observation #1 Classroom Observation Classroom Level/age: 4th Grade Special Education...

  • Classroom Observation

    Classroom Level/age: 4th Grade Special Education

    Topic/ Content being taught: Reading Strategy-Unknown Words

    Date: 6/2/16

    Observation: #1

    Brief discussion of what’s happening in the classroom:

    -Two students are in the classroom for specialized reading instruction for a pullout session with the SPED teacher.

    -Students are seated preferentially with the option of seating wedges or cushions.

    -The students are very engaged and focused.

    -The students seem happy and learning due to the small group setting as well as it being quiet.

    Describe the racial make-up of this class:

    1 African American Male

    I Hispanic Female

    Describe the teacher:

    The teacher is well prepared and organized and ready for the students so learning begins right away, the routines and rules have been implemented well. The students know what to do and where to get their materials. The teacher has a very good rapport with the students, the students are excited to greet her and be there. The teacher is very patient with the students when they struggle or get stuck on directions. She remained calm the entire time and learning was occurring.

    Evidence of: (Describe the strategy and be specific as to how it fits the category)

    Hattie “Hattie High Return” Strategies: Interventions, Relationships, Teacher Clarity, and Scaffolding

    The teacher stated the learning objective for the day and why they were working on the objective. (Strategies for when students come to an unknown word).

    It was clear that they student teacher relationship was established; the students were very comfortable with her and the learning environment.

    Danielson’s Instructional Strategies:

    Component two was evident; the physical space was organized with supplies out and available for students to access. There was student work in the space with alternative seating for students who wanted it.

  • Component three was evident; the teacher had clear communication with the students especially when communicating the learning target for the day.

    Culturally Relevant Teaching Strategies:

    The reading passages the teacher used were chosen with the students race in mind as well as with characters the students could identify with as well as from their cultures. The material was relevant to the students, she also did not change the rigor when one of the students did not understand part of the passage, and she had high expectations for the learners.

    Other Observations:

    The room was set up for learner success, the teacher was calm and collected, the students were engaged, and the room and environment was safe.

    Your evaluative remarks:

    Students were engaged in the task and the teacher utilized formative assessments to ensure learning using an exit slip.

    The teacher was well prepared and ready to help make gains with students on certain skills they will need to become fluent readers.

  • Classroom Observation

    Classroom Level/age: Second Grade

    Topic/ Content being taught: Math Workshop on Place Value

    Date: 6/6/16

    Observation #2

    Brief discussion of what’s happening in the classroom:

    The mini-lesson was on place value and the teacher then had four small groups working at their level, they were very engaged and successful with what their flex group activity was. They were working on various math activities covering place value and then recording what they did in their math notebooks.

    Describe the racial make-up of this class:

    25 students:

    6 African American

    6 Hmong

    5 Karen

    4 Hispanic

    3 White

    One student was absent.

    Describe the teacher:

    White Female

    The teacher was very engaging, I could tell that she enjoyed teaching math and in particular the skill of place value. She had her materials organized and she was really well planned for this lesson. She had very high expectations and high rigor; there were manipulatives and resources for all the students to access if they were getting stuck on their group work. The teacher was calm and welcoming, which made the students feel comfortable when they shared at the end of the math block. She has been teaching for 21 years, her experience and dedication showed.

    Evidence of: (Describe the strategy and be specific as to how it fits the category)

    Hattie “Hattie High Return” Strategies: Peer Influences and Classroom Management

    The teacher had students in groups to work on place value skills and encouraged them to work together. The students were engaged and talking about their learning as they solved problems and recorded it in their notebooks.

  • There were four groups working independently and one group with the teacher. She had her group engaged in what she was teaching them as well as having eyes and ears on the groups working throughout the room. All students were on task and following rituals and routines without the teacher or another adult being present in each group.

    Danielson’s Instructional Strategies:

    Managing Student Behavior:

    The teacher definitely knew what all her students were doing during this lesson, they were engaged due to her planning of flex activities and they were successful with the activities. The students were very aware of what was being expected of them to complete and worked on the tasks in a calm and engaging way.

    “Engaging Students in Learning: Instructional materials and resources must be suitable for the students and applicable to the instructional outcomes.” The teacher was very planned and purposeful when it came to using manipulatives and teaching in small groups.

    Culturally Relevant Teaching Strategies:

    The teacher used many fun call and responses that were relevant to the students; they connected to their interests in music and television. The teacher also connected place value to shopping, and used examples of items that her students would buy making the lesson real for them to understand.

    Other Observations:

    Your evaluative remarks:

    I could tell that the lesson was very well planned and was grade level appropriate aligned with benchmarks.

    The room was very student focused, their work was visible. Standards and focus visible in student friendly language.

  • Classroom Observation

    Classroom Level/age: Second Grade, 7/8 years old

    Topic/ Content being taught: Readers Workshop Mini-Lesson, Focus: I can describe the sequence of events in a story.

    Date: 6/30/16

    Observation #3

    Brief discussion of what’s happening in the classroom:

    The class was transitioning from indoor recess dancing to a GoNoodle and then getting in reading buddies sitting at the carpet, facing the whiteboard, sitting elbow-to-elbow and knee-to- knee. This is a routine that has been set up, the students know what to do, and students picked the partnerships.

    Describe the racial make-up of this class:

    There are 18 students, 9 female, 9 male:

    13 Asian (6 Karen, 6 Hmong, 1 Vietnamese)

    5 African American (2 American, 1 Somali, 1 Ethiopian)

    Describe the teacher:

    White Female, teaching for 5 years in SPPS. Young and energetic, enjoys teaching reading, organized and efficient when it comes to being purposeful with lessons. Very well versed in standards and reading strategies to hit standards. Relates well to the students, bringing in relevant topics that the students can understand.

    Evidence of: (Describe the strategy and be specific as to how it fits the category)

    Hattie “Hattie High Return” Strategies:

    The teacher used peer tutoring when she had them in their reading buddy pairs. She also front- loaded having the partners use each other to generate ideas and responses. The students were comfortable and engaged because the teacher set up that relationship despite not having these students for a whole school year to build that relationship over time.

    Danielson’s Instructional Strategies:

    Many components were present during this lesson like “Setting Instructional Outcomes; Teacher articulation of instructional outcomes keeping in mind the district’s curriculum, requirements of external mandates, and community expectations.” The teacher did this by teaching from the curriculum using the focus and standard.

  • “Using Assessment in Instruction; As a lesson progresses, teachers engage in continuous monitoring. They monitor everything going on in the class; student engagement in the activities, the appropriateness of the materials and groupings, and the extent to which students are actually learning what the teacher intended.” The teacher was very intentional with her lesson and what she wanted her students to learn. The engagement was high and the teacher made it exciting; the focus was stated multiple times and was clear to the students what they were supposed to be learning. Culturally Relevant Teaching Strategies:

    The teacher used so many CRT strategies. She used call and responses that were fun and allowed students to choral respond. She also connected the material to their lives, touching on immigration and asking students if anyone was from a different country prompting students to make connections to others in the room as well as to the text.

    The teacher also conn