CHRISTMAS Christmas decorating, setting up the nativity scene is setting up a sacred space in the...

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    Dec. 14th at 3pm

    The St. Elizabeth Seton

    Music Ministry featuring the Adult and Teen Choirs, Orchestra and Liturgical Dancers under the direction of

    Linda McKeague invite you to...

  • CORCORAN’S CORNER Parish Transformation… Our Parish Transformation process ended last Thursday, December 11th. I am very grateful to the parishioners who participated in the twelve week process. We came up with some wonderful new directions for the parish in the coming years. After the new year we will publish the complete plan in the bulletin. Due to bulletin publishing deadlines, there is a two weekend lag between a Parish Transformation meeting, and the report of what happened. At the December 4th meeting our group concluded the process of refining our goals/plans/ideas. I think when you read the plan, you will be delighted by the good work that was done. Advent 2014… This Third Sunday of Advent our scripture once again turns to the figure of St. John the Baptist as our guide through the season. John the Baptist was a real puzzle to his contemporaries. He clearly was delivering the message of God, but the religious authorities remained very confused. John kept pointing out that God was the one in charge, and that he wanted all to be drawn to him. He invited all to repent and reform their lives. For those seeking to use religion as a way of control, or used faith and belief to enhance their own personal power, or who saw a narrow way to heaven for only a chosen few, John’s message was both a challenge and perhaps a threat. But the great thing about God, is that “God will be God.” There is no controlling him. His word will out, even by the most unusual, and unorthodox messengers, people like St. John the Baptist, and you, and me. Bambinelli Sunday… This Saturday, and Sunday, December 13th and 14th, the Third Week of Advent, we repeat our new tradition of blessing the Christ figurines [the “Bambinelli”] from your home nativity sets. This is an old Roman/Italian custom of blessing the Child Jesus figurines. It links the shrine of the nativity scene that you are setting up in your home with the nativity scene which we set up in the church. Of all our Christmas decorating, setting up the nativity scene is setting up a sacred space in the house. A Living Nativity… In the Church Hall this morning we will have a “Living Nativity” display for all to enjoy. Be sure to drop down there to view the display after all the Sunday Masses. We have hot chocolate and cookies to share. People are also welcome to drop off their

    unwrapped children’s Christmas toy gifts for Respond Now. Please give the gifts to one of the three kings. [They know a little something about bringing presents to others.] “Believe” This Sunday, December 14th, at 3:00 PM in the church, we will hold our Advent Musical Gala Concert Celebration featuring our parish choirs, liturgical dance group, and the St. Elizabeth Seton Orchestra. Each year this is a wonderful prayerful and festive musical celebration of the season. It is the perfect intergenerational Sunday afternoon outing for the whole family. The concert and dessert gala afterwards are free, although a free-will donation collection will be taken up at the concert. All funds raised go to support the parish music program throughout the year. Please spread the word, and join us for an event that would warm even Scrooge’s heart. Simbang Gabi… Next Sunday, December 21st at 7:00 PM in the church, the parish will hold one of the novena nights of Masses, of the Filipino Celebration of Simbang Gabi. Over these nine days the custom is for families and friends to gather for Mass and fellowship to anticipate the great Feast of Christmas. All are welcome to join this festive Mass in the church, and party in the church hall afterward. This celebration is held for all our parishioners, and not simply for the Filipino community. Christmas/New Year’s Day Schedule… Our Christmas Eve Masses will be celebrated at: 4:00 PM in both the church and the Parish Life Center. Doors open at 3:00 PM. Once the church and narthex are full, people will be directed to the Parish Life Center. There are also Masses on Christmas Eve at 6:00 PM, and at 10:00 PM. The choir will lift their voices in prayer and song beginning at 9:30 PM. On Christmas Day, our Masses follow the usual “Sunday Mass Schedule”: 7:15, 8:30, 10:00, and 11:30 AM. On New Year’s Eve, there is a Vigil Mass at 5:00 PM. On New Year’s Day Mass is at 10:00 AM. Finally, as we all know the Christmas Masses are filled to capacity with parishioners, family members visiting for the holidays, and ‘newcomers’ checking out their new local parish. One of the best acts of evangelization that we can offer as a parish

  • community is a greeting, a smile, and a warm welcome to all who join us for the holidays. As a “heartfelt” parish we take pride in being a welcoming community: even if the guests are sitting in “your seat” in the pew! We always want to have room in our inn! Gotcha!.. One of the joys of the Advent Season is ‘catching people’ doing something good. It gladdens my heart seeing all those dropping off gifts for St. Colletta’s, or food or Christmas gifts for St. Procopius, or toys for Respond Now. So many people are going out of their way to “make Christmas” for others. Similarly, the very large crowds at daily Mass during Advent, who celebrated the Sacrament of Reconciliation last Sunday; and who attended the Advent Morning of Reflection; are all actively preparing themselves for the Feast of Christmas. It is the spirit of the season! ValPak… In recent days you should have received in the mail an envelope from ValPak which would have included a flyer/coupon from St. Elizabeth Seton Parish promoting our Gala Concert this Sunday afternoon, and informing the wider community about our Christmas Mass schedule. This is another quiet effort to welcome newcomers to the wider community to our parish. You Ought To Be In Pictures… The video made by the Village of Orland Park on the 22 churches and mosques in the Orland Park area has been completed. You can view them on “You-Tube” at: https://www, v=psknZMxGzOElist=UUVoY2SmToSQxjp7H2SqOD w&index=3 And at: https://www, v=psknZMxGzOElist=UUVoY2SmToSQxjp7H2SqOD w&index=2 And at: https://www, v=psknZMxGzOElist=UUVoY2SmToSQxjp7H2SqOD w&index=1 There are four 30-minute segments. St,. Elizabeth Seton Parish is featured in Segment #4, beginning at 6:55 minutes.

    Segment # 4 can be found at: v=dNaxbYTfjr4&list=UUVoY2SmToQxjyp7H2SqODw After viewing all two hours of the videos, I was amazed at how good they all were. Viewing all of them was like taking a graduate course in Suburban American Church Life in 2014. The range among the 22 churches is amazing. The smallest congregation might consist of 160 families, with 80 people at weekend worship. The largest would have about 7,000 people at their church per week [including weekend and week day activities]. Many of the churches are involved, like we are, with world mission groups [our parish has a happy history with the Mission of Nuestro Pequeños Hermanos orphan homes; with supporting indigenous craftsmen through the Fair Trade/Ten Thousand Villages Program, and with our Teen Branches group going on mission trips]. Our wonderful parish choir filmed beautifully: showing its large number of members, and its musical accompaniment of flutes, violin, and bass. Sadly, no video featured music from weekend worship services. Our worship service/Mass was also perhaps the best attended of all the videos. While I came across a bit serious and “matter of fact” [I can be that way you know!], I think the video did capture our parish spirit well. If you get a chance to watch the video, let me know what you think. We Nearly Had To Punt… Fr. Stan Kuca said it best: in his years at St. Elizabeth Seton Parish he never saw such a huge turn out for the Advent [or for that matter Lenten] Parish Reconciliation Service. Thankfully, we had five priest confessors for the large congregation, and the beautiful and prayerful service lasted an hour. If the congregation was any larger we might have had to “punt” and been forced to resort to the extraordinary form of General Absolution. Thanks to our Liturgy Director Claudia Nolan, and Music Director Linda McKeague for all their work on this service. It was a highlight of the season. Keep Smiling...



    Page Four THIRD SUNDAY OF ADVENT December 14, 2014


    Sat., Dec. 13 (5pm) Robert G. McNamara, Sr.; Joseph Kapala; Lorraine Roberts; Gene and Mike Ceglarski; Josephine Tarantino; Beverly Perkowski Sun., Dec. 14 (7:15am) Purgatorial Society (8:30am) Helen Durante; Lorraine Driscoll; Rich Sawilchik (10am) Ethel Fe