Christmas Pageant 2013

Christmas Pageant 2013
Christmas Pageant 2013
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Christmas Concert with Mrs. Marien

Transcript of Christmas Pageant 2013

  • ! PART TWO 2. Introduction Mrs. Christine Saladini & Mrs. Debra Hill 3. Happiest Christmas Tree Pre-K 3 and Pre-K4 classes 4. Happy Birthday, Jesus

    Speakers: Jenna Little, Ronan Davis, Lilah Vergari, Krista Sebastian, Dylan Thomas, Emilio Centeno, and Caroline Kelly Soloists: Hamish Harvey, Maria Khazen, Lindsey Guthrie

    5. God Gave the World

    Soloists: Hailey Bourque, Emily Boucher, Lindsey Guthrie 6. Christmas Inspiration Mrs. Stella Daigneault 7. Christmas Isnt Christmas

    Trio: Lianna Kamau, Zoe Frigoletto, & Mia Vergari 8. Christmas Insights Mrs. Anita Perry 9. Where is the Line to See Jesus? Soloist: Cassandra Marien 10. Christmas Reflections Mrs. Denise Lawson 11. Ill Give Him My Heart Soloist: Elisabeth Gardiner 12. Christmas Prayer Elyanna Centeno & Kenzie Cumming 13. One More Gift 14. Christmas Thoughts Mrs. Donna Woodward 15. Back to the Manger

    Leaders: Christopher Pompei, Gregory Canning, Kevin Sebastian, Keaton St. Laurent, and Patrick Gallagher

    16. Tell the World of His Love

    Soloists: Louis Ciccolini, Audric Adonteng, Ava Wyman, Sarah Baguidy

    PART ONE 1. Prayer Mrs. Margaret Bissonnette, Principal 2. Welcome Mrs. Maria Marien & Mrs. Amanda Bastien 3. Nativity Story:

    ! Mary Grace Sweeney ! Joseph David Nurmi ! Innkeeper Lily Kenney ! Angels Jonathan Valera (Gabriel), Erin Canning (Star), and

    Savannah Caskins ! Kings Matthew Stanton, Greg Canning, Nikhil Pratapagiri ! Shepherds Alex Charette, Louis Ciccolini, Michael Nuamah ! Soloists Kenzie Cumming, Lily Kenney, and Lindsey Guthrie