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Samantha Gamez’s. Civics Notebook. April 16, 2010. 1. Which of the following duties of a district attorney? To bring charges against suspected Lawbreakers and prosecute cases in court. Section Review #1-6… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Civics Notebook

Civics NotebookSamantha Gamezs

April 16, 2010 1. Which of the following duties of a district attorney? To bring charges against suspectedLawbreakers and prosecute cases in court.

Section Review #1-6 1. A town is a small unit divided from counties while town meetings are gatherings of towns people.2. Town governments began in Mass chutes when men gathered to divide land. April 16, 20103. Villages c0llect taxes, maintain community, and use money for public services.4. Yes, there are better services.5. Townships Both Village -borders -receive -Congress authority established from state -small unit

April 16, 20106. I believe smaller governments can at times provide better services. Since the smaller governments are closer to the people, they can answer to the needs of the people easily. Although these governments help better services, there may be to many smaller government. If there werent as many, then I Believe our government would be better. April 19, 2010A city charter closely resembles? The Constitution Sch0ol to Home Connection: 1. What term refers to an incorporated place that provides services to its residence? Municipality April 19, 2010 2. What type of city government gives power most power to a city council? Weak Mayor System 3. What is the largest geographic and political subdivision of a state? County 4. What relationship does a village have to other local governments, such as a township? They lie within the boundaries of other governments.April 19, 2010 In what ways do the home rule effect the operation of a city? It lets cities decide what they can do. Why is a county assessor an important of a county government? Examines taxable property Name on advantage and one disadvantage of having town meetings? They give everyone a voice but it is difficult trying to get everyone to vote. April 19, 2010 PRE TESTD 11. AC 12. BBA BCB AC BApril 20, 2010 1. Person who tends to dominate the city government? Strong Mayor.

5 Questions:What is a city charter? Grants powers to local govt.The D.A., district attorney, does what? Prosecutes the suspected criminals.

April 20, 2010True or False: A coroner assesses property value. FALSE Is the village the largest unit of government in the state? No.A mayor, in a strong mayor system can do what? Veto ordinances, appoint officials, and write city budget.April 21, 2010 1. In what form of the city government are legislative and executive powers held by the same person or group? ComissionApril 21, 2010.Notes for Anticipation Guide: Dealing with community issues: How a community handles issues, education and social issues and Environmental Issues. Infrastructure- its systems of roads, bridges, water and sewers. elementary and secondary 2001 Bush No Child Left Behind$26.5 billion on education and rulesCharter Schools- state funding, no public school regulations. April 22, 2010 1. List one thing I shall learn about in Chapter 14: The Important Parts in Communities.

April, 22, 2010.Guided reading: 1. Public Policy. 2. Government ,political Parties, media, interest groups, private citizens. 3. A planning committee oversees community growth. 4. Infrastructure. 5. Value, Goals and Urgency. 6. The master plan is the set of goals and how the govt. will be run. It must be accepted by the local govt. must approve.14April 22, 2010 Private schools are more refined than public schools.Private schools are picky with admission.Public schools have lower academic scores and slow down for slower studentsPublic schools have higher dropout ratings and violence than private schools.April 23, 2010. 1. Master plan states specific goals and describes how the government will carry them out.

GOALS on NEXT PAGE..April 23, 2010 Goals: 1. Have As in all classes. 2. Become more organized. 3. Learn to speak Spanish. 4. Read at least 50 books. 5. Have a better vocabulary. 6. See Sweeney Todd or American Idiot on Broadway. 7. Join the softball, volleyball or MMA. 8. See all Johnny Depp movies. 9. Stay Healthy ( Probably should be more important) 10. Learn more about history. April 23, 2o1o Section Review 1-6 1. Planning commissions are a big part in creating both short term and long term plans. Many infrastructures are important to the plans and need to be kept clean and safe and are top priority. 2. Education, Environment, Health Care. 3.The purpose is to set goals and to find ways to achieve them. 4. Priorities are goals that a community considers most important. 5. Sources of P. Policy; Media, Govt. Private Citizens, Interest groupsApril 26, 2010 1. I am researching Rick Perry the governor of Texas. POWER POINTS DUE NXT MONDAY!!!!!April 27, 2010 1. I need pictures on each slide.

APRIL 28, 2010.

1. How many points is the power point worth? 60 points

April 29, 2010. 1. What does elaborate mean? To go in further detail.

April 30, 2010 1. Length of power point presentations: AT LEAST 3 Minutes. May 3, 2010.The correct spelling is: Works Cited