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  • Welcome to the first ever Chewing Gum Museum! This is not your ordinary museum that merely features art. It is also a creative center that encourages free exchange of ideas of everything and anything chewing gum-related.

  • We create value in various directions:Donations to the museum support children in needOur mission is to spread happiness, peace and sustainabilityWe sustain creativity by encouraging both new and mature gum artists to exhibit their workThrough our special creative campaigns, we attract social awareness to relative causes, such as choosing an ethical leaderWe inform visitors on the history, uses, disposal and environmental effects of gum through our special educational sessionsWith your help, we will beat the world record of the biggest ball made of chewed gumsGum sculpture by Jeremy Lafonn

  • This museum features chewing gum art such as photographs, paintings, sculptures and mixed media.Gum sculpture by Maurizio Savini

  • Lost Love by Jamie MarracciniChewing gum art by Ben WilsonGum sculpture by Maurizio Savini

  • You are welcome to participate in our gum activities and challenges:Stick your gum tag on the Tag Wall!Chew unique flavors of gum you never imagined could exist!Try your luck in the Taste Quiz Contest!Join the Biggest Bubble competition! Beat the record to see your name in the Wall of Fame.

  • We also have souvenirs available at our shop. We want you to always remember and bring a part of this chewing gum museum with you.

  • We hope to see you again! Before you leave, dont forget to stick your chewed gum in the giant gum ball and be part of chewing gum history.