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  • Jan. 2017

    i n this issue >>>  Christ Court Demolition Ceremony

     2017 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Dream Keeper Scholarship Winners

     Columbia Police Department and Water Maintenance Division Urge Citizens to be on Alert for Impersonators

     Partnership Brings Awareness to Pedestrian Safety on Main Street

    Spotlight City Manager’s

    The City Manager’s Spotlight provides details about what is happening in the City in an effort to keep citizens informed about City operations.

    Office of the City Manager

    P.O. Box 147, Columbia, SC 29201

    Phone: 803-545-3026

    Fax: 803-545-3051

    Teresa Wilson Columbia City Manager

    and more >>>

    Christ Court Demolition Ceremony

    Mayor Steve Benjamin, City Council members, and City of Columbia Housing Development Corporation hosted a demolition ceremony for Christ Court Structures on Monday, February 6. Christ Court is located at 2436-2440 Waites Road and includes eight (8) buildings which are duplexes consisting of 16 units. In early February of 2016, residents of Christ Court were relocated to more safe, clean and sanitary homes within the City of Columbia. After the short ceremony a demonstration was shown on how the eight (8) buildings will be demolished.

    The Columbia Housing Development Corporation purchased the Christ Court Structures on Friday, March 18, 2016.

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    The City of Columbia announced the winners of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dream Keeper Scholarship Awards and the Honor the Dream Food Drive during the 29th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration held in the Durham E. Carter Community Center at Martin Luther King, Jr. Park on Monday, January 16, 2017.Hundreds of people gathered to commemorate the life and legacy of the of late civil rights leader and recognize those who are committed to serving others.

    During the ceremony, twenty-five nominations were received for the Dream Keeper Scholarships Program, which recognizes exemplary displays of voluntary service and academic achievement. A total of $3,500 was donated to this year’s scholarships program.

    The winners of the Dream Keeper Scholarships are: • Karrington Gardner of Westwood High School; $1,000 scholarship sponsored by Councilman Moe Baddourah, Henri Baskins and Vincent Gatling, Jr.

    • Jalisa Williams of Dreher High School; $500 scholarship sponsored by the Alpha Psi Lambda & Omicron Iota Lambda chapters of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

    • Amina Wallace of Spring Valley High School, $250 scholarship sponsored by the Cromartie Law Firm.

    • Justin Mitchell of Blythewood High School, $250 scholarship sponsored by Troubleshooter A/C Heating and Refrigeration.

    • Joshua Johnson of Richland One Middle College, $250 scholarship sponsored by 100 Black Men of Greater Columbia.

    • Jamal Walker, $250 Durham E. Carter Memorial Scholarship sponsored by the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Foundation Committee in honor of the late Mr. Durham E. Carter. The Josiah Caden Jenkins Memorial Scholarships established by Chief Aubrey D. Jenkins in memory of his great-nephew Josiah Caden Jenkins. Recipients of the 2017 Josiah Caden Jenkins Memorial Scholarships are:

    • Harmonie Frederick of Polo Road Elementary School, $200 • Lauren Crosland of The Center for Knowledge, $200

    City Manager’s Award established by City Manager Teresa Wilson: (pictured to the right) • Paul Streater of Longleaf Middle School, $100 • Samuel Grant of E.L. Wright Middle School, $100

    2017 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Dream Keeper Scholarship Winners

    Youth Civic Award established by Columbia Police Department Chief W. H. “Skip” Holbrook and Deputy Chief of Police Melron Kelly:

    • Tennare Jackson of W. G. Sanders Middle School, $100 • Jalen Blunt of Hand Middle School, $100 The following students received $100 awards:

    • Sebastian Thomas of Blythewood High School, sponsored by S. Allison Baker, Sr. Assistant City Manager • Emmanuel Cunningham of Cardinal Newman School, sponsored by Randy Davis, Director of the City’s Parks & Recreation Department

    Winners of the annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Honor the Dream Food Drive, a collaborative effort between the City of Columbia and Richland School District One, were also announced during the annual celebration.

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    Columbia Police Department Urges Citizens to be on Alert for Impersonators

    The Columbia Police Department is urging citizens to be aware that scammers are calling and posing as Police Officers to gain access to their personal account information. The callers are asking for credit card, debit card and/or checking account information and citizens are advised not to release these details.

    The Police Department provides helpful information for citizens to protect themselves from identity theft and other scams at In the unlikely event that citizens are affected by fraud or scams, they are advised to contact Crime Prevention at (803)545-3555.

    Additional resources and links to credit reporting agencies and identity theft resources are listed below:

    • Equifax: 1-800-525-6285 | • Experian: 1-888-397-3742 | • Trans Union: 1-800-680-7289 | • Annual Credit Report: • Identity Theft Resource Center: 888-400-5530 |

    ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________

    Columbia residents are being urged to be on alert for someone impersonating a City of Columbia Water Maintenance employee.

    The City of Columbia has received questions concerning whether city staff goes door to door requesting to test customers' water. City staff would only do this if requested by the customer. The City does collect samples every day in the water system but this does not require the city to go inside a residence. All city staff would also have proper identification, uniform and or drive a City marked vehicle.

    As a reminder, all utility field workers can be identified by uniform which consists of a white polo shirt and blue pants. The polo shirt will reflect a city logo and the employee’s last name. In addition, city workers have proper photo I.D. and drive vehicles with the City logo.

    If you believe a City of Columbia impersonator has contacted you or has been in your home, please contact Customer Care at (803) 545-3300.

    Public Alert: Residents Urged to be on Alert for a City of Columbia Water Maintenance Employee Impersonator

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    College Place Community Council Neighborhood Association Meeting

    Columbia City Manager Teresa Wilson attended a neighborhood meeting to address local issues that citizens have had. She shared information and staff contacts for resolving these concerns. Issues such as solid waste, trash pickup, water billing, and unsafe traffic stops were all addressed. Each person who attended was given a frequently dialed numbers card and contacts to reach in order to resolve ongoing problems in their neighborhood.

    Coffee Talk with North Columbia Business Association

    City Manager Teresa Wilson met with the North Columbia Business Association during one of their regularly scheduled Coffee Talks on Thursday, January 19. She spoke with residents about upcoming neighborhood projects, current issues in the neighborhoods as well as how the upcoming Vision statement will impact Columbia communities.

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    Lincoln Street between Lady and Washington now open for two-way traffic

    Lincoln Street between Lady and Washington now open for two-way traffic

    The City of Columbia is excited to announce the opening of two-way traffic on Lincoln Street between Lady and Washington Streets. This will improve traffic flow within the Vista area and allow better access into the Lincoln Street Parking Deck.

    The Lincoln Street Parking deck, located at the corner of Washington and Lincoln Streets, offers first-hour free parking and evening maximum rate of $3 for those entering the deck after 5 p.m. and exiting before 2 a.m. Monthly parking rates also available.

    For more information, please call Parking Services at 803-545-4015 or visit ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________

    The City of Columbia Bike Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) is working with the City Center Partnership (CCP) to bring awareness to pedestrian safety on Main Street.

    “We were very pleased to partner with BPAC and the City to install the signs along Main Street. The pedestrian walkability and bikeability along Main Street is one of its greatest assets,” CCP President and CEO Matthew Kennell said.

    The City Public Works Department installed new yield signs at mid-block crossings last week. In addition, bike signs that were placed on Main Street a few years ago have be