Chimera Pizzeria

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A pizzeria branding- All the drawings are done by me.

Transcript of Chimera Pizzeria

  • the ancient times, in the land of Lycia, there lies a mythic beast. Chimera, they named this beast, a creature that bring nothing but facination. It was described as a fire breathing beast of destruction with three heads, a grumpy goat, a lazy lion, and a talkative snake. Man lives in fear as these beast roams the land. Kings summons knights and conquests to tame this beast. Gods would redefine their role so they can keep their eye on the its might.

    It was said that the beast was defeated by Bellerophon, with the help of Pegasus, a flying horse really, at the command of King of Lycia.

    Actually. Chimera wasnt slain. He was persuaded. The Lion practically did not care about anything. The Goat only wants things done. The Snake wants to get rich. Heck, they werent even dangerous. Every time a man sees them, the goat makes an evasive plan to avoid to be seen by mortals.

    All Bellerophon did was giving them a slice of flat bread and argues that the trio should work for him. Ever since, the Goat, smartest of the three, decided to create a much tastier flat breads. The Snake, trickest of all, will do all the negotiations. And the Lion, the onlyt head that just so happened to breath fire, doing all the labor work.

  • Garlic Olaive Oil Fresh ChiliesTomato Raw Fennel Bottarga

    Pecorino MozzarellaBalsamic OnionGoat CheeseCalssica MarinaraMargheritaRomanaPepperoni

    izza 17Created with a perfect recipe developed by

    Goat The Wisdom, the pizza is created with the perfect combination of fantasy and delicacy!


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    alad 8Harvested from the wonders of nature,

    be amazed at how these dishes may do to you.


  • Soft Drinks 3

    CokeDiet CokeSpiritOrange SodaRoot BeerGinger AleWater

    Beer 6PeroniStellaBrooklyn Lager

    Wine 8Pino NoirChardonnayEl Coto RiojaHugel Riesling

    rinksA feast does not happen without the right drink!