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  • Who are these people?What do they all have in common? Who is the odd one out?

  • Who are these people?What do they all have in common? Who is the odd one out?ALL have had global success despite not being on a major record label

  • Name three ways that Sony have tried to combat piracyGive two SPECIFIC examples of how digital technology has helped independent artistsGive two examples to suggest the Majors are not as dominant as they once wereName 2 pieces of hardware that Sony ownGive two examples of how digital technology has changed the distribution and consumption of musicGive three examples of how Sony have used direct, viral and mobilemarketing to target audiences


  • MY INTRODUCTION- 3MINSLevel 3: What industry am I studying? What two labels will I discuss, what type of institutions are they? where are they based and which audiences do they target- How will I answer the question ? (USE TERMINOLOGY AND EVIDENCE STRAIGHT AWAY)Level 4: All above and what are some contemporary issues in the industry?

  • Issues/Changes/EAA:No need for physical products anymore shift to digitalCan now be produced on convergent devices such as Ipads and Iphones Is quicker and cheaper for audiences and unsigned/independent artists to produce musicCan cause problems for Major labels as hacking and pre-release piracy form studios during the production stageAudiences as producers- much easier to make musicExam Question Area: Production


    Digital music production on Q-Base and LogicGorillaz The Fall produced entirely on an Ipad.Piracy- Sony- Micheal Jackson album leaked as well as Leona Lewis (Echo album)


  • Issues/Changes/EAA:Digital distribution makes it much easier for independents who do not have the ability for vertical integration.Issues with piracy/P2P and pre-releaseMuch more shift for audiences to access music rather than own-streaming instead of downloadingSony combat piracy with 360degree deals, music matter campaign, Sony UnlimitedPiracy not always a negative thing for artists- Neil Young and Lady Gaga recently spoke out.

    Exam Question Area: Distribution

    EGS:SONY: Pre-load hardware such as Experia phones with Myplay and albums such as I am Sasha FierceThe Sony Unlimited streaming service, PS3 games and softwareThrough cross media production. Through synergy and streaming services- Deezer and Spotify.Youtube and Sound cloud for independent to gain global and mainstream successMove to give away music for free- Tyler the Creator, The Weeknd (free 9 song album)



  • Issues/Changes/EAA:Audiences are fragmented and harder to reach, dont use traditional methods as muchsome traditional methods

    Exam Question Area: Marketing and Targeting Audiences

    EGS:SONY: 1 Direction Case Study, Viral marketing- AC/DC, direct marketing WE7, YoutubeUse of cross media promotion



  • Issues/Changes/EAA:Convergence in devicesMuch more shift for audiences to access music rather than own-streaming instead of downloadingSony combat piracy with 360degree deals, music matter campaign, Sony UnlimitedPiracy not always a negative thing for artists- Neil Young and Lady Gaga recently spoke out.

    Exam Question Area: Consumption and Exchange




  • MY CONCLUSION- 3MINSOverall what does the evidence suggest?Back to the questionWhat will be the future?

  • Audience Profile:- Who are they?

    How do to they TARGET their audience?

  • One Direction SONY CASE STUDY

  • Successful media products depend as much upon marketing and distribution to a specific audiences as they do upon good production practices.

    To what extent would you agree with this statement, within the media area you have studied?

  • Issues and overviewCase study audiences-own label and audiencesRe-cap the key areasWrite and exam answer- with notes 1 hour

  • One Direction are MARKETING GENIUS ad agencies were hired to starts with the marketing genius. Simon Cowell is known as the nasty judge, in Britain and America, on X Factor, American Idol, Britain's Got Talent and other contests. He sits at the pinnacle where he can watch all the new talent and, like some god, pick the ones he likes.So he scrutinised the countless contestants going through the talent mill, ticking off five boys for voice, energy, and cuteness. In reverse order, come to think of it. He then contracted them to Syco, the record label he partners with Sony. He brought in big-time songwriters like American Idol 2002 winner Kelly Clarkson and Savan Kotecha - who works as A&R for Syco. Beginning to see the pattern?Having created the product, the next job was starting the fire. They hired London ad agency Archibald Ingall Stretton, who used social sites to create a "transmedia adventure" that would excite fans.They invented a super-dedicated fan called 1DCyberpunk, who stole the band's laptop and would only give it back if fans proved they were as fanatical supporters as she was. In two months, the website attracted 200,000 followers and ran 20 challenges; started 12 Twitter trends and played more than 2.5 million YouTube views.The challenges included dressing up as 1DCyberpunk, copying her hairstyle, creating dolls of the One Direction boys, answering quizzes and riddles. Challenge winners got invited to an online album-listening party.Agency creative director Richard Coggin said: "Syco had a lot of great content videos, merchandise, singles, signed photos, radio and TV appearances and our brief was to glue it all together and engage the fans on a daily basis."His team worked around the clock to reach their global audience. It paid off, when the debut single What Makes You Beautiful was released on September 11, 2011 - just seven months ago! - and went straight to the top of the UK singles chart.Two-and-a-half months later their debut album Up All Night shot up the charts not just in the UK but also in Australia, Canada, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand and Sweden, reaching the top 10 in 20 countries.The band has been involved in the marketing process - they are closer to their fans' demographics than anyone.During the quest, each dedicated three to five hours a week to creating videos, thanking fans for joining them. Their Twitter tag has three million followers.The girls of America were by now salivating for their social media heroes. What Makes You Beautiful was released on February 14 (Valentine's Day - subtle, eh?) and went straight to No 1. Which makes them the first UK group to debut at No.1 with their first album.Just two months later they are in Australia with a seething mass of teens following their every move. Mind you there's not much their mums can click their tongues at, remembering The Beatles hysteria - or even the screams that used to follow our now-respectable Minister for Education.

  • How do your label-target audiences?EVIDENCE!!!!!


  • Production:

    Can be done on convergent devices such as Iphone, Apps (beatmaker-app for the iphone, Ipad (Bjork, Gorilliaz)

    Is quicker and cheaper for independent artists and audiences to make own music no need for expensive studios.

    Garageband, Logic Pro, Fruit Loops etc

    Can cause problems for majors with pre-release piracy and hacking from studios

  • Consumption and Exchange:

    Shift in the ownership of music to access from streaming via Youtube, We7 radio, Spotify etc- free music/sampling

    Portable and personalised music consumption on convergent devices-ipad, Sony Tablet, Rolly, Iphone 4S

    Concerts and gigs still a large part of music consumption and due to music sales falling (BPI says further 7% this year on last) signing artists to 360 degree deals (red light company)

    More choice and diversity of music available more niche genres


    Majors and music stores such as HMV hit hard by piracy- P2P file sharing through websites.

    More and more artists offering music for free as a sampling effect to encourage buying music/going to concerts- 50cent-breaking star The Weeknd album Echos of Silence available free from 21st dec on his website.

    Streaming and ad based services such as WE7 to combat piracy and still make money

  • Marketing/Distribution and targeting audiences

    Digital distribution- Itunes, websites, We7 and Spotify, Sony phones pre-loaded with music, Sony Tablet youtube- Rebecca Black

    Fragmented audiences cause problems with traditional marketing forms:

    Cross media marketing: Sony using Xfactor/Gaming- Guitar Hero PS3, Aerosmith making more money from gaming royalties than record sales.

    Direct marketing- using profiles of users interests and tastes to market to them- facebook-we7

    Mobile marketing: Calvin Harris Bounce/David Getta App

    Viral Marketing- Cheap, effective and used by majors and indiesSony- AC/DC spreadsheet

    Human Records and the Marrakesh Report- young peoples music and Hertfordshire report (in booklet- also important for exchange)

  • Synergy, Convergence and Cross Media PromotionSynergy with Facebook, Youtube, We7, Spotify and other record labels easier for distribution and marketing.

    Technological Convergence

    Sony- Hardware/TV/Games and Film

  • FINAL LESSON>>>>>>>>>Major labels dominant/mainstream, global target mass, wide audiences.

    Have the benefits of subsidiary labels to cater for a mass and niche audiencesHardwareOwn distribution through hardware- Sony Tablet, Music Unlimited Software, Mobile phonesCross media pr