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It presents about the choral speaking or reading such as its definition, history, uses, kinds, types, steps, and its values.

Transcript of Choral Speaking Reading

  • the interpretation of poetry by several voices as one

    the group interpretation of poetry

    involves the use of a book or script

  • Hebrews antiphonal chorus Greek dramas Englands, Frances, and Germanys troubadeurs Philippines

  • use in school at all levels an activity that children and adults of any age can enjoy

  • universal in tone vary in mood, content and type lyrical and narrative rich in auditory image with marked rhythm can be used with three voices

  • RefrainSequenceAntiphonalUnisonLine-a-Child

  • Light or High voicesDark or Low voicesMedium voices

  • Read the poem selected for its content.Determine the type and the mood of the poem.Understand the meaning of the poem.Know the rhythmical nature of the poem.Read the poem with the children.Repeat the selection together.Apportion the parts and lines to the children.Make sure that the voices blend properly.Avoid sing-song recitation.

  • It enhances greater appreciation for poetry.It enriches the art-like experience.It develops good speech habits, articulation and enunciation.It develops self-confidence and poise.It develops cooperation and social understanding.