Cisco Borderless for Engineers

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Cisco Borderless for Engineers

Transcript of Cisco Borderless for Engineers

  • Cisco Confidential 47Cisco Confidential 47

    Cisco Borderless Network Routing Solutions for Partner Engineers

  • Cisco Confidential 48

    Describe the Cisco Borderless Network Routing solutions for small and midsize customers

    Describe the business benefits for small and midsize customers of adopting Cisco Borderless Network Routing solutions

    Identify the appropriate Borderless Network Routing solution to match customer needs

    Articulate the value of Cisco Borderless Network Routing solutions over the competition

    Describe technical considerations for Cisco Borderless Network Routing solutions for small and midsize business customers

    Describe plan, design and build considerations for Cisco Borderless Network Routing solutions for small and midsize business customers

    Upon completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Cisco Confidential 49

    The learning objectives will be covered in the following modules:

    Cisco Borderless Network Routing Solutions for Small and Midsize Business Customers

    Benefits of Cisco Routing Solutions for Small and Midsize Business Customers

    Competing With Cisco Borderless Network Routing Solutions

    Technical Considerations for Cisco Borderless Network Routing Solutions

    Plan, Design, and Build Considerations for Cisco Borderless Network Routing Solutions

  • Cisco Borderless Network Routing Solutions for Small and Midsize Business Customers

  • Cisco Confidential 51

    Cisco solutions will address these challenges

    Increase ROI

    Greater reliability and productivity and lower TCO provide ROI to


    Provide Reliability

    Core hardware and OS design supports

    network functionality with high uptime

    Boost Productivity

    Broad features set enables diverse


    Lower Service & Support Costs

    Reduce total cost of ownership, maximize

    contribution of IT

  • Cisco Confidential 52

    ISR 800

    Advanced network features

    Solid Baseline Routing


    RV Series SRP 500

    Foundational and managed

    Entry Level FeaturesLow TCO

    Any Device HD Video

    Affordable and easy to use

    ISR 1900 ISR 2900, 3900

    Competitive feature set at compelling


    Industry-leading modular routes


    Innovative Services

    Data Voice

  • Cisco Confidential 53

    Provide simplicity and affordability for small business customers

    Offer competitive feature set

    Support easy deployment and management via GUI

    RV0/RV320 SeriesRV100 Series RV200 Series SRP500 Series

    Entry Level Security Performance, Wi-Fi and Security

    Wired, Max VPN, Load Balancing

    DSL Connectivity, Embedded Intelligence

  • Cisco Confidential 54

    Key Features: Price - performance mix sets them

    apart from competition Enhanced features: VLANs, ACL,

    QoS, IPv6 Easy to use/simplified configuration Cisco quality, security and reliability Limited lifetime warranty Cisco Small Business Support

    Center staffed by professionals with CCNA certification

    Key Competitive Messages Cisco RV Series routers offer

    the best value/feature mix Priced lower than key competitors Customers can protect their

    investment with the Small Business Investment Protection trade-up program

  • Cisco Confidential 55

    Limited Lifetime Warranty on all RV routers: Coverage for lifetime of RV router or 5 years after End of Sale announcement

    Replacement in the event of failure

    1 Year Limited Warranty on SRP500

    Features: Return to Factory Replacement 1 year of technical support from Small Business Support Center Lifetime OS Software Updates

  • Cisco Confidential 56

    Evolves With Your BusinessIntelligent Services

    Converged ServicesEntry-Level

    ISR 800 SeriesISR 1900 Series

    ISR 3900 SeriesISR 2900 Series

    Secure, Reliable, Concurrent ServicesSecure, Reliable, Concurrent Services

    Modular Access, High-PerformanceModular Access, High-Performance

    Embedded, Advanced Voice, VideoEmbedded, Advanced Voice, Video





































    Business Agility & Value

  • Cisco Confidential 57

    Security U.C. Data

    IP Base

    Ease of Ordering A single IOS Universal Image will ship

    with all ISR G2 platforms Features are activated via licensing No need to install a new IOS Four IOS enforceable licenses enable full suite

    of functionality that were previously offered in eight images

    Operational Simplicity Try and Buy (60- day evaluation) Test drive before purchasing

    Services on Demand IOS feature upgrades can be done by enabling

    a new license key, reducing the need fortruck-rolls to remote offices

  • Cisco Confidential 58

    Service Modules 3-7x increase in service module

    performance Existing NM support through adapter EPoE capable

    Internal Services Module 3x increase in service

    module performance Configurable power savings mode 802.11n Option 19xx

    EHWIC 2x performance

    increase HWIC/WIC/VWIC/VI

    C support natively EPoE capable

    Multi-core Network Processor Up to 5x performance


    Multi Gigabit Fabric Module to module

    communications Packet prioritization

    and shaping

    NG DSP Modules Video ready DSP modules 4x increase in audio conferencing

    and transcoding Configurable power savings modes

    GbE Ports Plus GbE ports

    (3 on 2911+) SFP slots on 2921

    and above

    USB Console over USB Convenience storage Security credentials

    Services Performance Engine (3900) Upgradeable with newer

    engines in the future

    Under the covers

  • Cisco Confidential 59

    Simplify OperationsOptimize

    Ensure Business Continuity

    Fully Secure

    Scalable VPN services with data protection

    PCI compliance solution

    Zone-based firewall

    Web security with malware detection

    Secure cloud services

    IP telephony with SIP trunking

    Video to any device

    Integrated video assessment, monitoring, and troubleshooting

    Wireless LAN and WAN services

    3G/4G wireless WAN backup

    Virtualized server for local application hosting

    Services redundancy for voice, video, and data

    Embedded WAN optimization and app visibility

    Video conferencing: planned, ad hoc

    Router integrated rich-media optimization for VXI

    Branch-in-a-Box (service integration)

    On-demand service delivery with service virtualization

    Centralized management

    Energy efficiency with slot-based power controls

    Enable New Capabilities

  • Cisco Confidential 60

    Network and Security Services Compute Servicesand ApplicationsCollaboration

    ServicesNetwork Services

    Network and Physical Security

    Unified Communications

    Application Infrastructure

    Industry Applications

    Branch IT Infrastructure and


    High-performance Communication and

    CollaborationSecure, Protect,

    ComplianceCustomized for Vertical

    ApplicationsConsolidate Branch Applications, High


    Wireless LAN Controller (WLC)

    Cisco Network Analysis (NAM)

    Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS)

    Cisco Unity Express module (voicemail, IVR)

    NICE Voice Recording (AXP)

    SingleWireInformacast (AXP)

    Video Surveillance

    Threat Defense

    ICW Healthcare Connector on AXP

    Tiani Medical Data Exchange on AXP

    Global Protocols Skipware (AXP)

    Cisco Application Extension Platform (AXP)

    Integrated Storage System

    Industry Standard Virtualization

    Windows Server

  • Cisco Confidential 61

    EHWICEnhanced High Speed WAN Interface Card

    ISMInternal Service



    PVDM3Packet Voice/Data Module

    Interface Cards (WAN or LAN)

    Internal Module for Running Services That Dont Require Interface Ports, Dedicated CPU and Memory

    Independent CPU and Memory for Hosting Services orHigh Density Interface Ports.

    High Density Rich-Media Voice and Video DSP Modules

  • Cisco Confidential 62

    Internal Service Module (ISM)Compact and Internally-Pluggable Form Factor

    Supported on all 1900, 2900, and 3900 ISRsSelected Services Available

    Single ModelSRE 300 ISM

    Service Module (SM)Versatile and High-Performance Form Factor

    Supported on 2911, 2921, 2951 and all 3900 ISRsFull Range of Services Available

    Two ModelsSRE 700 / 710 SM and SRE 900 / 910 SM

    No Additional Cabling, Ethernet Ports, Power Supplies, and Rack Space Required

    Remote Energy Management With Schedulable On/Off Times

    High-performance Hardwareup to 7x Of Previous GenerationSize-, Weight- and Power-efficient Form Factor With Low Carbon Footprint

    Remote Configuration and Troubleshooting, On-board Hardware Diagnostics

    All Resources Are Isolated, Dedicated, And Independent of the Host Router

  • Cisco Confidential 63

    16, 24, and 48 ports of GEor FE LAN

    Feature parity with Catalyst 3560-E and 2960

    Local Line-rate Layer 2/3 switching

    Supports Cisco EnergyWisefor green IT

    LAN traffic performance optimization between modules, with no impact on CPU/WAN performance

    Integrates the latest enterprise switch featuresinto the rou