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Vancouver Spine Care Centre is a spine care clinic located in Vancouver, BC that comprises of experienced Vancouver chiropractors to treat different spine related problems of individuals and provides an efficient solution for them.

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  • 1. Conditions Treated: Lumbar Disc Herniation Cervical Disc Herniation C OX F L E X I O N Thoracic Disc Herniation DISTRACTION Spondylolisthesis Stenosis SPINAL Degenerative Disc Disease DECOMPRESSION Facet Syndrome Pelvic PainTECHNIQUE Headache Compression Defects Loss of Spine Lordosis Loss of Range of Motion Whiplash-type Injuries Osteoporosis Transitional Segment Scoliosis (To maintain mobility) Pregnancy Back Pain Free Parking off lane way behind clinic Subluxation Wheelchair Accessible through front entrance Postural Faults Mechanical Back Pain Open Tuesday through Saturday Osteoarthritis of the Spine Patients unable to tolerate high velocityEarly morning , afternoon and weekend hoursspinal manipulationContraindications: Acute Fracture or Dislocation Claustrophobia Malignant Disease 604-873-6029 Instability with Rheumatoid Arthritis Advanced Osteoporosis DiseasesDr. Richard Hunter Patients Failing Tolerance Testing Certied Cox Chiropractic Physician*The above list is neither inclusive or exclusive ofVancouver Spine Care Centreall conditions. Not every patient will benet West Broadwaythere are many factors that inuence the case. www.coxspinecare.comYour practitioner will examine and consult withVancouver, to determine the appropriate treatmentV6J 1X6method(s) for your case.

2. O H , I W I S H S O M E O N E W O U L D J U S T P U L L M E A P A R T,some patients say. This technique does just that and much more in a safe, controlled manner.This technique is a gentle, non-force Mechanismprocedure which aids the spine in healing The patient lies prone on the table while thetreating physician concentrates on one vertebralby creating a push-pull-pumping eect onmotion segment at a time. The goal is to reducethe intervertebral disc space. Cox stenotic eects by dropping intra-discal pressureto allow disc reduction, increase the size of thedecompression adjusting and intervertebral foramen, and lower the pressure on Central disc material creeps or herniates causing a bulging of themanipulation is a well-documented,the dorsal root ganglion and exiting nerve root.posterior disc into the spinal canal &/or intervertebral foramen.extensively researched, eective, non-surgical technique for treating painful How Long Does It Take To Feel BetterThe rule of thumb is that you should feel 50%back conditions.relief of your pain symptoms within 3 to 4 weeksof continued, cooperative care. Periodic re-The Cox 7th generation table is aexaminations will track and document yourmodern instrument used by the progress. If the disc is the source of pain,research states that it takes 3 months for it to heal Degenerative conditions respond well, but gradually due to thepractitioner to adjust challengingsuciently enough to return to daily activity.poor health of the tissue and the associated inammatory process.conditions, including those patients thatdo not tolerate traditional manipulativeResearch FindingsClose to 40 years of research, experience, andtechniques. It is especially useful fortechnology have contributed to the developmentthose with radicular disc herniation, and evolution of the Cox spinal decompressiontechnique. Chiropractors, engineers, anddegeneration, stenosis, curvatures andresearchers continue to document its benet.Spinal decompression and manipulation helps restore normalother conditions of the neck and back.For more information log on to; position and motion which helps muscle, nerve, cartilage ligament tissue to heal normally.