Cigars and accessories collection

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Cigars and Accessories Collection by Mike's Cigars Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154 Tel : (800) 962–4427

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Cigars and Accessories Collection

by Mike's CigarsBay Harbor Islands, FL 33154 Tel : (800) 962–4427

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About Mike's Cigars

Mike’s Cigars is located in Bay Harbor and has a reputation of being number 1 in Florida.

Mike’s Cigars is located in Bay Harbor and has a reputation of being number 1 in Florida

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Premium Brands of Cigars

It comprises hundreds of premium brands of cigars, cigar accessories and much more under one roof. Its online store has access to millions of cigar lovers all across the world to some of the most exotic cigars available.

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The Best Cigar Shop in Florida

They have an astonishing collection of over 300 cigar brands from almost all of the leading cigar manufacturers in the world.

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Exclusive Cigar Accessories

Its colossal collection of cigar accessories is another special attraction for many.

They believe that having the right cigar in your hands is not enough; it is must to light it in the most appropriate and stylish manner. From elegant humidors, cutters, vogue lighters to stylish ash trays you will get everything here that you need to exhilarate your cigar experience.

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Special Features

The one thing that goes unnoticeable at Mike’s Cigars is the huge discounts they offer on almost all products. Added to that is their free shipping services on almost all cigar boxes. Whether you shop for cigars or cigar accessories, they are happy to get it delivered to your doorstep. The online cigar store takes the shopping experience a step further by enabling consumers to download the catalog from the website. Apart from that, they have exclusive cigar samples for those who cannot stick to just one kind. Here’s an option to check out other exotic cigar varieties by shopping for a cigar sampler. Also do not miss out on their tempting deals on various products.

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Your Choice ???

Raul Julia said, “A cigar is as good as memories that you have when you smoked it.” Mike’s Cigars ensures those memories last forever! “

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