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CITIZENSHIP AND CIVIC EDUCATION 2013-2014 IRAIDE URGOITI 3B IDOIA ZAPIRAIN 3A Slide 2 MATERIAL Folder Pen-drive Password: ik010046xx (school net) Slide 3 WHAT DOES CITIZENSHIP MEAN? citizen+ship What are we going to learn? Environment main topic Any other examples? Why do we teach this subject in English? Evaluation: respect DEADLINES, quality and interest in tasks + test TRIP TO GASTEIZ- KONTSUMOBIDE: January 21st, 8:30-13:00 Slide 4 ELOS What is ELOS? Slide 5 ON TOP OF THE WORLD WITH ELOS! Elos is an educational concept which seeks to promote the European and international dimension in education. It is about preparing young people for a future in a society in which European integration and globalization are a reality. It is a school concept and a European network. Slide 6 ELOS Creates a curriculum of European and International Orientation (EIO) Based on the Common Framework for Europe Competence (CFEC) Based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) Slide 7 HOW IT BENEFITS YOU International cooperation with peers. Knowledge of one or more modern foreign languages Informed and critical citizens of Europe and the wider world Projects with partner schools Certificate Slide 8 Student: Student portfolio based on CFEC, relevant to level of education followed Awarded by certified Elos school Elos student certificate At the end of schoolcareer CERTIFICATION Slide 9 ELOS ANITURRI Projects European Studies Comenius e-twinning, elanguages, Consumer Classroom, school nets, e-mail and internet projects. European competitions London Language assistant Slide 10 EUROPEAN STUDIES Markethill High School, Co Armagh N. Ireland Holy Trinity College, Cookstown N. Ireland Aniturri BHI, Agurain, The Basque Country. Lagan Integrated College, Belfast. N. Ireland Brondby Strand Skole Dyringparken. Denmark Scoala cu clasele I-VIII Nistru, Maramures. Romania Ysgol Bryn Alyn, Wrexham. Wales Regent House School, Newtownards. N Ireland Adamstown CC, Dublin.Ireland Slide 11 EUROPEAN STUDIES 2013-2014 0. STUDENTS PASSPORTS - introduction (October) 1. PERSONAL LETTERS (December) Aniturri Markethill and Adamstown Brndby Regent House Lagan Nistru Holy Trinity Bryn Alyn The letter should include: Personal details School week Routines Introduce your area Food pdf copy of handwriting letters to be uploaded onto ES platform Each student writes a letter and the partners school address on the envelope Teachers to post letters via snail mail and display by digital means Slide 12 EUROPEAN STUDIES 2013-2014 2.EUROPEAN RECIPE BOOK (It may include a recipe for a European citizen for those who can go further) One recipe with a picture (January) Food typical of area / country (Save it as word document to be able to use it for the book) Pupils send one recipe and receive one recipe Attempt to make / taste others recipe (February) Recipe Book (end of February) Slide 13 EUROPEAN STUDIES 2013-2014 X-mas cards (competition) Slide 14 COMENIUS SCHOOLS WITHIN THE PARTNERSHIP Coordinator: Aniturri BHI, Agurain, The Basque Country. Contact person: Idoia Zapirain Web page: Size: 290 pupils The Kingfisher School, Redditch, Worcestershire, England. Contact person: Mr. Taylor Size: 55 pupils LETGA Chateauroux, Centre, France. Contact person: Natacha Perrussel Web page: Size: 450 pupils Richard-von-Weizscker-Schule -hringen, Germany Contact person: Mr. Stiefel Web page: Size: 1000 pupils Holy Trinity College, Cookstown, Tyron, N. Ireland Contact person: Miss Conlon Web page: Size: 800 Slide 15 COMENIUS 2012-2014 Some previous work Waste management: VIDEOS and SURVEY Environmental problems: LOGO COMPETITION Calendar OPINION ESSAYS WINNING POSTER of Consummer Classroom Competition (ESSAYS AND VIDEOS) Blog post and linksBlog post and links Slide 16 COMENIUS 2013-2014 SEPTEMBER 2013 European Eco Warriors 21 committees set up Compare school electricity/water consumption bills and find solutions. European Language Day: World Caf in Lakua with ELOS partners: Antigua-Luberri, Botikazar, Urola and Ekialdea (4 STUDENTS FROM EACH SCHOOL) Web Quests on hazards in our countries Displays to be shared during partners visit: environmental hazards in my country. OCTOBER Comenius partners visit Agurain: 20-25th October Possible activities: aquiculture and fishery AZTI-Pasaia, urban agriculture and Green Capital, Salt Valley- UNESCO. Sharing findings from web quest. Conclusions from visit by means of videos and brochures. Slide 17 COMENIUS 2013-2014 NOVEMBER-DECEMBER Essays and oral presentations based on environmental topics. Visits to local organic farms and X-mas markets: diagnosis of consumerism trends by means of surveys (4. DBH) Working on a sustainable recipe book (0 miles) Local workshops on Fair Trade/ organic products/Bio- Eco farms. Sharing improvements in allotments with planted European seeds. JANUARY-FEBRUARY-MARCH AGENDA 21 NOW! Internet Conference (Batx) Dissemination of the project: European Studies Conference Designing sustainable products.(4. DBH Technology) Slide 18 COMENIUS 2013-2014 APRIL MOBILITY TO GERMANY Possible activities: visit organic farms, local markets, sharing findings of consumers trends (surveys), car makers and reducing emissions, renewable energy and job opportunities. World caf on food miles and new technologies. Students work in groups to decide on sustainable products Conclusions by means of digital products MAY-JUNE Finalizing sustainable products EU Sustainable Energy week. Click ELOS portfolio Environment week 2013 Slide 19 ELOS PORTFOLIO English version Basque version To be updated Slide 20 FOLLOW ANITURRI BHI Follow ANITURRI BHI Blog: Web pages: NEW!!! Comenius web pages: 2012-2014: NEW!! 2010-2012: 2008-2010: Slide 21 CONTACT YOUR TEACHERS [email protected] IDOIA [email protected] [email protected] IRAIDE [email protected] Slide 22