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  • ChoP is a transnational project consisting of sound and visual artists from China and Poland. Performances by ChoP combine traditional and modern sounds of China and Poland with field recordings and ambient structures. ChoP is showing the aspects of constant development of the Far East and Eastern Europe. Performances are accompanied by visuals reflecting on the evolution of urban landscapes in China and Poland in the 21st century. ChoP is performing live, therefore all shows are unique experiences not unlike what the public experienced one century ago when films were mute and live improvised music gave it the whole context.

    ChoP was formed in September 2006 when Chinese sound artist Zen Lu began collaborating with Polish experimental musician Grzegorz Bojanek. With background in experimental electronica and industrial noise, ChoPs current sound is best described as dark ambient with elements of field recordings. Positioned somewhere between a music and an art project, the duo have come to play in exhibition spaces and concert halls. Their method of composition itself, consisting mainly in exchanging samples across the internet between Poland and China, recalls the topoi of Isaac Juliens video installation Ten Thousand Waves: collaboration and the crossing of boundaries.

  • CHOP | Shanghai Art Museum

  • CHOP | Live | NoiseShanghai

  • ChoP live performancesWhile performing live, ChoPs both artists use not only their laptops but also some traditional instruments, synthesizers and DIY gadgets. ChoP performances are about an hour long. Performances are accompanied by a video projection prepared by VJ Martinos and VJ A2XD from the MicroKino collective (PL). The video shows the constant development as well as the similarities and differences of the urban landscapes of Chinese and Polish cities, as well as the people living there, giving the audience the feeling of understanding of the quickly developing countries in Eastern Europe and Far East.

    Some of ChoP recent achievements:With a huge support of Polish curator Jarosaw Grzesica, interna-tionally known for his support of cutting edge new media arts, ChoP visited six cities of the southern China (Shenzhen, Foshan, Chang-sha, Wuhan, Guangzhou and Hong Kong), where they played quite successful in front of the Chinese audience. In 2010 Zen Lu came to Poland and together with Grzegorz Bojanek they performed as ChoP during the major Warsaw Electronic Festival, supporting re-nowned Japanese artist Tetsuya Hori and the famous British duo ISAN. ChoP has also played smaller concerts in other Polish cities, i.e. Krakw, Czstochowa and Sopot.

  • British video artists and director, Isaac Julien used ChoPs music in his latest video project called Ten Thousand Waves, starring the legendary Chinese movie star Maggie Cheung. Juliens nine screen video installation has been recently shown in many galleries all over the world, including Sydney (Sydney Biennale, Australia), Shanghai (ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai, China), Madrid (Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain), Helsinki (Helsinki Festival, Kunsthalle Helsinki, Finland). In 2010, Better Life, an edited version of this installation, that includes some of ChoPs music on its soundtrack, was warmly received by the audience of the 67th Venice Film Festival. ChoP was invited to perform live at the grand opening of Isaac Juliens Better Life during the 8th Shanghai Biennale 2010: Rehearsal.

  • What people say about ChoP:

    I have to say that it has been a wonderful and amazing experience to have ChoP play live to Better Life (Ten Thousand Waves). In fact if we had done this Rehearsal before I would have used your music instead of the original soundtrack! I love hearing you play live... this is inspirational. Isaac JulienBritish director and video artist during 8th Shanghai Biennale: Rehersal

    ChoP is a unique project which joins meritorious scope with emotional states and cultural heritage of the artists from the remote counties. They have different background but the same necessity of creation. I can strongly recommend ChoPs performance. Jarosaw Grzesica art. director of the Warsaw Electronic Festival (Poland).

  • CHOP | Live | Shanghai Art Museum

  • ChoP has been financially and logistically supported by:

    British Council, United Kingdom

    Art and Technology Foundation (Fundacja Sztuka i Technologia), Poland

    Zachta National Gallery of Art (Zachta Narodowa Galeria Sztuki), Warsaw, Poland

    Solvay Centre of the Contemporary Art (Centrum Sztuki Wspczesnej Solvay), Krakw, Poland

    Warsaw Electronic Festival, Poland

    Management of Isaac Julien, United Kingdom

    Gao Shimin, Curator, China

    Jarosaw Grzesica, Curator, Poland

  • CHOP | The 8th Shanghai Biennale

  • CHOP | Live | Shanghai Art Museum

  • The list of ChoP live performances:25.10.2010 :: Live in Cao Tang | Zhu Jiajiao (China)23.10.2010 :: NOIShanghai XXXIX | 696 LIVE | Creative Industrial Park | Shanghai (China)23.10.2010 :: 8th Shanghai Biennale Grand VIP Opening | Shanghai Art Museum | Shanghai (China)22.10.2010 :: 8th Shanghai Biennale | with Isaac Julien | Shanghai Art Museum | Shanghai (China)17.07.2010 :: ChoP @ Expo 2010 | German Pavilion | Shanghai (China)25.06.2010 :: Plum Festival | Sopot (Poland)23.06.2010 :: Live in Caf Belg | Czstochowa (Poland)23.06.2010 :: Lecture in the Upper Secondary School Reymont | Czstochowa (Poland)22.06.2010 :: Solvay - Centre for Contemporary Art | Krakw (Poland)21.06.2010 :: Club RE | ChoP meeting | Krakow (Poland)18.06.2010 :: Warsaw Electronic Festival | Zachta National Gallery of Art | Warsaw (Poland)12.06.2009 :: Videotage | 2009 China Tour | Hong Kong (China)09.06.2009 :: Ping Pong Art Space | 2009 China Tour | Guangzhou (China)07.06.2009 :: Folk Hand | 2009 China Tour | Wuhan (China)06.06.2009 :: Vox Club | 2009 China Tour | Wuhan (China)05.06.2009 :: Freedom House | 2009 China Tour | Changsha (China)03.06.2009 :: Ninliho Gallery | 2009 China Tour | Foshan (China)02.06.2009 :: Liangcha Shop | 2009 China Tour | Shenzhen (China)17.05.2010 :: Workshop and Live-act in Liangs Garden | Foshan (China)25.04.2009 :: ChoP - Pre-China Tour | Zachta National Gallery of Art | Warsaw (Poland)23.03.2009 :: Future Sessions | Live Radio Broadcast | Polish National Radio Euro (Poland)19.06.2007 :: Future Shock | Live Radio Broadcast | Jazz Radio (Poland)15.06.2007 :: Caf Belg | Czstochowa (Poland)14.06.2007 :: Lecture and live-act in the Upper Secondary School Traugutt | Czstochowa (Poland)

    Technical requirements:Stereo sound systemMulti-channel mixer (at least 4 channels)DVD playerVideo projectorVideo screenTable (at least 2 m x 1 m )

  • Websites:ChoP headquarters: Myspace: music shop:

    Labels where music of ChoP was published:http://www.weplayrec.cnhttp://www.etalabel.com

    Video excerpts and Images:8th Shanghai Biennale ChoP playing live to Better Life, by Isaac Julien

    ChoP Tour 2010 Centre For Contemporary Art Solvay, Krakw (Poland)

    All ChoP official images can be found here:

  • Booking and contact:

    Europe / North America: Grzegorz Bojanek

    [email protected]

    Asia / Australia: Zen Lu

    [email protected]