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  • 33 Top Quotes from Global Peter Drucker Forum 2015

  • Quotes selected by: Vladimir Vulic @vulicvladimir

  • Global Peter Drucker Forum in not so much about better answers as it is about better questions. - Richard Straub

  • The job of leadership is to identify the future which is already happening. - Joseph A. Maciariello

  • As the pace of technology quickens, interest is growing in what makes us tick in the brain as humans. - Andrew Hill

  • Most CEOs are humans, so why act as if you are on the side of robots? The robots are already powerful enough - they dont need CEOs on their side. - Tom Davenport

  • Focus on values, culture & purpose of the organisation, then trust the kids to get it right. - Marten Mickos

  • We work in a world where most of the people you manage are NOT your employees. - Charles-Edouard Boue

  • Amidst rapid technological change, some things should remain stable: core strategy, culture, and core values. - Rita Gunther McGrath

  • With all this obsession with things that change, we don't notice what's not changing. Most things are not changing. - Henry Mintzberg

  • We dont deal with the realities of management because were so obsessed with the myth of management. - Henry Mintzberg

  • Whoever is on stage, they cannot compete with the knowledge and experience of the audience in the room, let alone the audience online. - Robin Chase

  • The real disruption happening now is not about the technology - it's a profound shift in trust. - Rachel Botsman

  • All these online sharing platforms are little phenomena for a big question about a jobless future. - Oussama Ammar

  • We cant forget 200 years of work standards and minimum wages and just expect the platforms to regulate themselves. - Isabella Mader

  • Not only do we have to reinvent our organisations, but we have to reinvent ourselves as well. - Bill Fischer

  • Machines will take over much of the work that we are doing today, displacing our work. - Tammy Erickson

  • The only role of a CEO is to create other leaders. - Kevin Roberts

  • As long as there are problems (and there are lots of them), there will be things for us humans to do. - Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg

  • We need more boredom in our lives. That empty space is where we create new ideas. - Rosanne Somerson

  • Education is an amazing technology that rewires individuals from instinct to civilization. - Gianpiero Petriglieri

  • We paint Millennials as wanting different things to avoid the shame that we cannot promise them what we had. - Gianpiero Petriglieri

  • Hiring for competencies doesnt work anymore - jobs change too fast. - Claudio Fernndez-Aroz

  • We are so busy connecting nowadays, that we don't spend enough time communicating. - Sherry Turkle

  • Were talking about claiming our humanity. Humanity isnt all good - lets decide which side we want to claim. - John Hagel III

  • If you want to shape your own destiny, the technology is allowing you to do that. Do you know yourself well enough to shape your own destiny? - Charles Handy

  • Were not educating the young for the future they will face: being on their own, facing open problems, having a nice lifestyle, and not making much money. - Charles Handy

  • Were getting close to the end of this wonderful 400+ year run of the multinational corporation. - Rick Goings

  • Just because we cant see how new technologies will create more jobs, doesnt mean that they wont create new jobs. - Dambisa Moyo

  • Our employees are entrepreneurs who can build on top of our platform, and become shareholders later. - Ruimin Zhang

  • Many companies have silo mentality despite the technology enabling connectivity. - Gillian Tett

  • Leadership is not based on being clever, but on being consistent. - Khuyen Bui

  • Innovation isnt an agenda point, it should be the entire agenda. It should be considered in everything you do. - Steve Denning

  • Workers are being more productive, but theyre not being compensated. - Lynn Forester de Rothschild

  • I believe that the future is an engaged workforce. - Jim Keane

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