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ISSUE #288

JUNE 2012 The Tidings


Mission Guatemala - God's Work. Our Hands.

You might have noticed the vase of blue wristbands with this slogan on them at the table with the coffee and muffins. As the trip to Guatemala gets closer, I'd like to encourage everyone to take a bracelet as a reminder to pray for God to be glorified in this trip. You don't have to wear the bracelet if that's not your style, but you could put it in a place where you would see it every day and use that as a reminder to just say a quick prayer. Places you might consider could be the doorknob of the door you use the most, around the gear shift lever in your car, around the kitchen or bathroom faucet, just about anywhere, even the TV remote or the

corner of your computer! Then when you see it, just ask God :

to keep us safe as we travel,

to help us connect with the people we'll be meeting,

for the solar panel project to be successful,

that we will learn about walking in faith from our hosts, and

that God would be glorified in all that is done.

The suggested donation for a bracelet is $1.00 which will go to the Guatemala church. However, we REALLY want you to just take them (take 2 - they're small and you can share with a friend!) and PRAY for



The Guatemalan mission group

June 22 & 23June 22 & 23June 22 & 23June 22 & 23

Tiki rules so join us Thursday,

June 7 at 6:30 pm for a really

good time. The medals seem to

be staying with the White

family as Sharon won the

medal in May. Stephanie Nay-

lor will also be trying to hold onto

her medal. Thank you to Betty Massey

for the May snacks.

If anyone wants to try the game but

doesn't want to try it for the first

time when the group plays, let Marge

Janke know and she will arrange a pri-

vate playing time at your convenience.

It's easy and fun.

Glass jars needed for

Camp Hopeall sizesfrom baby food size and largerwith or without

lids. Bring them and set them by the Camp Hope

bulletin board.


Gods peace,

Pastor Paul Geisler

From the Pastor, to my Partners, . . .

Late this month, on the 26th, I reach my thirty-fifth anniversary of ordination. I remem-ber my mother made me my first alb a few years earlier, adapting a pattern for a dress shirt and it worked! Then she made me a red stole as a surprise present for the ordination, not knowing that someone else had already made me a full set of stoles. I still use the one my mom made wore it last Sunday for Pentecost.

I also remember the reaction of my grandfather (my moms father) when he learned I was going to study at seminary to become a pastor. So, youre going to preach the Gospel! He surprised me by the way this life-long Methodist summed up the calling of all of us in ministry.

He also scared me a little. I was still getting used to the idea of doing sermons. I was much more ready to spread Gods Good News through acts of serving others, so I chose a verse from Luke 24:27 for my ordi-nation invitations: I am among you as one who serves.

The following legend from the American civil war reminds me of my approach to Christian ministry:

A chaplain approached a wounded soldier on the battlefield and asked if he'd like to hear a few verses from the Bible. The wounded man said, "No, I'm so thirsty, I'd rather have some water."

The chaplain gave him a drink, and then repeated his question. "No sir, not now but could you put something under my head?"

The chaplain did so, and again repeated his question. "No," said the soldier, "I'm cold. Could you cover me up?" The chaplain took off his inside coat and wrapped the sol-dier.

Afraid to ask, he did not repeat his question. He made to go away, but the soldier called him back. "Look, Chaplain, if there's anything in that book of yours that makes a person do for another what you've done for me, then I want to hear it."

A dispute also arose among [the disciples] as to which one of them was to be regarded as the greatest. But [Jesus] said to them, "The kings of the Gentiles lord it over them; and those in authority over them are called benefactors. But not so with you; rather the greatest among you must become like the youngest, and the leader like one who serves. For who is greater, the one who is at the table or the one who serves? Is it not the one at the table? But I am among you as one who

serves. Luke 22:24-27


Worship & Music Notes


Saturdays at 5:00pm & Sundays at 9:00am.

Our summer worship will include songs that may fit a particular theme. Stay tuned! We know you like

Camp Songs, Southern Gospel and Spirituals. Let us know what else youd like to sing. Worship and music

folks can find just the right thing! Well begin using Setting 10 on our first & third weekends, when we nor-

mally do a sung liturgical setting. This setting has worship components based on familiar hymn melodies.

Everybody: As always, nothing we plan is set in stone, so if there are hymns youd like to hear, let your worship

and music folks knowwe can usually find an opportunity for your favorites to be included.

Special Music opportunities abound. Choir will be on hiatus, so wed love to have folks share their gift of music. Bring your voices, bring your guitars, and bring your musical gifts of any kind! Please let Pastor Paul know when

youre available to make that joyful noise!

June 2/3 we celebrate the mystery of the Holy Trinity; God the Father, Jesus as Son and Savior, and the gift of

the Holy Spirit, our advocate.

Beginning June 9/10, we begin the church season of Time after Pentecost, the longest of the seasons of wor-ship. The color is green, which represents growth, our growth in faith and knowledge. During this lengthy season, we are not waiting for the babe in the manger, nor heading with our Savior to the cross. We are focusing on our learning and putting into practice what we should be doing as Christs hands in this world. Most of our readings this month will come from Pauls second letter to the folks at Corinth and from the Gospel of Mark, chapters 3-6.

Consider reading these books of the Bible and get a jump-start on your understanding as well as your questions.

During our summer worship schedule, wed like to have fellowship opportunities abound.

These events take a bit of time and coordination, but are always enjoyed. Were looking to have something once a

month on Saturdays and one a month on Sundays. So far, heres what we have for June:

Saturday, June 2nd. Cool Treats!

After 5pm service a Light supper of sandwiches, salads, and of course, desserts. Plan on bringing your favorites to share. We have a couple of desserts stashed away, so think about those special sandwiches or saladsunless

your sweet tooth gets the better of you!

Saturday 23rd, Sunday 24th

Lets celebrate the Guatemala mission trip and gather together both Saturday and Sunday for a bit of fellowship. Hopefully, well get a full report from our missionaries and some pics, too! Then we can have a bite of something

and while were visiting we can ask lots of questions!

Peeking ahead into July!

July 7/8 - Were planning worship services with good ole Camp Songs! So, what better reason to have a Saturday

cookout with hot dogs and Smores. More on that later, but mark your calendar!

1 Gunner Vaughn 24 Don White

2 Sandy Naill Oney Yendrey

4 Mary Jo Callaway 26 Jeremy Rieschick

Terry Partridge 27 Dave McCrery

9 Leon Giese Jenna Skov

17 Morgan Burridge Joy Stanley

20 Mary Kay Hoffman 28 Bubba Heinsohn

Tamara Tweedle Morgan Vogt

22 Cadelyn Bennett 29 Sarah Escobedo

LLLT First Monday of the Month

Lorin Furlows- 130 White Oak,


Pot-Luck Tapas!


VViivvaa FiFieesstta a Camp HopeCamp Hope July 11-29

1) Scholarships are needed to make this camp successful so please consider contributing to this area. I would like to encourage 1/2 camper scholarships of $35 each. Anyone can sponsor 1/2 or more campers.

2) Staff training will be July 7-9 at New Life Lutheran Church in Pearland. Our staff will have only one training this year.

3) Registration forms for campers are located in the gathering area and can now be filled out. They are also located on the church web site. Campers ages should be 5 years old (or slightly younger...) through finishing 6th grade.

Please call or e-mail if you have a desire to help this wonderful camp or have any questions.

Sandy Naill

Christian love and sympathy is extended to:

-Ronald (Pat) and Patty Northam in the loss of Pats mother, Mary John-son.

-Floyd and Cathie Ellington in the loss of Floyds sister, Bonnie Ellington.

Congratulations to Kevin and Jenna Skov on the birth of their

daughter, Bailey Grace Skov.

She was born on May 29th

7 lbs 9 oz and 20 1/4 inches long.

Please remember these people in your prayers.Please remember these people in your prayers.Please remember these peo