CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE: The Impact on Our Community.  Thank you for being here  We are here today...

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Transcript of CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE: The Impact on Our Community.  Thank you for being here  We are here today...

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CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE: The Impact on Our Community Slide 2 Thank you for being here We are here today to look at how child sexual abuse affects our community Welcome - 2 - Slide 3 The emotional impact of child sexual abuse The economic burden of child sexual abuse The resolve to end child sexual abuse in our community What You Will See Today - 3 - Slide 4 A Short Film Presentation - 4 - And, now. Darkness to Lights Into the Light Slide 5 Significant economic burden on society As taxpayers we all carry the economic burden In Addition to the Human Emotional Toll - 5 - Slide 6 6 Even if you were not sexually abused as a child Slide 7 7 Even if no one in your family was sexually abused Slide 8 8 Child sexual abuse impacts your life. Slide 9 9 The average lifetime cost per victim of sexual abuse is $210,012. Source: Fang, et al., 2012 Institute of Justice, 1996 Slide 10 10 These expenses are largely paid for by the public sector the taxpayer. Slide 11 11 In fact, the US spends $124 billion annually for the costs of child sexual abuse. Source: Fang, et al., 2012 Slide 12 12 These costs include: health care costs criminal justice costs child welfare costs special education costs productivity losses Slide 13 13 Add to this the fact that child sexual abuse is a root cause of many other devastating and expensive societal problems. Slide 14 14 For instance, 45% of pregnant teens report a history of child sexual abuse. Source: Noll, J.G. et al., 2009 Slide 15 15 Young girls who are sexually abused are three times more likely to develop psychiatric disorders and/or substance abuse problems in adulthood than girls who are not sexually abused. Source: Day, A. et al., 2003 Institute of Justice, 1996 Slide 16 16 Male survivors of child sexual abuse are 70% more likely to seek psychological treatment for issues such as substance abuse, suicidal thoughts and attempted suicide. Slide 17 17 Except for murder, child sexual abuse is the most expensive victim crime in the U.S. Slide 18 18 Who pays? Slide 19 19 You do. Slide 20 20 It only costs $10 to train an adult to improve their child-protective behaviors. Slide 21 21 What if the average trained adult better protects ten children from sexual abuse in the years after training? Slide 22 22 Thats $1 to better protect a child. Slide 23 23 That training would result in THOUSANDS of children better protected from abuse. Slide 24 24 You do the math. Slide 25 25 Prevention is the answer. Slide 26 Name of your initiative here Sponsored by {your org name} with extensive community involvement Thanks to the generosity of the community we have a full-time coordinator to manage the initiative absolutely essential to success So What Do We Do About It? - 26 - Slide 27 A network of volunteers (facilitators) and supporters carry out the work of the initiative Consists of Darkness to Lights Stewards of Children prevention training Core program of the initiative Facilitator-led and online Evidence-based Our Initiative - 27 - Slide 28 Tipping Point If a small group of people adopt an idea or change a behavior in a community then like a virus that idea or change will spread D2L proposes that if we educate 5% of the adults in a community, we can achieve a tipping point and momentum that with continued work will create a social change - 28 - Slide 29 Our goal is to train (#) adults in (#) years So far, {enter the number of people you have trained} adults have been trained over the last {enter the number of years} years This year, our goal is to train {enter the number of people expect to train this year} - 29 - Our Initial Goal